Wadhurst History Society Collection

Heading Brief Description Year/s Index Card
1st  WORLD WAR Postcard 13/PH/045
1st WORLD WAR Photographs, postcards, plans of battle fields. 14/AM/004
1st AND 2nd WORLD WAR:  POETRY 1st World War poems 10/AM/043
1st WADHURST SCOUT GROUP Notes on History 07/AM/012
1st WORLD WAR list of Wadhurst men on active service 08/AM/008
1st WORLD WAR Certificate signed by H C de J Vallon 09/AM/042
1st WORLD WAR Robert’s Great War 11/AM/019
1st WORLD WAR 3 advertisements from the Kent and Sussex Courier 1918 1918 11/AM/078
1st WORLD WAR Wadhurst and Tidebrook’s War Dead 1914-1921 11/AM/105
1st WORLD WAR Wadhurst and Tidebrook’s War Dead 1914-1921 11/AM/106
1st WORLD WAR Wadhurst and Tidebrook’s War Dead 1914-1921 11/AM/107
1st WORLD WAR Press Coverage of the Dedication in 2010 of a Mass Grave in Fromelles 2010,2012 13/AM/012
1st WORLD WAR Transcription of BBC News Magazine on Thankful Communities 2011 Nov 11 13/AM/167
1st WORLD WAR Fanny Amelia Kennaird 2010 13/CO/009
1st WORLD WAR Letter from Commonwealth War Graves Commission about Edward Kennard 1917 13/CO/014
1st WORLD WAR B B C 2013 14/AM/002
1st WORLD WAR Northover, Mjr. Albert William MC RE 14/AM/029
1st WORLD WAR Sunday Telegraph 16th February 2014 14/AM/035
1st WORLD WAR Christmas at War – Sunday Telegraph 16-page supplement 14/AM/036
1st WORLD WAR Complete Australian military record of men and one woman  who died in the war 14/AM/101
1st WORLD WAR Booklet entitled ‘The Mystery Towers of World War One 14/AM/178
1st WORLD WAR Extended information about soldiers who died 1915 and 1916 14/AM/197
1st WORLD WAR Extended information about soldiers who died 1916-1918 14/AM/198
1st WORLD WAR Picture and postcard 1918 14/AM/199
1st WORLD WAR Remembering the Great War – commentary 2014 14/AM/206
1st WORLD WAR Commemoration – Daily Telegraph tribute to the dead of the 1st World War 2014 Nov 14/AM/207
1st WORLD WAR Article from Kent and Sussex Courier about the centenary commemorations 2014 14/AM/209
1st WORLD WAR White Porcelain Submarine 14/NP/012
1ST WORLD WAR Kent and Sussex Courier – Centenary edition 2014 Aug 01 14/PR/035
1st WORLD WAR Sun Newspaper report of Wadhurst’s commemoration of the outbreak of war 2014 Aug 05 14/PR/036
1st WORLD WAR Daily Mail TV Guide 2014 Jul 12 14/PR/041
1st WORLD WAR Two commemorative supplements from the Kent and Sussex Courier 2014 14/PR/045
1ST WORLD WAR DVD at Wadhurst War Memorial marking centenary 2014 Aug 04 14/RE/006
2nd  WORLD WAR Recommendations importantes to radio operators (in French) 06/AM/036
2nd  WORLD WAR Wadhurst war dead, 1939 – 1945 1939-1945 06/AM/037
2nd  WORLD WAR Memories Peter Wicker 2006 Jun 21 13/AM/164
2nd  WORLD WAR Service of thanksgiving in Tidebrook Church re doodlebug escape 2014 Aug 03 14/RE/007
2nd WORLD WAR 7 communications from the Director of Education to E. Sussex schools about precautions to take 1939 05/AM/002
2nd WORLD WAR Heather Simpson’s story 1939-40 05/AM/004
2nd WORLD WAR The Gospel according to St John indicating the Way of Salvation. 05/AM/007
2nd WORLD WAR Schools/Education 1942 05/AM/008
2nd WORLD WAR Canadian Forces in Wadhurst Area 1939-1945 05/AM/009
2nd WORLD WAR VE Day 60 years on 1945 05/AM/017
2nd WORLD WAR Great Escape mementoes 2006 06/AM/065
2nd WORLD WAR Protection of Schools 1939 07/AM/009
2nd WORLD WAR Six years of war in Stonegate 1939-1945 07/AM/018
2nd WORLD WAR Facsimiles of three advertisements of  Sunday Express of 14th March 1947 1947 07/AM/025
2nd WORLD WAR Rationing and Utility Clothing in the 1940s. 1940+ 07/AM/026
2nd WORLD WAR Shops and Services:  1936 – 1946 1939-1946 07/AM/027
2nd WORLD WAR Pictures from Heritage archives 07/AM/030
2nd WORLD WAR Sinking of the SS Scillin 1942 07/AM/036
2nd WORLD WAR Photograph – Wadhurst’s  – Air Training Corps 1943 07/PH/004
2nd WORLD WAR If the Invader Comes 1940 09/AM/013
2nd WORLD WAR 5 sheets of random notes typed 09/AM/014
2ND WORLD WAR Fund Raising programme 1941 09/AM/018
2ND WORLD WAR Retrospective Report in Courier (photocopy): 1940 10/AM/058
2nd WORLD WAR Propaganda,  German 1941 11/AM/018
2nd WORLD WAR Stonegate –  blackout, Canadians, Home Guard 1941-1943 11/AM/022
2nd WORLD WAR Where flying bombs fell 1944 11/AM/049d
2nd WORLD WAR German Military Cemetery at Cannock Chase and Hermann Siemer 1940 11/PH/006
2nd WORLD WAR Potter, Rosemary 13/AM/030 13/AM/030
2nd WORLD WAR Maynard  Jo (Mrs Bailey) 13/AM/031
2nd WORLD WAR George Street/Gloucester Place 13/AM/035
2nd WORLD WAR Doreen Drury 1936-1946 13/AM/037
2nd WORLD WAR Bomb on Buttons Farm 13/AM/065
2nd WORLD WAR ITMA 13/AM/072
2nd WORLD WAR Monica Mackleden’s life 1935-2009 13/AM/098
2nd WORLD WAR Newspaper Cuttings 1931 onwards 13/AM/157
2nd WORLD WAR Daily Telegraph article on first day of the 2nd World War – 1939 13/AM/172
2nd WORLD WAR Rquisitioned houses in Wadhurst 13/AM/174
2nd WORLD WAR BBC article on Propaganda 2000 Jun 13/AM/177
2nd WORLD WAR Women gain their wings – article 2000 13/AM/179
2nd WORLD WAR Dieppe Raid – Article 2002 13/AM/182
2nd WORLD WAR Working In Wartime  – Article 2005 13/AM/184
2nd WORLD WAR Childhood –  Article 2005 13/AM/185
2nd WORLD WAR VE Day – Article 2005 13/AM/186
2nd WORLD WAR Bankside 13/CO/008
2nd WORLD WAR Buttons Farm – bombing 13/CO/011
2nd WORLD WAR 13 Motor Coach Company 1940 13/PH/066
2nd WORLD WAR 14/AM/067
2nd WORLD WAR Kent and Sussex Courier supplement dated 8th September 1989 1939 about 14/PR/015
2nd WORLD WAR Kent and Sussex Courier  – various 1940 Apr 26 14/PR/031
2nd WORLD WAR The People – various 1940 May 12 14/PR/032
2nd WORLD WAR Daily Herald – various 1940 May 15 14/PR/033
2nd WORLD WAR 1st WORLD WAR Letter from Ken Jones 2006 Aug 21 13/CO/015
2nd WORLD WAR:  RATIONING 3 articles about rationing during the 2nd World War 11/AM/048
A THIRD OF A BIN Publication written by Brian Terry 16/GC/001
A.O.N.B. Map of AONB 1983 13/AM/128
ACORNS (SPARROWS GREEN) W.A.S.P. re the development of Acorns in Sparrows Green 1990 13/AM/207
ADVERTISING Photo – passengers waiting on platform 12/PH/054
AIR TRAINING CORPS OF WADHURST Explanatory letter addressed to Heather Woodward 07/AM/028
AIRCRAFT 3 sheet 12 page booklet in French from Joss Leclercq of Aubers. 1944 11/AM/043
ALAN G BENNETT and ROBERT HEMSLEY Services of Thanksgiving 2005,2007 13/AM/056
ALBERT RUMENS  (Murderer) Woods Green 1912 13/AM/028
ALBUM from TAPPINGTON GRANGE Well -worn brown-covered (autograph) album 1904-1914 11/AM/001
ALEEN BARBARA HEMSLEY Appreciation given at the time of her death 13/AM/024
ALLOTMENTS (Round Oak) Purchase the land owned by Mrs Jones 16/AM/102
ALMSHOUSES Various Estates 13/EB/018
ANDERSON AIR-RAID SHELTER Copy of Whiligh photograph 08/PH/002
ANDERSON AIR-RAID SHELTER 2nd World War Picture 1940 08/PH/003
ANSCOMBE Joyce and Sivyer: Jean (nées Harmer)   07/OH/023 Interviewed by Gwyn Skae 2007 Sep 07/OH/023
ANSCOMBE, Joyce (née Harmer) – born 1932 Interview by Elizabeth Hunter 2007 Mar 11 07/OH/016
ANSELL,  Mr S. Obituary Notice 1941 1941 06/AM/014
ANSELL, Richard Oral History Interview of Richard Ansell 05/OH/004
ANSELL, Richard Oral History Interview Undated 05/OH/007
ANTHONY RUPERTI Service in memory of Anthony 2008 13/AM/095
ARCHAEOLOGY Archaeology Days school workshops 2014 14/AM/114
ARCHITECTS’ PLANS Post Meteor crash 1956,1957,1960 11/AM/103
ARCHIVING Care and Conservation 2002 13/AM/083
ARMISTICE 1918 NEW ZEALAND HERALD 1918 November 12 14/PR/002
ART EXHIBITION Flyer for the September Art exhibition 2014 Sep 14/AM/164
ARTICLES FROM KENT AND SUSSEX COURIER Various subjects 1903-1905 11/AM/020d
ARTICLES FROM KENT AND SUSSEX COURIER Various, from cricket to Fat Stock market 1903-1905 11/AM/052
ASHBY – STORES Paragon interleaved duplicating book 11/AM/083
ASHCROFT Sale through Knight Frank. 2013 14/EB/007
ATHEY, Sgt John Henry 2nd World War  –  Copies of 2 certificates 1939-1945 08/AM/013
AUBERS Coloured photograph of the War Memorial Ceremony in Aubers the twinned village of Wadhurst. 2006 Nov 11 06/PH/009
AUBERS Coloured postcard 16/PH/003
AUBERS RIDGE -The Battle of Booklet written by John McKenzie 1915 04/AM/049
AUBERS RIDGE, Battle of Percy Thomas Goodsell 1915 14/AM/037
AUBERS RIDGE, Battle of FREELAND,    Sgt Mjr ALBERT 1915, May 14/AM/038
AUBERS RIDGE:  BATTLE OF The rôle of the Indian Army in the campaign which included the Battle of Aubers Ridge 1914-1915 11/AM/041
AUBERS RIDGE:  BATTLE OF sketch drawn by Roy Fazan 1915 12/AM/012
AUBERS RIDGE:  BATTLE OF Report on battle by Lt. Col. F G Langham 1915 12/AM/013
AUBERS RIDGE:  BATTLE OF Memories Stick 1915 12/AM/015
AUBERS RIDGE; BATTLE OF Collected as part of the Uplands Project in 1993. 12/AM/002
AUBERS RIDGE; BATTLE OF  La bataille de la Côte d’Aubers. Maps 1915 12/AM/009

La bataille de la Côte d’Aubers.

Research by Uplands Students in 1993: Vol 1 1915 12/AM/003

La bataille de la Côte d’Aubers.

