Wadhurst in the Second World War

ww2[1]takes a look at life in Wadhurst before the war began, how it changed during the war and the effects of the immediate aftermath.  A vivid and sometimes dramatic portrait is painted which relies heavily on the recollections of those who lived through it all in Wadhurst.

A Paper Back published in 2008, contains 16 Chapters, 317 pages with fold out map and many photos and illustrations of the war years. A Time Line compares world events with those in Wadhurst.

Price £12.00 + p&p £4.00

May be purchased from:

The Wadhurst History Centre – (Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10.00 -12.30)

Barnett’s Books, High Street, Wadhurst, TN5 6AA  Tel: 01892 783566,   www.Barnettsbooks.com

Or by sending a cheque for the correct amount made out to Wadhurst History Society to:

Wadhurst History Society, Commemoration Hall, High Street, Wadhurst, TN5 6AP   Tel: 07709 296456

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