Research by Uplands Students in 1993: Vol 2 1915 12/AM/004

La bataille de la Côte d’Aubers

Research by Uplands Students in 1993 – Vol 3 1915 12/AM/005
AUBERS RIDGE; BATTLE OF, Vol 4 La bataille de la Côte d’Aubers. Research by Uplands Students in 1993 – Vol 4 1915 12/AM/006
AUBERS RIDGE; BATTLE OF, Vol 5  La bataille de la Côte d’Aubers. Research by Uplands Students in 1993 – Vol 5 1915 12/AM/007
AUBERS RIDGE; BATTLE OF.  La bataille de la Côte d’Aubers. Copy of the letter written in 1995 to David James, Principal of Uplands 1915 12/AM/008
AUSTEN, JEFFREY Descendants 13/AM/064
AVIATION W.A.S.P. Letter to 1978 13/AM/249
AVIATION ACCIDENT Explanation of the crash of a French aircraft near Wadhurst Station. 1925 13/AM/006
BAGSHAW, Daphne (a) Daphne Bagshaw and (b ) A box containing human remains 1988 Nov 16/AM/106
BAILEY,  Josephine (née Maynard) Memories – lived in Gloucester Road during 2nd World War. 06/OH/033
BAILEY, Josephine (née Maynard) Memories of the 2nd  World War. 06/AM/033
BAKER, Roy Mrs Betty Wood (née Baker) 2005 05/OH/011
BALACLAVA LANE Application to erect six detached houses 13/CO/025
BALDOCK FAMILY Background 1910 13/CO/003
BALDWIN/PITT FAMILIES Correspondence between Brian Harwood and Dr R.D. Quaife 1841-1901 11/AM/024
BALDWIN’S GARAGE Kent and Sussex Courier 125th anniversary edition 1997 Oct 03 14/PR/047
BAPTIST CHAPEL Postcard 13/PH/003
BARBARA LIDDLE Wadhurst Poem 2003 13/AM/019
BARDOWN, Wadhurst Publication Romano-British Industry Site 1970 14/AM/124
BARHAM FAMILY Papers largely of correspondence with members of the Barham Family now resident in the USA 11/AM/005
BARHAM FAMILY Correspondence between Oliver Mason and the Revd. Victor Standing. 11/AM/008
BARHAM FAMILY Research papers 13/AM/192
BARHAM OF SHOESMITHS Story of Wadhurst, extracts 13/AM/054
BARHAM, Richard Traffic congestion in Sparrows Green 2011 Nov 04 13/AM/061
BARHAMS Wadhurst Footpath Society Booklet 13/AM/058
BARN FOR SALE Martins-by-Mill Undated: 06/PH/005
BARTHOLOMEW,  Peggy (née Sinden) BEM Interview 07/OH/022
BASSETT,  Charles Business Card 10/AM/064
BASSETT, Rodney Postcard 12/PH/005
BASSETT’S FORGE Article written by John Millett 1939-1945 04/AM/014
BASSETT’S FORGE Photograph 10/PH/022d
BASSETTS FORGE Photograph 13/PH/050
BASSETTS FORGE Photograph 13/PH/079
BASSETTS FORGE Durgates 13/PH/081
BASSETT’S FORGE Interview with BARRY LUCK. Undated 04/IA/005
BATTLE OF AUBERS RIDGE Bandsmen of the Salvation Army lost at the Battle of Aubers Ridge – press cutting 1915 May 09 06/AM/006
BATTLE OF AUBERS RIDGE Scrpit of a talk given by Michael Harte about the Battle 13/AM/021
BATTLE OF AUBERS RIDGE 90th Anniversary of the Battle 2005 13/AM/049
BATTLE OF BRITAIN Kent & Sussex Courier Souvenir Supplement – dated 10th September 2010 1940 10/AM/050
BATTLE OF BRITAIN Sunday Telegraph supplements 1990 June 14/PR/027
BATTLE OF BRITAIN Service sheet to commemorate the Battle of Britain 2002 Sep 15 16/AM/083
BAYHAM W.A.S.P. re tree-felling on the Bayham Estate 1980 13/AM/206
BAYHAM PROSPECT Photograph – main road towards Frant just beyond Station 12/PH/055
BBC Picture and two articles about Wadhurst 2014 May 02 14/AM/203
BBC – WILFRED PICKLES 2 press reports about the visit of entertainer Wilfred Pickles and his team. 11/AM/032
BBC EYE WITNESS CDs  – Wartime and 20th Century sounds 07/RE/001
BBC HISTORY MAGAZINES Given to the WHS by Annette Grey and Paul Carter 2000-2007 07/AM/004
BEAL’S OAK W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1977 13/AM/231
BECONHOATH (?) Copy of a postcard showing large house in Wadurst. 12/PH/015d
BELLRINGERS Wadhurst Parish Church 2011 Nov 25 13/AM/161
BEN GREIG’S 1966 14/AM/087
BEST BEECH Tidebrook 1882-1883 13/EB/029
BEST BEECH HILL W.A.S.P. 1997 13/AM/253
BEWL BRIDGE LANE W.A.S.P. re proposed development of a holiday hamlet and park at Ashurst House, Goudhurst. 1981 13/AM/210
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1973-1983 13/AM/222
BEWL RESERVOIR Geological Survey 1968 08/IA/001
BEWL WATER Southern Water Booklet 1986 04/AM/034
BEWL WATER Tea towel showing the ‘Swallow’ on the water and geese 14/NP/004
BEWL WATER RESERVOIR Various documents 11/IA/007
BEWL-DARWELL TRANSFER SCHEME Southern Water 2005 04/AM/022
BIRCH LODGE Brochure for the sale of Birch Lodge, Station Road 11/EB/014
BISHOP FAMILY Various documents 09/AM/010
BISHOP FAMILY Bundle of extremely damaged documents – put into A5 brown envelope for protection 11/AM/055
BISHOP,  Mrs Doris 8 facsimiles 1944 11/AM/066
BISHOP, Frank Interview by Gwyn Skae 2007 Jul 07/OH/017
BIVELHAM MANOR British Library Additional Roll 31210 1472-1473 09/AM/034
BLACKSMITHS AND WHEELWRIGHTS OF WADHURST Copy of interview with IndAg task group 1851 05/IA/004
BLACKSMITHS’ FORGES Photocopies of various forges: 09/PH/008
BLOOMFIELD:  GEORGE National Memorial Arboretum 1942 11/PH/005
BLOTTER Burgandy Backed Blotter 16/AM/118
BOCKING, Charles Don Griffin conversation with Charles Bocking 1984 Jan 04 14/OH/002
BOCKING, Charles Mr G W Pritchard  conversation with Charles Bocking 1983 Mar 28 14/OH/003
BOCKING, Charles Mrs Fuller of Balaclava Lane conversation with Charles Bocking 1984 Jan 08 14/OH/004
BOCKING, Charles Brigadier Charles E F Turner (CBE; DSO)  in  conversation with Charles Bocking 14/OH/005
BOCKING:  MR C H Picture of Mr C H Bocking 12/PH/026
BOER WAR AND 1ST WORLD WAR Wadhurst’s soldiers 11/AM/108
BOMB DAMAGE, 2nd WORLD WAR Sussex Advertiser article and picture of bomb damage 1980 Aug 26 14/AM/187
BOMB DAMAGE, 2nd WORLD WAR Kent and Sussex Courier article 1992 Sep 25 14/AM/188
BOMB:UNEXPLODED Handwritten – undated  entitled memories of Basil Grant. 11/AM/058
BONFIRE NIGHT Copy of page from Kent and Sussex Courier fprobably November 1959. 1959/60? 09/AM/026
BONFIRE NIGHT 1957 14/PH/025
BONFIRE SOCIETY Photographs 1953 13/PH/020
BONFIRE SOCIETY Hopping Float – most named 1955 14/PH/043
BONFIRE SOCIETY 1959 Kednt & Sussex Courier 1959, 1994 09/AM/036
BOOKS Wartime East Sussex. 13/AM/173
BOWERY, Dawn Article from Kent and Sussex Courier about DAWN BOWERY 2014 Apr 14/AM/175
BOY SCOUTS IN WADHURST 1st Wadhurst Scouts – Archives and Correspondence given to the Wadhurst History Society by Tom Lawson, erstwhile Scoutmaster. 1956-1958 11/AM/072
BRAIDWOOD Postcard 1866 13/PH/011
BRASS BAND Photograph of the Wadhurst Brass Band – some named 1952 14/PH/041
BREAM, Joan Order of Service: A celebration of a life caring for others 2010 11/AM/082
BREWERS’ ARCHIVES 1956 Archives of Charrington and Page & Overtons 1956 06/AM/067
BREWING Booklet entitled ‘Ale Tales’ 14/AM/194
BREWING AND LIQUOR TRADE industry and Agriculture Task Group Undated 04/IA/003
BRICK-MAKING Research done by Mary Offord 13/IA/004
BRIDLE MAP OF THE PARISH Map of bridle and footpaths in the Wadhurst 1970s? 16/AM/002
BRIEF CASE Copy of Marriage Certificate of Allan Turner 13/AM/023
BRINKERS LANE W.A.S.P. 1987 13/AM/214
BRITISH LEGION (Wadhurst) Various evebts and 2 pictures 1984 and 1998 16/AM/104
BRITISH LEGION SUMMER SHOW Copy of programme in aid of the 2008 Poppy Appeal 2008 09/AM/023

Kent and Sussex Courier article.

BROADWATER MANOR Brief History 08/EB/001
BROCKLEY SCHOOL Reminiscences of an Evacuee 13/AM/039
BROOKS, F – baker and Confectioner Photos (2) of hand cart and horse pulled cart 1920C 16/PH/016
BROOMFIELD, George Kenneth 2nd World War 10/AM/002
BRYANT’S FARMHOUSE Sale through Knight Frank 2013 14/EB/008
BUCKHURST PLACE Copy of a catalogue for the sale of household furniture 2008 09/EB/001
BUCKHURST PLACE Envelope with Gold Coast stamps, franked 19 April 1955 1955 11/AM/023
BUCKHURST PLACE W.A.S.P. application by Rudolf Steiner Trust relating to a bungalow 1979 13/AM/204
BUCKLAND HILL W.A.S.P. Documents 13/AM/225
BUDGENS W.A.S.P. 1998 13/AM/255
BUILDING INDUSTRY IN WADHURST An account dictated by Walter Hodder in October 2010. 11/AM/071
BUILDINGS Land Registry Information 2006 11/EB/002
BURKINSHAW, Tilly and Daniel Order of Service for their Wedding 2008 08/AM/019
BUSH, Samuel Vicar of Wadhurst  (born 1703) 1743 – 1783 1743-1783 11/AM/051d
BUSH, Samuel – INDEX CARDS OF RESEARCH Vicar of Wadhurst  (born 1703) 1743 – 1783 11/AM/050d
BUSINESS Newington’s Store 1986, 31 October 14/AM/017
BUSINESSES Courier article 2011 Nov 25 13/AM/160
BUSINESSES Courier article about Rosemary and Jean Lavender’s retirement 2011 Dec 09 13/AM/163
BUSINESSES Planning 1958 Mar 13/AM/168
BUTTONS FARM Press pictures 13/PH/027
BY, Col. John Plan of Holdings 1834,1840,1863 13/EB/006
C A BOORMAN Article about an unlicensed tractor 13/AM/071
CALLAWAY FAMILY List of  eleven children of the Callaway Family 10/AM/025
CALLAWAY FAMILY Funeral Expenses 1892 and 1897 10/AM/028
CALVERLEY ESTATE Tunbridge Wells 14/PR/017
CANADIANS IN WADHURST Various documents 1942 11/IA/011
CARDS 2 embroidered  post-cards, 10/AM/041
CARLEY, Noel Notes 1924 onwards 06/AM/040
CAROL SERVICE United Service held in Wadhurst Parish Church on Sunday 18th December 2005. 2005 06/AM/066
CASTLE CORNER Hope Cottage 14/PH/014
CASTLE DROGO Article from The Independent about Castle Drogo 2011 11/AM/069
CASTLE DROGO Adrian Drewe 13/AM/101
CASTLE DROGO – DREWSTEIGNTON, DEVON A booklet and a pamphlet 10/PH/017
CASTLE WALK W.A.S.P. Documents 1995-1997 13/AM/215
CAVELL, Nurse Edith Memorial card commemorating Nurse Edith Cavell.  12th October 1915. 1915 10/AM/038
CD Extracts of local interest – taken from Kent and Sussex Courier or Tunbridge Wells Advertiser 1903-1932 11/AM/020
CENSUSES Information compiled by the Revd R H Wace 1841+ 13/AM/187
CERTIFICATE FROM GEORGE Vl Facsimile of reduced-sized copy of certificate sent to all children dated 8th June 1946 1946 11/AM/060
CERTIFICATES 4 presented to Alex Boorman for Good or Very Good Examinations in Religious Studies. 1884 – 1890 04/AM/012
CERTIFICATES School Certificates 1889 13/PH/064
CHARCOAL Production and use 11/IA/013
CHARTER CELEBRATIONS Press copverage 1953 13/AM/047
CHARTER CELEBRATIONS Photograph 2003 13/PH/013
CHARTER CELEBRATIONS 2003 2 blank posters 2003 10/AM/015d
CHARTER CELEBRATIONS 2003  FILM Article and photograph from Kent and Sussex Courier: 10/AM/018
CHARTER OF THE FOREST Its relationship to the Magna Carta of 1215 14/AM/167
CHEESMAN, James Wick Farm 1885 13/IA/011
CHILDREN’S WARD Tunbridge Wells Hospital Christmas 1935 1935 09/PH/004
CHOIR PRACTICE IN 1963 St Peter and St Paul Church, Wadhurst 1963 May 10 12/PH/001
CHOIRBOYS MAGAZINE 5 editions of the Magazine 11/AM/036
CHRISTMAS Calendar, Christmas 2013 14/AM/009
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS Three Press Reports from the Kent and Sussex Courier of December 2004 10/AM/012
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS Article in Kent and Sussex Courier, dated 19th November 2004. 2004 10/AM/021
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS Programme for Late Night Shopping Evening 2013 December 14/AM/089
CHURCH CHOIRBOYS Newspaper article and picture of Parish Church Choirboys 1967 09/AM/004
CHURCH FÊTE Photos (2) on the lawn at Sunnymead, home of Dr Bye – several named 1930 Jul 16 1930
CHURCH MAGAZINE A copy of the Parish Church Magazine which subsequently would be called Focus. 1957 11/AM/044
CHURCH MAGAZINE A copy of the Parish Church Magazine Focus 1969 11/AM/045
CHURCH MAGAZINE 2 copies of the Parish Church Magazine Focus:  June and November 1972. 1972 11/AM/046
CHURCH MAGAZINE 3 copies of the Parish Church Magazine Focus:  June and September 1973 and March 1975 1973 and 1975 11/AM/047
CHURCH SPIRE APPEAL St Jude’s Day Storm 2013-2014 14/AM/040


1987 13/AM/216
CHURCH STREET Photographs 13/PH/006
CHURCH STREET AND PARISH CHURCH Alexander Bucher, German, the son of Thomas Bucher 1566c 13/PH/025
CHURCHES Photographs 13/PH/047
CIVIL DEFENCE INCIDENTS Type-written sheets outlining details of bombs, their weight and the consequences 1940 Aug – 1944 Aug 14/AM/204
CLOCK HOUSE Photograph Album 12/PH/045
CLOCK HOUSE Fashions 13/PH/028
CODD, Eileen “Molly”  (née Davis) Interview by Gwen Skae 2007 Jul 07/OH/020
COMBWELL PRIORY Sale through Knight Frank and Savills. 2013 May 14/EB/009
Commemoration Hall Material about the Hall Undated 06/AM/008
COMMEMORATION HALL Article in Kent and Sussex Courier 2011 Oct 28 13/AM/059
COMMEMORATION HALL Plans for frontal improvement including 1949 14/AM/159
COMMEMORATION HALL & LOUISE GIBLIN EXHIBITS Kent and Sussex Courier article heaed  “Village could get new Hall’ 2014 May 23 14/AM/192
CONCERT Pastoral Messiah 2011 13/AM/080
CONCERT Programme 1898 Dec 30 13/AM/143
CONSERVATION AND DESIGN Tunbridge Wells Planning Services Undated 04/AM/026
CONVEYANCE Ticehurst 1857 13/IA/009
CONVEYANCE OF A PIECE OF LAND East of Union House, Ticehurst 1853,1867,1872 13/EB/014
CONVEYANCING 6 sheets 13/AM/016
CONVEYANCING Numerous documents 1853+ 13/EB/007
CONVEYANCING of Wadhurst Farm William Fielder 1802 Dec 24 13/IA/003
COOMBE, The Architect Edward J Tarrer 13/EB/025
COPPICING Industry and Agriculture Task Group Undated 04/IA/006
CORKE, Charlie with John Corke (son) Oral History Interview – recording available 2004 04/OH/012
CORONATION 1953 14/PH/034
CORONATION Daily Express souvenir supplement of the Coronation of Elizabeth II 1953 14/PR/019
CORONATION 1953 Memories 1953 14/AM/065
CORONATION CELEBRATIONS 1953 Copy of Sports programme to be held in the Institite Field. 1953 08/AM/011
COUNTRY FAIR Wadhurst Country Fair programme 2014 Jun 26 14/AM/109
COURTHOPE FAMILY Black and white Photograph 12/PH/022
COURTHOPE FAMILY Picture of the Hon Beryl and Hon Daphne Courthope 1980 12/PH/027
COURTHOPE FAMILY Photocopy of a member of the Courthope Family 14/PH/028
COURTHOPE MANUSCRIPT OF WADHURST History of Wadhurst Parish 1845C 15/AM/203
COURTHOPE, George John Postcard 1910 13/PH/043
COUSLEY WOOD Life in Cousley Wood and Wadhurst from 1944 1944+ 07/AM/010
COUSLEY WOOD W.A.S.P. re application by Mr P Young 1990 13/AM/205
COUSLEY WOOD The Dens 1974 13/CO/027
COUSLEY WOOD Lawrence (Butchers) 13/PH/039
CRAWFORD, ALAN Article from the Kent and Sussex Courier about Alan Crawford, explorer 2002 14/AM/193
CREASY, Joy Oral History Interview 2004 04/OH/005
CREASY, Joy Memorial Service sheet 2014 May 06 14/AM/115
CRICKET Wadhurst v Marden 1816 13/AM/239
CRICKET Photograph – Middlesex Hospital v Wadhurst 13/PH/049
CRICKET IN THE PRESS Time stands still on the village green. 1986? 10/AM/017
CRICKET in WADHURST Article (unidentified) – probably published in 1986. 1986 11/AM/014
CRITTALL FAMILY Emails about Richard Crittals ancestors 14/AM/118
CRITTLES COURT Housing for the elderly 1985 13/EB/023
CRITTLES COURT Album – a photographic record 1980 – 1982 16/EB/002
CYCLING Postcard 1925? 14/AM/201
DEEPDENE Details for the Sale of 14 Deepdene date unknown 11/EB/012
DEER CONTROL Publication of the British Deer Society 1970 1970 08/AM/018
DEVELOPMENT IN WADHURST Article from Kent and Sussex Courier with Picture. 2004 10/AM/019
DEWHURST Photos – copy 12/PH/050
DEWHURST ESTATE Photographs 13/PH/037
DEWHURST FARM RIDING SCHOOL< WADHURST An account of the time when Dewhurst Farm was a Riding School 1924+ 07/AM/001
DIAMOND JUBILEE Queen Elizabeth II 2012 May 19 14/AM/044
DOOLEBUG AT GREEN SQUARE Information from Peter Golding 1944 06/AM/007
DOREEN MEECH Meteor Crash, memory of 2006 13/OH/002
DOREEN MEECH, née Jones Photograph 2006 13/PH/034
DOROTHY WATTS and PATRICIA HEYWOOD Order of Services 2010 13/AM/075
DOWNS, THE 13/PH/083
DOYLE, TOM Gas mains’ work 2011 13/AM/060
DOYLEYS Seven crochet doyleys 14/NP/005
DR HANS RAUSING Award of KBE 2006 13/AM/018
DRAMA – BILL GOBLE Wadhurst Youth Group 1947 13/AM/243
DRAMATIC CLUB Press report from  Kent and Sussex Courier on production of  Breath of Spring 2001 March 04/AM/013
DRAMATIC CLUB 60th Anniversary Dinner Menu 2006 07/AM/016
DRAMATIC CLUB Production of Flapper 2014, January 14/AM/033
DREWE, JULIUS Photograph at Wadhurst Hall 13/PH/051
DRURY, Doreen (née Hope) Remembering her youth in Wadhurst 06/AM/041
DUNSTERS MILL FARM Sale 1964 13/EB/010
DURGATES 3 Views 1905,1910 12/PH/033
DURGATES Postcards 1916 12/PH/035
DURGATES Postcard 1944 12/PH/047
DURGATES Durgates Meadows Estate. 1973 13/CO/021
DURGATES:  MAYFIELD LANE  – CASTLE CORNER Photograph of corner of Mayfield Lane. 10/PH/016
DWYER, Jan Service sheet for the Service of Thanksgiving 2015 Feb 06 15/AM/032
E.S.R.O. Wadhurst Parish Church 13/AM/048
E.S.R.O. Wadhurst Schools Various 1725-1962 13/AM/248
E.S.R.O. 2012 14/AM/022
E.S.R.O. (EAST SUSSEX RECORDS OFFICE) Notes on Meteor Crash 1956 13/AM/170
EARLYE FARMHOUSE Plans and illustrations of the Farmhouse 11/AM/067
EAST SUSSEX The Meresman and Exploring East Sussex 2004 04/AM/047
EAST SUSSEX CONSTABULARY Detailed reports of the events of 20th – 23rd January 1956. 1956 06/AM/068
EAST SUSSEX RECORD OFFICE Report of the County Archivist 2002-2003 05/AM/019
EAST SUSSEX RECORD OFFICE Report of the County Archivist 08/AM/023
EAST SUSSEX RECORD OFFICE FESRO AGM minutes and other ESRO documents 2013 14/AM/113
EASTBOURNE and SOUTH DOWNS WAY Maps (2) 1995, 1965 16/MS/007
EASTBOURNE PIER Three pages – article and photographs from the Daily Mail 2014 Jul 31 14/PR/163
EDE, Rose Facsimile of reduced-sized copy of The Times of 14th December 1940 1940 11/AM/059
EDE:  ROSE and GRANDSON Daily Express Press Report 2003 Nov 10 09/AM/027
EDUCATION Glossary 13/AM/084
EDWARD CHARLES KENNARD War Memorial 1919,2007 13/CO/016
EDWARDS: DOROTHY – née Pilbeam Funeral Service 22nd June 2010 2010 10/AM/061
EGERTON, REVD COKER OF BURWASH Diaries of the Revd Coker Egerton 1877-1888 04/AM/016
ELY GRANGE World War 2 13/PH/033
EMMANUEL CHURCH Tunbridge Wells and Lady Huntingdon’s Chapel – Both demolished. 11/AM/084
ERIC FAZAN Diary 13/AM/099
EVEREST, Pauline Memorial Service 14/AM/079
EWHURST Article 1630+ 13/EB/026
FAIRCROUCH Details of the sale of Faircrouch 11/EB/003
FAMILY HISTORY 2 letters addressed to Mrs Jane Spurr fromMrs Marion Rowe of Dunkirk near Faversham.  (God-daughter of Beryl Alexander) 2008 09/AM/024
FARM ACCOUNTS The View of Dunstan Page – Farmer 1423 – 1424  AND 1424 – 1425 04/AM/017
FARM CENSUS SURVEY 1941 Survey 1941 11/IA/003
FARM INSTRUCTION Issued by East Sussex War Agriculture Executive Committee 11/IA/004
FARM SURVEY 8 pages with an introduction. 1940-1943 11/AM/026
FARMERS’ TRAIN Poem by Hugh Bevan 1946 07/AM/015
FARMING 8 page leaflet 129 – records information 1940-1943 11/AM/017
FARMING 1939 – 1940 Chapter for a Wadhurst History Society publication. 11/IA/010
FARMING AND FORESTRY IN VICTORIAN TIMES The Whiligh ledger 1863 – 1868 and Pay and Daily Tasks. 1863-1868 05/IA/001
FARMS AND ESTATES Letter from Independent Historical Research Group 2007 13/CO/004
FATHER SLAUGHTER Photographs 13/PH/010
FAZAN, Roy Black and white copy of his Commissioning as a Second Lieutenant 1914 May 14 12/AM/011
FAZAN:   Dr. ERIC Cigarette Case  and Car Badge 11/NP/001
FESTIVAL OF REMEMBRANCE Programme for the Remembrance Festival of the Royal British Legion 1978 Nov 16/AM/047
FILMS OF LOCAL INTEREST Wadhurst Footpaths Society flyer 2014 Nov 27 14/AM/117
FIRE BRIGADE Various documents 1951, 1960, 1971, 1988, 1995 16/AM/099
FIRE BRIGADE IN WADHURST 6 pages of information, provided by Mr William de Salis 1994 12/AM/018
FIRE ENGINE Photograph of Engine (date not known) 10/PH/015
FLIMWELL Wardsdown 13/CO/024
FLOODING Kent and Sussex Courier  article on local flooding 1990 February 14/PR/008
FLOODING Daily Mail article headed Spend our foreign aid on British victims 2014Feb 08 14/PR/042
FLOWER FESTIVAL  1970 Programme   2/- 1970 11/AM/086
FLYING BOMBS 5 press reports for 1944 1944 11/AM/031
FLYING BOMBS Sketch map of where they fell 1944 11/AM/109
FLYING BOMBS Hastings and St Leonard’s Observer diagram of E Sussex showing where the 155 flying bombs had fallen. 1944 Sep 30 14/AM/200
FOCUS MAGAZINE Magazine 1971 Nov 16/AM/143
FOGDEN, Sue – DEWHURST RIDING SCHOOL Reminiscences 1936+ 13/AM/069
FOLK DANCE CLUB’S PARTY Photograph 06/PH/001d
FOOTBALL 1968 14/PH/018
FOOTPATH MAP of Wadhurst Map of footpaths 1971 Dec 16/MS/001
FOOTPATH SOCIETY 2000 April 14/AM/056
FOOTPATHS SOCIETY Copy of Newsletter No. 50, dated October 1998. 1998 11/AM/065
FOOTPATHS SOCIETY Membership card for Mr and Mrs S L Cosham 1983-84 14/AM/242
FORGE HOUSE Stan Kennard replies. 06/EB/001
FORGE HOUSE Sparrows Green 1914 13/EB/016
FORGE HOUSE,  SPARROWS GREEN Survey done in 2004 and various documents 11/EB/004
FORGE:  ST JAMES’ S SQUARE List of tools and fixtures bought by Thomas Pilbeam in 1899 1899 11/IA/012
FOWLE FAMILY Thomas Fowle 1500c 13/CO/013
FRACKING Anti-fracking in Wadhurst. 2014 Mar 28 14/AM/106
FRANT W.A.S.P. Correspondence re dumping activities at Manor Farm 1989 13/AM/199
FRANT W.A.S.P. 1985-1986 13/AM/254
FRENCH, Gilbert Interview about the Meteor Crash 1956 07/PH/001
FROGGATT: Richard (Farmer) Summary of the interview with January Comerford 11/IA/008
FUNERAL Order of Service for Robin Watts of Forge House, Sparrows Green 2011 11/AM/101
FUNERAL OF RITA HEDGES Order of Service 2007 07/AM/040
FUNERAL SERVES Peter Minchin, Majorie Watson 2006 16/AM/065
FUNERAL SERVICES Maurice Watts and Nancy Fazan 1959, 1982 16/AM/048
FUNERAL SERVICES Bill Tincombe, Saunders Edward Chamier, Frank Hodder 1989, 1990 16/AM/049
FUNERAL SERVICES John Pettit, Viola Ann Millar 2001 16/AM/058
FUNERAL SERVICES Norman Mepham, Evangeline Ann Bohane 201, 202 16/AM/059
FUNERAL SERVICES Irene Griffin, Brigadier Colin Yeo 2003, 2004 16/AM/060
FUNERAL SERVICES Robert McKendree-Wright, lady Joan Raeburn 2004 16/AM/061
FUNERAL SERVICES Raymond Hemsley, Leslie Manktelow 2004, 2005 16/AM/062
FUNERAL SERVICES Joan Mould, Mary Lamplugh 2005, 2006 16/AM/063
FUNERAL SERVICES Aleen Hemsley, Peter Morris 206, 2007 16/AM/066
FUNERAL SERVICES Pamela Yeo, Des Mansfield 2008 16/AM/068
FUNERAL SERVICES Maureen French, Jean Giles 208, 2009 16/AM/070
FUNERAL SERVICES Monica Jones, Mary Offord 2009, 2010 16/AM/071
FUNERAL SERVICES Dorothy Watts, Joan Brunger 2010, 2011 16/AM/073
FUNERAL SERVICES Stan Cosham 2012 16/AM/074
GADD’S MOTOR ENGINEERS 1926, 28 September 14/AM/027
GADD’S GARAGE Plan showing position of petrol tanks 1960 Jul 13/AM/191
GADD’S GARAGE Wood-B-Pine 2006 13/EB/003
GADD’S GARAGE Photograph 1914 13/PH/076
GAMIM, Pamela Pamela flying through the air on “a wire” at the Wadhurst Church Fête. 1977 Jul 23 16/AM/080
GARDENERS COTTAGE, SOUTH PARK Picture and various plans of the cottage 1877 04/EB/003
GASLIGHTING Information about Gas Lighting in Victorian Times 13/AM/097
GATE HOUSE and GATE HOUSE FARM Auction details 1962 05/EB/002
GATE HOUSE FARM Conveyance 13/EB/013
GENERAL ELECTION 1951 October 27 14/PR/014
GEORGE COURTHOPE Article by Frank Sellens 2011 13/AM/073
GEORGE STREET 3 photographs of the former garages on George Street being demolished (9.12 2007). 2007 08/PH/006
GEORGE STREET Article from the Kent and Sussex Courier 2010 10/AM/063
GEORGE VI The Reluctant Monarch – Article 2002 13/AM/181
GEORGE’S HAIRDRESSER’S Opening hours 1970s 13/AM/025
GIBB, F R of Beech Hill. Wheelwright and Undertaker 2 bill heads 10/AM/065
GILES, Jean Order of Service for a Service of Thanksgiving for a life enjoyed 2009 09/AM/035
GINGELL, Norman Farmer of Earlye Farm , 1942 – 2010 11/IA/009
GOBLE, Bill Reminiscences of 2nd World War in Wadhurst 1939-1945 05/AM/013
GOLDEN NEEDLE LEAGUE, The Photograph  (copied) 1965 09/AM/002
GOODACRE, Ena Oral History Interview 2004 04/OH/017
GOODACRE, Ena Obituary after her death on 24th February 2008, aged 96. 2008 08/AM/009
GOODMAN, Private D. Photocopies of 2 documents of thanks 09/AM/011
GOUDHURST W.A.S.P. re proposed development of a holiday hamlet and park in Goudhurst. 1988 13/AM/209
GRANT, Basil Order of Service 2008 08/AM/001
GRAVEYARD Full details of gravestones in the Parish churchyard 13/AM/154
GREAT BUTTS 1882-1896 14/AM/072
GREAT BUTTS FARM W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1998 13/AM/227
GREAT SHOESMITHS W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1984 13/AM/220
GREAT STORM Kent and Sussex Courier 1987 Oct 87 13/AM/041
GREAT STORM Photos of damage 1987 Oct 16/PH/019
GREAT STORM 1987 Copy of Kent and Sussex Courier Souvenir pull-out of 5th October 2007, 20 years later. 1987 11/AM/064
GREAT STORM: HURRICANE Various articles 1987 October 14/PR/029
GREEN BELTS Dept of the Environment publication 1988 04/AM/023
GREENMAN  FARM Floor Plans 1991 13/EB/022
GREENMAN FARM 4 documents relating to previous residents 1908,1938 13/AM/140
GREENMAN FARM Report on a survey 1841 13/EB/008
GRIFFIN, Don Copy of photograph of D Griffin taken c 1943 probably in Western Desert. 1943c 05/AM/003
GRIFFIN, Richard Uncle Ritty 09/AM/037
GRIFFIN, Tony and Joan Oral History Interview   –  recording available 2004 04/OH/009
GUIDE BOOKS of Wadhurst Guide books (2) 1961, 1964 16/AM/094
GUIDE LEADERS Photo of Guide Leaders 07/PH/002
GUY FAZAN Handwritten note 13/AM/100
HAIRDRESSER George’s Gentlemen’s Hairdressing Leaflet 14/AM/154
HANSFORD:  Timothy John  MBE Order uf Service for funeral Friday 11th February 2011 2011 11/AM/056
HAPPY EVACUEE Don Henderson – All About Wadhurst 1939 06/AM/011
HARDCASTLE: JOHN Interview 11/IA/005
HARMER, Joyce and Jean Reminiscences 08/AM/005
HARTE, Dr Michael, Tribute to Dr Michael Harte who died on 24th July 2012 2012 12/AM/001
HARTE, Michael and COSHAM, Stan Wadhurst Then and Now. 2003 Aug 14/PH/029
HARVEYS PALE ALE Advert showing  Little Pell Farm 1990 08/PH/004
HASTINGS, BRIGHTON and WORTHING Maps 1969, 1970 16/MS/008
HAWKINS, William 1st World War 14/NP/001
HAWKINS:  Jennifer (née Tunbridge) 2nd World War Memories 1939-1946 05/AM/006
HAYWARD,  Jean (née Sinden) Childhood Memories 06/AM/022
HAYWARD, Jean (née Sinden), Childhood Memories of Jean 06/OH/022
HEASMAN FAMILY Photocopies of various documents 1906-1976 11/AM/003
HEASMAN, A E and SON Photocopy of Kent and Sussex Courier of 16th December 1976 1976 06/PH/012
HEASMAN, Alan and Eileen Personal and reported recollections of the local area 1906-2006 06/OH/012
HEASMAN: Interview with Alan and Eileen 1906-2006 11/IA/002
HEMSLEY 1977 16/AM/089
HEMSLEY BOYS Black and white photograph of Ray, Don and Bob in 1932. 12/PH/028
HEMSLEY BROTHERS Photos of brothers in 2nd WW uniform 16/PH/015
HEMSLEY FAMILY Boxed Christmas Card 1950s 16/AM/067
HEMSLEY FAMILY Interflora Banquet 1974 Oct 15 16/AM/069
HEMSLEY FAMILY British Legion Certificate awarded to Robert Hemsley 1947-2006 16/FP/001
HEMSLEY FAMILY 1976 – 1995 16/FP/002
HEMSLEY FAMILY Album belonging to Bob and Jenn Hemsley. 16/PH/007
HEMSLEY Robert and Jenn Bill from Bontddu Hall, Dolgellau, Gwynedd 1982 Aug 15 16/AM/078
HEMSLEY, Charles 1st World War photo in uniform 16/PH/024
HEMSLEY, Charles and Daisy Golden Wedding article 1977 Jul 23 16/AM/081
HEMSLEY, Daisy (née Oliver) Certificate 1907 Apr 10 16/AM/095
HEMSLEY, Don Letter from Don 1956 06/AM/069
HEMSLEY, Donald BEM Programmes of the Presentation of the British Empire Medal 1993 Jun 16/AM/107
HEMSLEY, Jenn Invitation from Buckingham Palace 1998 Jul 09 16/AM/046
HEMSLEY, Jenn Certificates and one photo of various achievements 1928/1943/4/5 and 1970 16/AM/108
HEMSLEY, Jenn Letters (2) from East Sussex personnel dept on her retirement 1988 May 16/AM/109
HEMSLEY, Jenn Educational certificates 1946 – 1947 16/AM/115
HEMSLEY, Jenn Photo Album – teaching, Bexhill, Southsea, family 1945-47 16/PH/012
HEMSLEY, Jenn Photos, various 16/PH/023
HEMSLEY, Jenn (née Pilbeam) Interview by Gwyn Skae 1928 + 07/OH/018
HEMSLEY, Jennet National Identity card 1944 Oct 06 16/AM/084
HEMSLEY, Jenn’s Retirement Scrapbook presented on retirement 1988 16/PH/010
HEMSLEY, Mr R and Mr J Benefit cards 16/AM/087
HEMSLEY, Mr R and Mr J Various documents 1961,1970,1991 and 1998 16/AM/090
HEMSLEY, Ray Photos (7) of wedding to Eileen Larkin + of Charles Hemsley 1952 16/PH/018
HEMSLEY, Robert Menu for Valentine’s Dinner and Dance 1977 16/AM/088
HEMSLEY, Robert Photos (2) for an investiture at Buckingham Palace and a letter 1985, 1998 Jul 16/AM/110
HEMSLEY, Robert Invitations 1977, 2000 16/AM/111
HEMSLEY, Robert Certificate for competence in use of Breathing Apparatus 1957 Jul 02 16/AM/116
HEMSLEY, Robert (Bob) Album of visit to Jerusalem 1946 Feb 16/PH/004
HEMSLEY, Robert (Bob) Photos taken during 2nd World War 16/PH/005
HEMSLEY, Robert (Bob) Album of Photos from boyhood until his death 1923-2007 16/PH/011
HEMSLEY-ROSE, Avril Letter explaining her family links with Wadhurst 2009 09/AM/038
HENRY VIII letter 13/CO/006
HERONS LEA Brochure for the sale of Herons Lea, Tapsells Lane 11/EB/016
HICKSON, Margit, nee Wohlmann Photograp, copy of watercolour etc 1930s + 11/AM/099
HIGH STREET Two views of High Street 1906 12/PH/039
HIGH STREET Postcard 13/PH/002
HIGH STREET Photograph 13/PH/038
HIGH STREET Postcard 13/PH/041
HIGH STREET Meteor Crash 13/PH/073
HIGH STREET 2013 14/AM/046
HIGH STREET, WADHURST Coloured postcard 12/PH/025
HIGH TIDEBROOK FARM W.A.S.P. documents relating to a bungalow and dumping near Riseden Road 1990 13/AM/203
HIGH WEALD Area of Natural Beauty 2003 04/AM/025
HIGH-STREET Petition supporting a pedestrian crossing 2011 Nov 11 13/AM/153
HIGHTON  William (and Ray) e-mail addressed to Michael Harte 28th February 2007. 07/AM/022
HILL HOUSE FARM 16 page abstract of title 1955 13/AM/015
HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Various newspaper articles relating to Wadhurst 09/AM/041
HOARE, E.L.G. “Algy” Interview with Gwyn Skae in July 2007 2007 07/OH/006
HODDER FAMILY Pictures and information about  Frank and Roger Hodder 14/AM/196
HODDER, Walter Part 2  –  tape recording available from Ind/Ag 2005 05/OH/008
HODDER, Walter Recollections as a pupil at Tidebrook School 1935+ 07/OH/019
HODDER’S VAN Photographs 13/PH/032
HOLBEAM FARM Charters in Sussex 13/AM/066
HOLMES, Dame Kelly Residents flock to talk by Kelly. Report from the Kent and Sussex Courier  – undated. 11/AM/095
HOLMESDALE BREWERY Various documents 11/IA/001
HOME FARM  – FRANT W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1995 13/AM/242
HOME GUARD Certificate of proficiency 1944 08/AM/012
HOME GUARD, STONEGATE Photograph of Local Defence Volunteers 07/PH/003
HOP PICKER’S ACCOUNT BOOK Hop Picker’s Account Book 09/AM/033
HOP PICKERS Postcard 1907 13/PH/005
HOP PICKERS Pictures 13/PH/029
HOP-PICKERS Photo of Hop-Pickers from a calendar of 2004. 09/PH/009
HOP-PICKING An account of Hop-Picking at Foxhole Farm 1927-1928 07/AM/002
HOP-PICKING Stonegate 13/IA/008
HOP-PICKING Skinner FAMILY 1940s 14/PH/012
HOPS  TALK Industry and Agriculture Task Group Undated 04/IA/004
HOSPITAL SWEEPSTAKE Tickets 1936 13/AM/079
HOUSEHOLD COSTS Notebook detailing Household Expenses 1963 – 1969 16/AM/142
HUMPHREY,  Oliver George 2nd World War  -the Home Guard – Copy of Certificate 08/AM/015
HUMPHRIES AND PARKS Advertisement which appeared in Kent and Sussex Courier on 25th November 1994. 1994 11/AM/075
HUNTER, Betty Service sheet for the Requiem Mass 2015 Feb 28 15/AM/031
HUNTSMOOR, MONKS LANE Brochure for the sale of Huntsmoor, Monks Lane 11/EB/017
IDENTITY CARD 2nd World War 13/AM/057
INDUCTION SERVICES Forms of Service for Institution an Induction 1963 and 1974 11/AM/029
INFORMATION REQUEST e-mail to Michael Harte about the 1970s 2004 13/CO/005
INTERNATIONAL STORES Two Old  Paper bags with text 14/AM/105
INVASION PRECAUTIONS Advice to schools from Director of Education 1942 08/AM/002
IRON INDUSTRY Iron Workers and Tool Makers 13/IA/001
IRON INDUSTRY Iron Industry in the Weald 13/IA/002
IRON INDUSTRY Wealden Iron research Group 2014 14/AM/125
IRON INDUSTRY Maps, reports, indexes etc 14/IA/001
IRON INDUSTRY IN THE WEALD – A Brief History Article prepared by Gwyn Skae and held by the IndAg task group. 06/IA/002
IRON MINE, OLD SNAPE Drawings and Maps 11/AM/074
IRON-MINING Snape Wood 2002 13/IA/006
IRON-WORKING In the Weald 13/IA/005
ITMA IN WADHURST Copy of an article from the Sussex Express and County Herald, dated Friday 14th March 1947, 1947 09/AM/019
ITMA IN WADHURST Copy of an article from the Sussex Express and County Herald, dated Friday 14th March 1947. 1947 10/PH/019d
JAMES, David The Award for Lifetime Achievement 2004 15/AM/007
JEMPSON’S, HIGH STREET Kent and Sussex Courier article about Jempson’s new supermarket 2014 May 30 14/AM/176
JOHN CRUNDWELL Will 1750 13/AM/017
JONAS DRIVE Sale of Land 1964 13/EB/012
JONES, Ken E-Mail to Heather Woodward with snippets of information 06/AM/055
JONES, Ken Correspondence from Ken Jones to Rachel Ring and Rosemary Pope 06/OH/034
JONES, Ken Hand- written 3 page letter 09/AM/039
JONES, Ken Letter from the Revd G H Crossland MC (Secretary of he ARP Committee)  of Welsey House to Ken Jones, dated 9th December 1943, on behalf of the Rural District Council of Uckfield 1943 11/AM/063


Article on S S  Scillin 07/AM/041
JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS Programme of events for Silver Jubilee Celebrations of 1977 1977 11/AM/028
JUNIOR SNOOKER PRESENTATION 1984 Most members identified 1984 12/PH/003
KELLY’S DIRECTORY Information re Wadhurst businesses, private residents and commercial proprietors. 1867 13/AM/078
KEMP, JOHN  AND THE MINERS ARMS. Article about the Kemp family 12/AM/020
KENNARD,  Stan Part 2 of  Major collection of memories 06/AM/024
KENNARD,  Stan Part 3 of  Major collection of memories 06/AM/025
KENNARD,  Stan Part 4 of  Major collection of memories 06/AM/026
KENNARD,  Stan Part 5 of  Major collection of memories 1920s 06/AM/027
KENNARD,  Stan Part 6 of  Major collection of memories 06/AM/028
KENNARD,  Stan Part 7 of  Major collection of memories 06/AM/029
KENNARD,  Stan Part 8 of  Major collection of memories 06/AM/030
KENNARD,  Stan Part 9 of  Major collection of memories 06/AM/031d
KENNARD,  Stan Part 10 – Collated versions of Stan Kennard’s reminiscences of Wadhurst from the early 1920s 1920 ? Onwards 06/AM/032
KENNARD,  Stan of Laundry Cottage, Pell Green, Wadhurst  TN5 6EG. Part 1 of  MAJOR COLLECTION OF MEMORIES given to the Society by the family of Mr Kennard. 1750 onwards 06/AM/023
KENNARD, Stan Part 11 More on Balaclava Lane Houses known as Fairview; blocks of 4 built by Fairbrothers in 1902. 06/AM/042
KENNARD, Stan Part 12 Grandfather Palmer’s Time 06/AM/043
KENNARD, Stan Notes written by Jenn Hemsley 16/AM/013
KENNARD, Stan (born 1911) Part 8 of  Major Collection of Memories 1911 onwards 06/AM/031
KENT AND SUSSEX HOSPITAL Article published in Kent and Sussex Courier 6th August 2010 and photocopies of 3 photographs 1926 + 11/AM/077
KING GEORGE VI Commemorative pictures 1952 13/AM/042
KING GEORGE VI Memorial Edition of the Star – Nation mourns 1952 Feb 15 14/PR/004
KING GEORGE VI 1952 February 15 14/PR/013
KNOWLE, FRANT Catalogue 1980 07/EB/001
KODAK FILM WALLET Wallet for negatives and photographs 14/AM/161
LAMBERHURST About old glass photographic slides 2008 11/AM/025
LAMBERHURST W.A.S.P. Correspondence 13/AM/236
LAND GIRLS Times article dated 24th July 2008 2008 09/AM/020
Landslide of 1930 Train was halted by sudden landslide 11/AM/054
LANGHAM FARM W.A.S.P. Documents 13/AM/219
LANGHAM FARM W.A.S.P. Documents 13/AM/226
LARCOMBE, Gladys Articles about the Larcombe family 1957, 1960 16/AM/112
LAST PRIZE FIGHT 150th Anniversary 2013 December 2013 14/AM/059
LAST PRIZE FIGHT DVD of the 150th Anniversary of the Last Prize Fight 2013 Dec 10 14/RE/001
LATTER/CALLAWAY FAMILY 2  Sheets Of Photocopies 10/AM/036
LAUREL BANK (Nos. 2 and 3) Background 13/EB/020
LAUREL BANK, 4 History 13/EB/017
LAVENDER, Peter Clive Mayhew asks for information 1927 13/CO/001
LAW, Joyce B (music teacher) Programme of 8th Annual Concert given by pupils 1951 Dec 01 16/AM/082
LAWSON, Vera Memories of life in Wadhurst – since 1954. 1954 onwards 09/OH/003
LEES Richard and THOMASON Eric Article about 33,000v electric shock 1972? 16/AM/041
LEGAL DOCUMENTS Repairs to Armstrong Whitworth engine 1953 13/AM/189
LEGAL DOCUMENTS Conveyancing 1988 13/AM/190
LETTER From Clive Mayhew 13/GC/002
LETTER OF THANKS To all who served in the Forces during the 2nd World War 09/AM/005
LETTER OF THANKS From C Campbell  of Newcastle, Co Down, 13/GC/001
LETTER TO AUNTIE ELSIE German aircraft, sirens etc 1944c 06/AM/018
LEWIS, Joan Press Report from the Kent and Sussex Courier of 31ST December 2004 2004 10/AM/011
LINDFIELD, Charles 2014 February 14/AM/081
LITTLE PARK HOUSE View of the corner of Mayfield Lane 1906C 15/AM/202
LITTLE PARK(No. 1) Brochure for the sale 2011 13/AM/151
LITTLE PELL FARM Floor Plan 13/EB/019
LITTLE PELL FARM Floor Plans 2006 13/EB/021
LITTLE TIDEBROOK W.A.S.P. Documents 13/AM/224
LITTLE TIDEBROOK Sale through Knight Frank 2013 Apr 14/EB/010
LITTLE WADHURST FARM Documents 1929 13/AM/142
LLOYDS of LONDON History and Chronology 2001 04/AM/030
LOCAL BUSINESSES Yates Mr Brian  – Accounts and bills for 1975-1995 10/AM/006
LOCAL WALKS by East Sussex County Council 2004 10/AM/062
LOG  BOOK  OF STONEGATE  SCHOOL Extracts from the Log Book 1907-1927 07/AM/007
LOW COST HOUSING Wadhurst 13/AM/135
LOWER COUSLEY WOOD W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1979 13/AM/240
LOWER HIGH STREET Postcard s 1913 13/PH/001
LOWER HIGH STREET Kent and Sussex Courier article: Residents ready to oppose 40-home development plan 2014 May 23 14/AM/191
LUCK, Barrie Oral History Interview  – recording available 2004 04/OH/013
MADEIRA, WADHURST Reminiscences with Colin Mitchell of Madeira, Station Road, Wadhurst. 2013 14/AM/240
MAGISTRATES’ COURT AT MARK CROSS Various documents uased by the Court 09/AM/017
MANKTELOW, June Interview notes and photograph 06/OH/040
MANSFIELD ,Des Oral History- – interview available on CD 2004 04/OH/016
MANSFIELD,  Des Notes typed by Des about life 1930-1950 08/OH/002
MANSFIELD, Des 2004 July 14/OH/001
MANSFIELD, Desmond Robert Order of Service 2008 09/AM/025
MANSFIELD, Sheila Oral History Interview 2005 04/OH/003
MAP Wadhurst 13/PH/022
MAP, HIGH STREET Courthope map 1840 13/PH/023
MAPS, SUSSEX  (EAST) – KENT Sheet   XIX  SW and  parts of Sheet LXIX – LXX 1937-1939 13/MS/021
MAPS, SUSSEX (EAST) Copy OF O.S. Map 1813 – 1819 1813-1819 13/MS/015
MAPS, SUSSEX (EAST) Sheet   XX 1910 13/MS/017
MAPS, SUSSEX (EAST) Sheet   XLII  N 1911 13/MS/018
MAPS, SUSSEX, EAST Sheet   XXIX. SE 1910 13/MS/016
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX Uckfield Road to East Grinstead TQ5437 (west) TO TQ5537 (east) 1968 13/MS/040
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6225 TO TQ6325 1970 13/MS/041
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5634 TO TQ5734 1970 13/MS/042
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5633 TO TQ5733 1970 13/MS/043
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6024 TO TQ6124 1972c 13/MS/045
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6025 TO TQ6125 1971c 13/MS/046
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6026 TO TQ6126 1971c 13/MS/047
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6028 TO TQ6128 1971 13/MS/048
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6234 TO TQ6334 1971c 13/MS/049
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6631 TO TQ6731 1972c 13/MS/050
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5430 TO TQ5530 1969 13/MS/051
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6233 TO TQ6333 1969c 13/MS/052
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5623 TO TQ5723 1975c 13/MS/053
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5624 TO TQ5724 1974c 13/MS/054
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5627 TO TQ5727 1970c 13/MS/055
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5830 TO TQ5930 1970c 13/MS/056
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6227 TO TQ6327 1972c 13/MS/057
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6030 TO TQ6130 1973c 13/MS/060
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6237 TO TQ6337 1970c 13/MS/061
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5833 TO TQ5933 1970c 13/MS/062
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5433 TO TQ5533 1970 13/MS/063
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5431 TO TQ5531 1970c 13/MS/064
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6035 TO TQ6135 1971 13/MS/065
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6034 TO TQ6134 1971 13/MS/066
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6033 TO TQ6133 1971 13/MS/067
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5834 TO TQ5934 1970 13/MS/068
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5836 TO TQ5936 1969 13/MS/069
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5823 TO TQ5923 1969 13/MS/070
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6024  to TQ 6124 1972 13/MS/071
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5435 TO TQ5535 1969 13/MS/072
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5835  TO TQ5935 1969 13/MS/073
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5434 TO TQ5534 1969 13/MS/074
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6025 TO TQ6125 1971 13/MS/075
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6027 TO TQ6127 1971 13/MS/076
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5428  TO TQ5528 1970 13/MS/077
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5427  TO TQ5527 1970 13/MS/078
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5825 TO TQ5925 1971 13/MS/079
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5826 TO TQ5926 1970 13/MS/080
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5827 TO TQ5927 1970 13/MS/081
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5831 TO TQ5931 1970 13/MS/082
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5832 TO TQ5932 1970 13/MS/083
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5426 TO TQ5526 1970 13/MS/084
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ6432 TO TQ6532 1969 13/MS/085
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX TQ5436 TO TQ5536 1968 13/MS/086
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX Various O.S. 13/MS/087
MAPS: EAST SUSSEX Various O.S. of Wadhurst area 13/MS/088
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 84 SW 1961 13/MS/028
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 84 SE 1961 13/MS/029
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 92 NW 1961 13/MS/030
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 92 NE 1961 13/MS/031
MAPS: KENT Sheet  TQ 93 SW 1961 13/MS/032
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 93 NW 1961 13/MS/033
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 93 SE 1961 13/MS/034
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 93 NE 1961 13/MS/035
MAPS: KENT Sheet TQ 82 NW 1961 13/MS/036
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 83 SE 1961 13/MS/037
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 83 SW 1961 13/MS/038
MAPS: KENT Sheet   TQ 83 NW 1961 13/MS/039
MAPS: KENT TQ6236 TO TQ6336 1971c 13/MS/044
MAPS: KENT TQ5636 TO TQ5736 1970c 13/MS/058
MAPS: KENT TQ5635 TO TQ5735 1969c 13/MS/059
MAPS: KENT 1961 Sheet   TQ 83 NE 1961 13/MS/027
MAPS: KENT AND SUSSEX Sheet   TQ82 NE 1961 13/MS/026
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) High Street 2004 13/MS/001
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Wadhurst Area 1724 – 1825 – ? 13/MS/002
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) High Street 13/MS/004
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Wadhurst 13/MS/005
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Mark Cross to Best Beech 1910 13/MS/006
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Railway 1910 13/MS/007
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Railway 1911 13/MS/008
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Blackboys to Lewes 1911 13/MS/009
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Wadhurst 1911 13/MS/010
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Lewes to Cross in Hand 1932 13/MS/011
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Lewes Road to Halland and Heathfield 1911 13/MS/012
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Heathfield towards Hailsham 1932 13/MS/013
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Tunbridge Wells – Eastbourne railway line. 1932 13/MS/014
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Coggins Mill 1932 13/MS/019
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Sheet   XLII NW 1932 13/MS/020
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Sheet   XVIII  scale: 25.344” to a statute mile 1932 13/MS/022
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Sheet   XVIII  scale: 25.344” to a statute mile 1932 13/MS/023
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Sheet   XVIII. 3  scale: 25.344” to a statute mile. 1932 13/MS/024
MAPS: SUSSEX (EAST) Sheet  VII. SE and parts of Kent  LXI AND LXIX. 1910 13/MS/025
MARK CROSS Renhurst Farm 1977 13/CO/028
MARK CROSS – ST JOSEPH’S COLLEGE Sepia postcard 12/PH/013
MARKET in WADHURST The history of the Wadhurst Market 08/AM/016
MARL Research details 05/IA/003
MARTHA HILL Memorial Service 2008 13/AM/096
MARY OFFORD Order of Service for a Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Mary Offord 2010 10/AM/059
MASON, Oliver 72 pages of notes and photocopies on a wide variety of Wadhurst-related subjects. 11/AM/004
MASON:  MERCIA Order uf Service for Mercia’s funeral 2007 12/AM/019
MAYFIELD LANE W.A.S.P.re the sale by British Rail of the land over the railway tunnel 2012-2013 13/AM/200
MAYFIELD LANE W.A.S.P. 1988 13/AM/251
MAYFIELD,TUNBRIDGE WELLS Maps 1952, 1965 16/MS/013
MEDIÆVAL WADHURST Explanation 13/CO/012
MEECH, Doreen May 2014 Aug 11 14/AM/158
MEECH, George 2 Documents from East Sussex Constabulary 1921-1958 06/PH/007
MEECH, George Press cutting entitled George Meech, Cricketer and Groundsman Dies. (undaied) 11/AM/040
MEECH, Harold and DOREEN Oral History Interview 2004 04/OH/004
MEECH, Harold George Order of Service for Harold’s funeral 2008 08/AM/007
MEMORIAL SCREEN Parish Church  – 8 page explanation and Order of Service for the Dedication 1959 Jan 21 13/AM/001
MEMORIAL SCREEN AND PORCH FURNISHINGS Dedication service sheet 1959 Jan 25 16/AM/091
MEMORIAL SERVICES 5 Orders of Service 1946-1978 11/AM/027
MEMORIAL TABLET IN PARISH CHURCH Photograph of wall tablet in memory of the Revd John Willet who died in 1742 12/PH/015
MEMORY JOTTINGS Written notes by Val Tunbridge from conversations with her mother, Nora Tweedley.  (July 2009) 10/AM/034
METEOR CRASH Article from The Sphere of January 1956 1956 05/AM/018
METEOR CRASH Memories of Janet Davies (née Hughes) 1956 Jan 20 06/AM/002
METEOR CRASH Information from Mrs. Barbary Barden of 2 Bayham Court 1956 Jan 20 06/AM/005
METEOR CRASH Account by Joy Creasy 1956 Jan 20 06/AM/039
METEOR CRASH Notes from Mrs Shirley Farmer née Hayward (b 1936) 1947-1958 06/AM/046
METEOR CRASH Postcard notes made by Anne Ash ( née Hodges) 06/AM/047
METEOR CRASH East Sussex Constabulary 1956 06/AM/050
METEOR CRASH Preparations for the publication of the Day Wadhurst Changed. 2006 06/AM/058
METEOR CRASH Daily Mail Reports 1956 06/AM/059
METEOR CRASH Photocopies of Press Reports (4) 1956 06/AM/060
METEOR CRASH Press reports and prints of the crash 1956 06/AM/061
METEOR CRASH Daily Mail of 21st January 1956 1956 06/AM/062
METEOR CRASH Letter to Heather Woodward from Nora Manktelow, following the 50th Anniversary commemoration – dated 24.1.2006. 1956 06/AM/063
METEOR CRASH 3 pages of photocopies 1956 06/AM/064  (a), b),©
METEOR CRASH Order of Proceedings for meeting 2006 06/AM/070
METEOR CRASH Preliminary Report from Air Ministry at West Drayton – photocopied 1956 Jan 24 06/AM/071
METEOR CRASH Technical information 1956 06/AM/072
METEOR CRASH Report and file from Inspector Bleach of the East Sussex Constabulary  – photocopied 1956 Feb 06 06/AM/073
METEOR CRASH Accidents and Investigation Branch (Memorandum S. 2802) (ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation -photocopied 1956 06/AM/074
METEOR CRASH Fire volume 48 No. 609  of the Journal of the British Fire Service. 1956 06/AM/075
METEOR CRASH The Times;  dated 20th January  22nd January, 24th January and 1st February 1956 06/AM/076
METEOR CRASH Kent and Sussex Courier? 1956 06/AM/077
METEOR CRASH Photocopies from Courier 1956 06/AM/078
METEOR CRASH e-mail 1956 06/AM/079
METEOR CRASH Wadhurst Parish Council Minute Book 1956-1961 06/AM/080
METEOR CRASH Letter from Royal Air Force Personnel 1956 06/AM/081
METEOR CRASH Copy of Letter from Divisional Officer of C Division to the Chief Fire Officer 1956 Jan 24 06/AM/082
METEOR CRASH Confidential report from Royal Air Force Court of Enquiry or Investigation – 32 pages 1956 06/AM/083
METEOR CRASH Street changed for ever after aircraft crash 1956 06/AM/084
METEOR CRASH Photo of the 3 authors of The Day Wadhurst Changed 2006 06/AM/085
METEOR CRASH Duplication of many reports 1956 06/AM/086
METEOR CRASH Copy of Pastoral Letter written by the Revd A N H Roscamp in February 1956, following the Meteor Crash. 1956 06/AM/087
METEOR CRASH Oral History Interviews of  Jennet and Bob Hemsley 1956 06/OH/002
METEOR CRASH Oral History Interviews of  John Bishop 1956 06/OH/003
METEOR CRASH Oral History Interview of Doreen and Harold Meech 1956 06/OH/004
METEOR CRASH Introductory letter of explanation to Mr Geoff Goldsmith 06/OH/036
METEOR CRASH Interview and photograph of Frank Bishop 06/OH/037
METEOR CRASH Interview and photograph of Harold Meech 06/OH/038
METEOR CRASH Short Page of notes 06/OH/039
METEOR CRASH Photocopy of newspaper article (large format) headed Girl Defends Pilot 1956 06/PH/010
METEOR CRASH Daily Herald Special Edition.  Only front and back pages. 1956 Jan 21 06/PH/011
METEOR CRASH Official Fire Service Records 06/PH/013
METEOR CRASH 3 photographs and explanation 1956 06/PH/015
METEOR CRASH 2  Courier Newspaper Hoarding advertisements 1956 06/PH/016
METEOR CRASH Fire Service photos 1956 06/PH/017
METEOR CRASH Kent and Sussex Courier – dated 11th October 1957. 1957 07/AM/038
METEOR CRASH Kent and Sussex Courier – dated 14th December 1957 1957 07/AM/039
METEOR CRASH Account by Raymond Hoff(brother in law of Ken Jones – former resident) 1956 10/AM/023
METEOR CRASH Daily Telegraph and Morning Post of Saturday 21st January 1956 1956 11/AM/037
METEOR CRASH Précis of the whole incident 1956 12/AM/017
METEOR CRASH Editorial comment 1956 Jan 13/AM/165
METEOR CRASH 14 cards to introduce items and interviews of eye-witnesses 2006 13/AM/169
METEOR CRASH Interviews 2006 Jan 20 13/AM/175
METEOR CRASH East Sussex Constabulary notes 1956 Jan 21-23 13/AM/176
METEOR CRASH Parade Plans 1960 13/EB/027
METEOR CRASH Interview with Peter Wicker 2006 Feb 21 13/OH/001
METEOR CRASH Photographs 1956 13/PH/036
METEOR CRASH 1956 January 20 14/NP/002
METEOR CRASH Photos (2) of damaged buildings 1956 Jan 20 16/PH/022
METEOR CRASH Newspaper cuttings 1956 Jan 16/PR/001
METEOR CRASH (January 1956) Album with 14 pages of photographs 1956 12/PH/017
METEOR CRASH COMMEMORATION EVENT Transcription of all the Interviews conducted on stage on 20th January 2006. 2006 06/OH/006
METEOR CRASH:  20TH JANUARY 1956 The occupants of the Post Office at the time of the Meteor Crash on Friday 20th January 1956: 1956 06/AM/003
METHODISM IN WADHURST Brief history of the Chapel since 1874 1874+ 13/AM/007
METHODIST  CHURCH History of The Methodist Church in Wadhurst 06/AM/056
METHODIST CHURCH IN WADHURST Methodist Church in Wadhurst 06/AM/020
METHODIST CHURCH IN WADHURST A History of Wadhurst Methodist Chapel and Society 1874 – 1974 1874-1974 06/AM/021
Methodist Church in Wadhurst – BicentenMETHODIST CHURCH IN WADHURST 1992 Bicentenary of Methodism in Wadhurst. 1792-1992 06/AM/019
METHODIST CHURCH MEETING Grainy press photograph 06/PH/003
Michael Harte Wadhurst History Society Publications 2006 12/PH/021
MICHAEL HARTE Wadhurst Then and Now. 2003 13/AM/043
MICHAEL HARTE Wadshurst History Society 2004 13/AM/046
MICHAEL HARTE Photograph 13/PH/007
MICHAEL HARTE and ERIC WOODWARD Order of Services 2012 13/AM/087
MICHAEL HARTE and HEATHER WOODWARD Photograph 2011 13/PH/031
MICHAEL INSLEY, Canon PRIZE FIGHT 1963-2013 14/AM/007
MICK GOULD W.A.S.P. Documents 1995 – 1999 13/AM/218
MIDDLETON-SMITH, Eileen Dewhurst 1939-1946 07/AM/003
MIDDLETON-SMITH, Eileen Interview and notes by Heather  Woodward on 7th April 2007. 2007 07/OH/010
MILESTONES Newsletter 2007 07/AM/046
MILESTONES and TOLLHOUSES 4 pictures 1767 12/PH/020
MILESTONES and TOLLHOUSES IN SUSSEX. Album with 25 pages of photographs 1767 12/PH/018
MILLENNIUM CELEBRATION 2000 January 01 14/AM/068
MINERS ARMS Postcards 13/PH/030
MINNEY,  R.J. Ownerf of Hook House 10/AM/020
MISCELLANY Various tickets and badges 16/AM/045
MISS GROVES’  BOX Documents and cuttings in box 10/AM/053
MONK’S PARK 1941 July 14/PH/071
MONKS PARK List of Owners 1918-2006 13/AM/159
MONKS PARK Deed 1929 13/EB/028
MONKS PARK,   WADHURST Maps and details about Monks Park 11/EB/005
MORLEY ROBERTS Letter from Markus Neacey of Berlin, 2011 Jul 13 13/CO/007
MOTOR FUEL RATION BOOK Book number MH 6539117 09/AM/009
MOTORING COSTS Notebook detailing Motor Car Expenses 1963 – 1969 16/AM/141
MOUNT, The Photographs of  priests – double-sided back to back 1893, 1893 12/PH/024
MULLINS MEMORIAL FUND Booklet prepared by the Mullins Memorial Fund (Charity No 247727) 2004 04/AM/010
MULLINS MEMORIAL FUND The Magpie 2003 04/AM/011
MULLINS MEMORIAL FUND Fund-Raising Event 2003 10/AM/008
MURIETTA FAMILY Wadhurst Hall/Park 2009 09/AM/032
MUSIC FESTIVAL 1936 Photocopies of East Sussex and Kent Music Festival Timetable 1936 Mar 1936 11/AM/080
MUSIC HALL 1994 14/PH/004
MUSIC HALL (FRANT) Presented by the Frant Pantomime and Dramatic Society 2007 08/AM/026
NEAL  FAMILY 2 sheets  of Various Memorabilia 10/AM/037
NEAL  FAMILY copies of photographs 10/PH/008
NEAL Family Press cutting of picture and report 10/AM/027
NEAL Family Press cutting of poem, written during 1st World War 10/AM/029
NEAL FAMILY Picture and report of fire at Chauffeur’s Cottage, Whiligh 1954 10/AM/031
NEAL FAMILY Photocopies of Neal Family documents 10/AM/032
NEAL FAMILY Photocopies of Memorabilia 1942 10/AM/039
NEAL FAMILY 2 sheets of copies of photographs 10/PH/005
NEAL FAMILY 1 sheet of copies of photographs 10/PH/006
NEAL, Leonard – Diary Transcript of voyage to Mesopotamia 10/AM/024
NEAL/CALLAWAY FAMILY 2 sheets of copies of various photographs 10/PH/010
NEIL ROSE and MONICA JONES Order of Services 2009 13/AM/074
NEVILLE GOULD Darby’s Farm. 13/OH/003
NEWBURY LANE W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1981 13/AM/246
NEWINGTON  FAMILY Gurrs of Lamberhurst 13/CO/010
NEWINGTON NEWSAGENTS Press cutting (November 1994):  Kent and Sussex Courier 11/AM/038
NEWINGTON/BISHOP FAMILY DOCUMENTS Collection of documents donated by Derek Bishop 10/AM/048d
NEWS – 1936 Daily – It Mail Italy stirs up Arab riots 1936 May 13 14/PR/035a
NEWS – GENERAL Daily Express – various 1969 Feb 8th 14/PR/030
NEWS 1935 Daily Telegraph – various 1935 Nov 07 14/PR/034
NEWS ITEMS Daily Express aricles – Suez 1951 Oct 27 14/PR/006
NUGENT, E M Postcard 13/PH/017
OAK STORES, Woods Green Photographs show advertising boards 1963/64c 15/EB/001
OGILVY WATSON, Roma Memories of Wadhurst 1930 – 1945,  a very different place 1930-1945 11/AM/061
OLD FARM, TICEHURST Sale through Knight Frank 2013 Apr 14/EB/011
OLD MONKS W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1999 13/AM/245
OLD STATION ROAD W.A.S.P. re proposed residential development 13/AM/208
OLD VIC THEATRE Souvenir programme 1945/46 16/AM/042
OLD WALLAND, WADHURST Sale through Knight Frank 2013 Apr 14/EB/012
OLIVER, Daniel 2013 August 12 14/AM/047
OLIVES MANOR e-mail sent by John Phipson the owner of Olives Manor 9th January 2009. 10/EB/001
OWLERS – COUSLEY WOOD W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1983 13/AM/241
PAGE AND OVERTON BREWERY Ltd. Legal documents 1956 13/AM/070
PAGEANT 1987 Focus – edition of August 1987 1987 07/AM/042
PAGEANT 1987 Explanation and details on the production of the Pageant. 1987 07/AM/043
PAGEANT 1987 Programme 1987 07/AM/044
PAGEANT 1987 Photocopies of original programme for the Pageant 1987 11/AM/102
PARAMO Directional Clothing Systems 2013 February 27 14/AM/043
PARISH CHURCH Planned Giving Campaign – 14 page illustrated booklet 1960 13/AM/003
PARISH CHURCH 4 page schedule of Flower Festival 1970 13/AM/004
PARISH CHURCH Guide and pictures 1962 13/AM/092
PARISH CHURCH Bell Chamber Screen 1958 13/AM/188
PARISH CHURCH Old Approach Path 13/PH/069
PARISH CHURCH Brochure showing the proposed enhancements 2014 14/AM/173
PARISH CHURCH Kent and Sussex Courier article about ditching pews 2014 Mar 21 14/AM/189
PARISH CHURCH Kent and Sussex Courier article about  theTime Capsule 2014 Feb 28 14/AM/190
PARISH CHURCH  CHOIR Winners in the 2010 Rotary Scarecrows Festival. 10/PH/019
PARISH CHURCH  CHOIR Winners in the 2010 Rotary Scarecrows Festival. 2010 10/PH/020
PARISH CHURCH  CHOIR Success in a Rotary Scarecrows Festival 10/PH/021
PARISH CHURCH  GUIDE Guide written by Oliver Nmason 16/AM/103
PARISH CHURCH CHOIR Programme for Good Friday 2009. 2009 11/AM/088
PARISH CHURCH CLOCK Letter from Roy Albinson to Michael Harte, dated 6th October 2004 2004 04/AM/048
PARISH CHURCH GUIDE Guide printed by Rother Valley Press of Rolvenden. 10/AM/066
PARISH CHURCH GUIDES Guides to the Parish Church, (2) 1933C 13/AM/090
PARISH CHURCH GUIDES Guide and pictures 13/AM/091
PARISH CHURCH SPIRE 2014 February 14/AM/083
PARISH CHURCH,  WADHURST Postcard 1908 12/PH/040
PARISH CHURCH,  WADHURST Postcard 1907 12/PH/042
PARISH CHURCH,  WADHURST Postcards 1909,1910 12/PH/044
PARISH COUNCIL Agenda 1990 13/AM/129
PARISH MAGAZINE 1919 Feb 13/AM/088
PARISH MAGAZINE 1911 St Peter and Paul, Wadhurst Vol  III  No 3 1911 09/AM/016
PARISH NEWS Vicar’s notes  – 1 page 1929 13/AM/089
PARTRIDGES W.A.S.P. Documents 13/AM/223
PARTRIDGES LANE W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1959 13/AM/217
PASHLEY ESTATE – AUCTION Auction Catalogue 1921 11/AM/053
PASHLEY MANOR Copy of Particulars, Plans and Conditions of sale of the estate. 1921 11/AM/015
PASHLEY MANOR History and restoration 1955c 14/AM/123
PATTEMORE, Kathleen (née Waghorn) Short article about publication of league tables 1994 Jan 21 16/AM/077
PELL GREEN W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1977 13/AM/247
PENNYBRIDGE FARM Two photographs 2014 14/PH/037
PENNYBRIDGE FARM Photograph 14/PH/038
PERCY THOMAS GOODSELL Details of his life and death 13/AM/020
PHOTOCOPIES OF DOCUMENTS STORED AT EAST SUSSEX RECORD OFFICE Documents were received at ESRO from K.F. Ascott of 3 Thorn Cottages

The Stocks, Witterham, Ken

PHOTOGRAPH Photograph of Mr and Mrs Beach with the Brockman’s dog 08/PH/001
PHOTOGRAPH   (copy) The Golden Needle League 1965 09/PH/002
PHOTOGRAPH   (copy) The Golden Needle League 1965 09/PH/003
PHOTOGRAPH (faded) of WADHURST UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB Winners of the E Sussex League and Cup July 1976 – players named 1976 10/PH/002
PHOTOGRAPHS Wdhurst Girls’ Club Concert, held probably in 1956. 1956 09/PH/001
PICTURES OF WADHURST Walking along the High Street – How Things Change! 10/PH/022
PIG DROVING Talk 11/IA/006
PILBEAM BROTHERS Letter, description and sketch of the Battle of Aubers Ridge 16/AM/020
PILBEAM, F Certificate awarded from the Royal British Legion 1954 16/AM/117
PILBEAM, Florence Short article on Florence Pilbeam’s 100th Birthday. 1999 Mar 26 16/AM/079
PILBEAM, Margaret OBE Daily Mail record 1987 Dec 14 16/AM/076
PIPPINS Brochure for the sale of Pippins, South View Road. 11/EB/013
POCKET WATCH Smiths Empire Pocket Watch 1953 January 01 14/NP/003
POLLINGTON’S John Humphreys asks for information about a Sedan Chair  from P B Pollington. 2006 13/CO/002
POOK PIT:  MURDER Reports of the Jane Stevens’  Murder 1906 13/AM/022
POOR RATE Wadhurst beneficiaries. 1759-1773 13/AM/029
POPE FAMILY, The 4 photographs especially copied in 2010 11/PH/007
POPE, GEORGE Postcard 1920c 13/PH/044
POPE, Rosemary Oral History Interview by Michael Harte  – recording available 2004 04/OH/002
POPE, Rosemary Interview by Rachel Ring on 3rd June 2008. 1930+ 08/OH/001
POPE, Rosemary E. Memories of Childhood:  written May 2007. 1930-1945 07/AM/011
POST OFFICE Envelope of 1886 1886 13/AM/045
POST OFFICE, WADHURST Wadhurst is to lose its sorting office at the end of May 1992 14/AM/186
POSTMEN’S CYCLES Postcards 13/PH/004
POTTER, Rosemary Memories  (Formerly of George Street) 06/AM/034
POTTER, Rosemary Memories – Facsimile of hand-written letter 1939-1945 07/AM/013
POTTER, Rosemary 07/AM/014
POTTER, Rosemary Memories of Wadhurst 09/OH/001
POW MURAL Kent & Sussex Courier article 10/AM/051
PRICE CHANGES OVER THE YEARS Tom and Vera Lawsons’ domestic records 09/AM/008
PRICES Prices of Pet and Garden Supplies 08/AM/006
PRIMARY SCHOOL Photocopy of a photograph of year 6 – with  names 1953 14/PH/042
PRIMMERS W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1997 13/AM/230
PRIMMERS W.A.S.P 1996 13/AM/250
PRIMMERS Picture 1905 13/PH/042
PRIZE FIGHT 1863 14/AM/019
PRIZE FIGHT 150th Anniversary of Last Prize Fight 2013, 10th December 14/AM/026
PRIZE FIGHT  in 1863 Copy of the original publication 1863 11/AM/104
PROJECT ON A POSSIBLE  ROAD CROSSING AND PARKING IN WADHURST Work done by 6th Form students at Uplands. 11/WP/020
PROPERTIES FOR AUCTION Oakdene and The Lephams – Particulars and Conditions of Sale from E. Watson and Sons 1924 and 1952 11/EB/009
PROPERTIES’ AUCTION Catalogue of two free hold properties 1937 11/EB/006
PROPERTIES’ AUCTION Catalogues of two separate auctions 1930 and 1934 11/EB/007
PROPERTY FOR SALE Auction 1926 December 1926 14/AM/066
PUBLICATION A4 edition of Wadhurst Then and Now 14/AM/195
PUBLICATIONS Wadhurst Then and Now 13/AM/053
QUARRY COTTAGES, 3 Sale details by Chesterton Humberts 10/EB/002d
QUEEN (Princess Elizabeth) Souvenir of her wedding 2007 11/AM/039
QUEEN ELIZABETH   the Queen Mother Radio Times tribute 2002 13/AM/052
QUEEN ELIZABETH 11 Double page, coloured spread of Queen Elizabeth in her Coronation dress 1953 Jul 11 14/AM/163
QUEEN ELIZABETH II Lying in State of King George VI 1952 Feb 15 14/PR/007
QUEEN VICTORIA Sheffield Daily Telegraph supplement 1901 Jan 26 14/PR/040
QUEENS HEAD INN Notes about the original Queen’s Head 14/AM/160
RACHEL RING Photograph 2006 13/PH/074
RADIO TIMES 2000 July 14/AM/057
RAILWAY 2 press stories 1974 and 1995 11/AM/033
RAILWAY Leaflet prepared by Neil Rose to accompany his talk to the Wadhurst History Society on 2nd March 2005 1845-1901 11/AM/042
RAILWAY ARCHIVE of NEIL ROSE Analysis and cataloguing 16/AM/039
RAILWAY HOTEL Kelsey ales 10/PH/011
RAILWAY STATION Photographs 13/PH/068
RANDOM  REMINISCENCES Letter from Janice Bone to Val Tunbridge 10/AM/024d
RANDOM  REMINISCENCES Written in a Letter from Janice Bone to Val Tunbridge 10/AM/035
RATION BOOK Facsimile of Ration Book 1953-1954 07/AM/017
RATIONING Standard rationing details 07/AM/029
RECORDS – 78 RPM Recordings of Wadhurst Church Choir 14/NP/010
RECYCLING CENTRE 2014 January 14/AM/080
REED FAMILY Oral History Interview   –  recording available 2004 04/OH/014
REED, Roy Funeral Service sheet for Roy Reed 2014 Jul 01 14/AM/120
REFUSE COLLECTION 2013-2014 14/AM/016
REGISTERED COMMON LAND AND OPEN COUNTRY (Wadhurst CP) Issued by the Countryside Agency 2002 10/AM/060
REMEMBRANCE EXHIBITION Programme and posters 2015 Aug 16/AM/021
RESIDENTS (?) OF WADHURST Photos 1900 12/PH/046
RISEDEN ESTATE Sale 1966 13/EB/011
RIVER HALL River Hall, Nr Frant, Sussex.  Edmund John Niemann, circa 1813. 1813 04/PH/001
ROAD SIGN Photograph of RAC sign 2004 March 04/PH/005
ROADS Repairs 1855 13/AM/026
ROADS W.A.S.P. Correspondence 13/AM/235
ROADS 2013 August 14/AM/045
ROCK ROBIN Advertising Card for the Rock Robin Hotel Undated 06/EB/002
ROTARY CLUB Christmas lights and late night shopping – programme 2008 09/AM/028
ROY FAZAN and Dr E(ric) A C FAZAN 1914 and 1969 14/AM/003
ROY, Eve Memories of our Life at Tidebrook 1958-2000 09/OH/002
ROYAL BRITISH LEGION 50th Anniversary of the outbreak of the 2nd World War 1989 04/AM/018
ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Anniversary Celebration 2011 13/AM/093
ROYAL ENGAGEMENT Sunday Telegraph article 2010 10/AM/049
ROYAL FAMILY The wife of the last Tsar in Wadhurst 1919 09/AM/040
ROYAL FAMILY Magazines 1937,1938,1952 13/AM/155
ROYAL FAMILY Magazines 1952,1953 13/AM/156
ROYAL FAMILY Wallis Simpson Article 2006 13/AM/183
ROYAL FAMILY Article about the marriage of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones 1999 Jun 19 14/PR/005
ROYAL MARRIAGES Several pages from different newspapers regarding modern Royal Marriages 14/PR/012
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT Robert’s Great War 1914+ 08/AM/010
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT Photocopy of Short version of the Regiment’s history: 1701 to 1905 1701-1905 10/AM/033
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT 1911 Christmas Card 1911 10/AM/040
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT 2  X 1911 Christmas cards 10/AM/042
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT Poem about The Royal Sussex 1916 10/AM/044
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT copies of panoramic postcards 1909 10/PH/009
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT Summer Camp 1910 Jul 12/AM/010
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT Coloured photograph of the 2nd Battalion Stansard 14/PH/040
ROYAL VISIT Account published in Courier of December 1993 about a Royal Visit in December 1888. 1888 11/AM/034
RUBBISH TIP Problems 1974 13/CO/026
RUMENS MURDER CRIME – Woods Green 1912 13/AM/027
RUMENS MURDER Detailed account of the Execution of the Wadhurst Murderer 13/AM/032
SACRED HEART CHURCH – FATHER SLAUGHTER Order of service for his Requiem Mass 2011 Nov 2011 11/AM/090
SAINSBURY’S Newspaper cutting showing grocer’s shop 14/AM/183
SCARS of BATTLE Reprinted from the Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kent and Sussex Courier – September 15, 1944. 1944 06/AM/017
SCOONES, Joan (née Fuller) Informal discussion with David James on 21st August 2007. 07/OH/014
SCOTT-RUSSELL, Pat Chairman of the Women’s Section of the British Legion in Wadhurst 16/AM/105
SCOUTS Adult recruitment to the Scout Movement 11/AM/073
SCRAG OAK Sale through Knight Frank 2013 Apr 14/EB/013
SCREEN IN CHURCH Dedication of Memorial Screen and West Porch Furnishings. 1959 05/AM/011
SELLENS, Frank – COURIER REPORTER Article in the Kent and Sussex Courier 2014 Feb 14 14/PR/020
SEWELL FAMILY Photographs 1947 and 1952 14/PH/046
SEWING McCall’s Pattern 8651 1985 04/AM/042
SEWING Pattern 2916 1976-1978 04/AM/043
SEWING Pattern 3481 1962 04/AM/044
SEWING McCall’s Pattern 7625 1968 05/AM/014
SEWING Personality Pattern Service 05/AM/015
SEWING McCall’s Pattern 7082 1963 05/AM/016
SEWING Simplicity Pattern 2894, date c 1960, price 3/- 1960 06/AM/010
SEWING Simplicity Pattern 6845 1965-1966 06/AM/044
SEWING Simplicity Pattern 2917 1965-66 06/AM/051
SEWING Le-Roy Pattern 3189 1960 06/AM/052
SEWING Simplicity Pattern 5322 1962 06/AM/053
SEWING Weldon Pattern 8193 1962 06/AM/054
SEWING McCall’s Pattern 8833 1968-1970 07/AM/023
SEWING Simplicity Pattern 3115 1968-1970 07/AM/024
SEWING McCall’s Pattern 7066 1962 08/AM/003
SEWING Simplicity Pattern 5312 1964- 1965 08/AM/025
SEWING Simplicity Pattern 6845, 1966 09/AM/022
SEWING Butterick  Pattern 9768 1962-1963 09/AM/029
SEWING McCall’s  Pattern 7043 1966 09/AM/030
SEWING McCall’s  Pattern 4779 1975 09/AM/031
SEWING Simplicity pattern 2797 1958-1960 10/AM/022
SEWING Simplicity  Pattern 7163 1975-1976 10/AM/056
SEWING Woman’s Realm Pattern 392 1966-1970 10/AM/057
SEWING Simplicity Pattern 3426, 1958-59 11/AM/010
SEWING Butterick PATTERN 2916 1971 11/AM/012
SEWING Style Pattern 28 11/AM/016
SHANT, SNAPE WOOD Sepia Postcard published by Casterton 10/EB/002
SHANT, SNAPE WOOD Sepia Postcard published by Casterton 10/PH/001
SHOPS and BUSINESSES Extracts from Kelly’s Directories 08/AM/022
SHOPS AND SERVICES 2nd World War 1940-1948 05/AM/005
SHOPS AND SERVICES In 2nd World War 07/AM/031
SHOPS AND SERVICES 7 sheets featuring various trades, shops and services in Wadhurs of various dates from c 1915. 1915 11/AM/079
SILVER JUBILEE Programmes 1977 Jun 04-05 16/AM/086
SKID KIDS Photograph of 12 youngsters = Skid Kids, probably around 1949 – 1951 1949-1951 11/PH/001
SKILTON, Ruth Oral History Interview 2004 04/OH/015
SKINNER, Martha and George Photograph 1890 13/PH/014
SLAUGHTER, Father CHARLES Booklet 2013 14/AM/018
SMUGGLERS IN SUSSEX List of research sources 10/AM/069
SMYTHERMAN, Dot British Empire Medal 2014 14/AM/014
SNAPE and WASHWELL LANE Photos (2) of Snape and Washwell Lane 16/PH/017
SNAPE BARN W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1999 13/AM/244
SNAPE MINE, The  (August 1857 – September 1858)    TQ 634302 Article prepared by Gwyn Skae and held by the IndAg task group. 1857-1858 06/IA/001
SNAPE WOOD Surveys 2002 13/AM/036
SOCIAL CLUB 1966 14/PH/021
SOCIAL CLUB TROPHIES’ PRESENTATION NIGHT 1985 Most members identified 1985 12/PH/002
SOCIAL CLUB,  WADHURST 4 coloured photographs taken of the wooden Awards boards 12/PH/023
SOUTH DOWNS NATIONAL PARK Countryside Agency 2001 04/AM/028
SOUTH PARK Later became Wadhurst College 1877 13/EB/001
SPARROWS GREEN Copies of 7 pictures showing Hope Cottage and Sparrows Green 11/PH/004
SPARROWS GREEN Phopos- sepia copies 12/PH/048
ST JAMES’ SQUARE Postcard 1917 04/PH/004
St JAMES’ SQUARE Photo of old coaches 1930s? 16/PH/020
STAN COSHAM Photograph 2005 13/PH/053
STATION Pictures – car and  Railway Hotel 12/PH/051
STATION Photograph of Goods Train moving towards photographer 1936 12/PH/053
STEP STILE  – BLACKSMITH’S LANE Postcard of Donkey Steps 1949 12/PH/038
STEVENSON, Revd Leslie C An account of his personal experiences on the day of the interment of King Edward VII 1910 13/AM/051
STONEGATE AMATEUR DRAMATIC SOCIETY Programme for the production of The Mikado 2010 May 11/AM/094
STONEGATE NOTES Booklet 1967 07/AM/045
STONEGATE SCHOOL Cyril H Tedman, the oldest former pupil? 1940 06/AM/049
STONEGATE SCHOOL Register and War Book for December 1942 1942 07/AM/021
STONEGATE SCHOOL Evacuation of pupils from Stonegate: 07/AM/034
STONEGATE SINGERS Programme of 12th December 2010 2010 11/AM/050
STONEGATE SINGERS Programme at 5pm in Stonegatre Church 2010 Dec 12th 11/AM/110
STORY OF WADHURST, The Lecture given in Wadhurst School by Mrs Rhys Davids 11/AM/087
STRIKE EDITION 1926 Copy of Kent and Sussex Courier edition of Friday, May 7, 1926 1926 10/AM/026
STRUTT FAMILY William 1827 – 191, Margaret 1904 – 2003 13/AM/044
SUFFRAGETTE BELL Brass bell 15/NP/017
SUFFRAGETTE LADY Plaster statuette of a bonneted lady 15/NP/018
SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL Poster (sold out) for Lazzmatazz with Michael Fields and Ansy Boothroyd. 11/AM/091
SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL Programme, dated 12th July 2008. 2008 11/AM/097
SUMMER TIME Press cutting (undated) Undated 04/AM/020
SUNDAY TELEGRAPH 50th Anniversary Souvenir 1951-2001 11/AM/081
SUTTON, James (veterinary surgeon) Interview and notes by Heather  Woodward on 21st February 2007. 07/OH/012
TAPPINGTON GRANGE 1st World War 14/AM/165
TAPPINGTON GRANGE 1st World War – Copy of Certificate expressing official gratitude to the former VAD Hospital. 14/AM/166
TAPPINGTON GRANGE ESTATE Auction Catalogue issued by IBBETT, MOSELY, CARD and Company 1952 04/EB/002
TASK FORCE TREES Countryside Commission Action Pack 1987 04/AM/021
TENNIS COURTS Re-surfacing 2011 13/AM/162
THATCHER, Margaret 12-page photographic souvenir 1990 Nov 23 14/PR/028
THE DAY WADHURST CHANGED Proof-reader’s copy of the draft copy of The Day Wadhurst Changed – Friday 20th January  1956 1956 06/AM/057
THE GREAT STORM Souvenir edition of the Kent and Sussex Courier 1987 13/AM/034
THE LODGE Sale through Knight Frank 2013 Apr 14/EB/014
THEATRE Posters advertising the Rude Mechanical Theatre Company 2014 Aug 13 14/AM/155
THEATRE Large coloured poster advertising The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company 2013 Aug 13 14/AM/156
THEN AND NOW Cupplement to the Kent and Sussex Courier /Chronicle.  No descriptions but pictures of Then and Now 1989 August 14/PR/018
TICEHURST HOUSE Account of The Vineyard, the home of Samuel Newington,  now Ticehurst House 13/AM/008
TICEHURST HOUSE HOSPITAL Private lunatic asylum which opened in 1792 1792+ 08/AM/029
TICEHURST SCHOOL Partially filled writing book 1956 16/AM/044
TICEHURST SCHOOL Carol Service Sheet 1952 16/AM/096
TICEHURST SCHOOL Invitation to the opening of the new school 2005 16/AM/097
TICEHURST SCHOOL Class register 16/AM/098
TICEHURST SCHOOL Photo Album 16/PH/009
TICEHURST SCHOOL GARDENERS Official sepia photograph of boys and masters 1940s C 16/PH/002
TIDEBROOK W.A.S.P. re possible development at The Granary, Badger’s Hill, Tidebrook 1989 13/AM/211
TIDEBROOK CHURCH OF ST JOHN THE BAPTIST Various documents 1856-1956 10/AM/067
TIDEBROOK MANOR Advertisement for the sale of Tidebrook Manor – (date unknown) 11/EB/008
TIDEBROOK SCHOOL Photograph 13/PH/019
TIDEBROOK SCHOOL Log-Book 1902-1945 14/AM/151
TIDEBROOK SCHOOL 70th Anniversary Souvenir 2014 14/AM/152
TIDEBROOK SCHOOL Booklet entitled All About God 16/AM/072
TILSLEY,  Norman H. Headteacher of Wadhurst School. 10/AM/009
TIME AND TIDE North Sea Surge, Environment agency publication 2003 04/AM/024
TINCOMBE, Ena Interviewed November 2005  –  tape recording available from Ind/Ag 1949 on 05/OH/009
TOLLHOUSE Photograph 13/PH/065
TOMPSETT, Nellie Oral History Interview with Mrs Nellie TOMPSETT – recording available 2005 05/OH/004d
TOMPSETT/CALLAWAY  FAMILY 2 sheets of copies of photographs 10/PH/007
TOOTH , Edward Tankard engraved “Edward Tooth, Queen’s Head Inn, Wadhurst 14/NP/011
TOY PATTERNS Booklet of patterns 1970C 16/AM/043
TREFOIL GUILD Article and Photo about book Wadhurst Looking Back on the 20th Century 1999 Jan 16/AM/040
TREFOIL GUILD Photos of various Trefoil events 1990, 1991, 1998 16/PH/014
TREVOR, Elizabeth Oral History Interview of Miss Elizabeth Trevor 2005 05/OH/001
TUNBRIDGE WELLS WEST STATION Kent and Sussex Courier article on demolition for supermarket (Sainsbury’s) and a railway Museum 1989 Jul 07 14/AM/182
TUNBRIDGE WELLS WEST STATION Kent and Sussex Courier reprint showing steam locomotives in the engine shed 1963 14/AM/185
TUNBRIDGE: Tim Picture from Kent and Sussex Courier, undated, headed The Table Tennis Finalists 11/AM/068
TUNBRIDGE’ STORES – SPARROWS GREEN Copies of three photographs from the archives of the Tunbridge Family 11/PH/003
TWEEDLEY (née Skilton), Nora Handwritten notes by Val Tunbridge of conversations re Wadhurst with her mother –  9 pages, stapled 06/OH/035
TWEEDLEY FAMILY (a) 1940 in Wadhurst and (b) 1963 in Birmingham. 14/PH/020
TWEEDLEY, F. 14/AM/028
TWEEDLEY, Nora Oral History Interview  – recording available 2004 04/OH/006
TWEEDLEY, Nora Family reminiscences and memories of Wadhurst 10/AM/048
TWEEDLEY:  NORA Family reminiscences and memories of Wadhurst 10/AM/052
UPLANDS COLLEGE Examination results 2014 Aug 14/AM/174
UPLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE Options for the curriculum 2001 – 2003 15/AM/001
UPLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE Application for Technology College status 2001 March 15/AM/002
UPLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE Specialist School status 2001 2001 15/AM/003
UPLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE Draft notes headed “Specialist Schools 2002 2002 15/AM/004
UPLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE Spiral binder – Annual report 2004 15/AM/005
VANE VF Statement for treee felling 1987 Dec 14 16/AM/075
VE/VJ  CELEBRATIONS Workers Playtime – Dramatic Club Music Hall 2005 14/PH/003
VICTORIA INSTITUTE Picture 1899 08/AM/031
VICTORIAN SCHOOLROOM Victorian booklet 14/AM/121
VICTORIAN WADHURST Article published in Kent and Sussex Courier of 3rd February 2006, 2006 11/AM/013
VICTORIAN WORKHOUSE Victorian booklet 14/AM/122
VICTORY SOUVENIR 19th June 1946 pages 7 – 10 of the Sunday Pictorial 1946 05/AM/012
VILLAGE SIGN 2013 14/AM/041
VINE, Colin (Husband of Charlotte Sande-Vine) Memorial Service 2014 February 14/AM/088
VOTES FOR WOMEN Hand-written extract from Mrs Pankhurst’s speech 11th March 1910. 1910 10/AM/030
W.A.S.P FRANT 1998 13/AM/118
W.A.S.P Frant Court 1998-1999 13/AM/195
W.A.S.P. Correspondence 13/AM/105
W.A.S.P. Castle Walk 1995-1997 13/AM/106
W.A.S.P. Membership 1997? 13/AM/107
W.A.S.P. Betting Shop correspondence 13/AM/110
W.A.S.P. Castle Walk 1996 13/AM/111
W.A.S.P. Castle Walk 1998 13/AM/112
W.A.S.P. Documents 2001-2002 13/AM/113
W.A.S.P. Newsletters 1998-2001 13/AM/115
W.A.S.P. Minutes 1993-1997 13/AM/116
W.A.S.P. Minutes 1994-2004 13/AM/117
W.A.S.P. Correspondence 13/AM/121
W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1991 13/AM/122
W.A.S.P. Correspondence 13/AM/123
W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1997 13/AM/124
W.A.S.P. CORRESPONDENCE re BUDGENS ‘98 1997-1998 13/AM/125
W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1982 13/AM/126
W.A.S.P. RECEIPTS 2002 – 2005. 13/AM/127
W.A.S.P. ACCOUNTS 1981-2005 13/AM/130
W.A.S.P. Letter 1978 13/AM/131
W.A.S.P. Stationery 13/AM/132
W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1993 13/AM/133
W.A.S.P. Correspondence 1993 13/AM/134
W.A.S.P. Letter 1993 13/AM/136
W.A.S.P. Job Descriptions 1994 13/AM/137
W.A.S.P. Letter 1999 13/AM/138
W.A.S.P. Budgens’ proposed developmen 1997-1998 13/AM/146
W.A.S.P. Receipts 2002-2005 13/AM/194
W.A.S.P. Reeds Farm – correspondence 1999 13/AM/196
W.A.S.P. Hewlye Farm (formerly Monks Farm), Buckland Hill, Cousley Wood 13/AM/197
W.A.S.P. Caps Nursery 13/AM/198
W.A.S.P. AONB proposal in Mayfield 13/AM/202
W.A.S.P. Correspondence



W.A.S.P. General correspondence 13/AM/232
W.A.S.P. Documents 13/AM/257
W.A.S.P. Photographs of Traffic Congestion 1998 13/PH/050a
W.A.S.P. CONSTITUTION Background information to WASP 13/AM/104
WACE FAMILY • Descendants of Richard Henr WaceE, son of Richard Wace 1947 Oct 14/AM/119
WADHURS TOC H FOOTBALL CLUB Log  Book  1954 – 1973 1954-1973 10/AM/003
WADHURS TOC H FOOTBALL CLUB Minute  Book  1954 – 1973 1954-1973 10/AM/005
WADHURST Official Guide of 1967 1967 04/AM/032
WADHURST 3 unusual photographs of Wahurst taken by Hugh Orchard 06/PH/008
WADHURST Press cutting “180 Archæologists visited Wadhurst” 11/AM/035
WADHURST Hard-backed undated book of pictures, entitled Wadhurst, published by F J Baker, High Street. 11/PH/002
WADHURST 3 pictures of Wadhurst 11/PH/009
WADHURST 4 un-used postcards (black and white): 12/PH/019
WADHURST 20 page programme for 750th anniversary of the granting of the Charter 2003 13/AM/005
WADHURST Kelly’s Directory 1911 13/AM/040
WADHURST Kelly’s Directory 1913 13/AM/055
WADHURST General background 2002 13/AM/081
WADHURST Wadhurst Conservation Area Designation and Management Reports 13/AM/109
WADHURST Directory of Community Information. 1993 13/AM/114
WADHURST Open Day for organisations and societies 13/AM/152
WADHURST 2013 14/AM/008
WADHURST Brochure entitled:  “Your Wadhurst” 2014 Summer 14/AM/107
WADHURST 2008 14/PH/009
WADHURST 2009 14/PH/010
WADHURST 2010 14/PH/011
WADHURST Kent and Sussex Courier – various 1940 Apr 26 14/PR/039
WADHURST Leaflet with adverts 16/AM/064
WADHURST – AT WAR 3 articles about BOB CARPENTER 1943 09/AM/006
WADHURST – AT WAR 3 articles about Bob Carpenter 1943 09/PH/005
WADHURST  PARISH CHURCH Letter from the Vicar, the Revd D E Rice 13/AM/050
WADHURST (Australia) Melbourne Grammar  School 2004 04/AM/029
WADHURST (Australia) The Domain 1997 1997 04/AM/031
WADHURST : LOWER HIGH STREET Postcard – Sepia 1909 12/PH/008
WADHURST 1907 – 1927 Early Memories of Wadhurst 1907-1927 10/AM/047
WADHURST BONFIRE NIGHT Guy Fawkes Celebrations 1953 04/AM/001
WADHURST BOYS 1961c 14/PH/019
WADHURST BRASS BAND Programme of 27th March 2010 2010 11/AM/049
Wadhurst BRASS BAND Christmas concert 2013, 07 September 14/AM/034
WADHURST BRASS BAND Poppy Concert Programme 2015 Oct 03 16/AM/018
WADHURST CASTLE 2 Press cuttings: (27th December 1994 and 13th January 1995):  Kent and Sussex Courier 11/EB/010
WADHURST CASTLE Courier article 2011 Oct 23 13/AM/166
WADHURST CASTLE W.A.S.P. Documents re the conversion of the castle to a golf clubhouse 1990 13/AM/201
WADHURST CASTLE Postcard 1910 13/PH/012
WADHURST CHARTER Copy of the Charter for a Market & Fair at Wadhurst to the Archbishop of Canterbury 1253 04/AM/015
WADHURST CHARTER Programme of the Historic Pageant 1953 06/AM/016
WADHURST CHARTER Programme of all the Week-end’s events. 2003 10/AM/007
WADHURST CHARTER 1253 Photographs 13/PH/021
WADHURST CHARTER WEEK Catalogue donated by Bryan Bell. 1253 – 1953 04/AM/002
WADHURST CHARTER WEEK Copy of Newspaper Poster 2003 04/AM/003
WADHURST CHARTER WEEK Article -Kent and Sussex Courier 2003 04/AM/004
WADHURST CHARTER WEEK Three Press Articles 1253 – 2003 04/AM/005
WADHURST CHARTER WEEK Press Article 1253 – 2003 04/AM/006
WADHURST CHARTER WEEK Wadhurst Community News 2003 04/AM/007
WADHURST CHARTER WEEK 1953 Catalogue 1953 06/AM/013
WADHURST CHORAL SOCIETY Programme of a Concert 1956 Apr 28 13/AM/002
WADHURST CHORALE and CHURCH ORCHESTRA Programme for a concert given in the Wadhurst Parish Church 2003 04/AM/008
WADHURST COLLEGE Parish Council article on proposed development of former Wadhurst College 2014 February 14/AM/082
WADHURST COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT Courier page dated 29th June 2001 10/AM/055
WADHURST CULTURE Wadhurst Culture and Artmusic leaflet 2014-15 14/AM/150
WADHURST DIARY An extensive diary kept from July to December. 2010 09/WP/001
WADHURST DIARY An very extensive diary kept from July to December. 2010 09/WP/002
WADHURST DIARY A hand-written, intermittent diary kept from July to December. 2010 09/WP/006
WADHURST DIARY A hand-written, intermittent diary kept from July to December. 2010 09/WP/007
WADHURST DIARY An occasional diary kept from July to December. 2010 09/WP/008
WADHURST DIARY Occasional hand-written notes,  kept from July to December. 2010 09-WP-013
WADHURST DIARY Complete typed diary, kept from January to December: 10/WP/002
WADHURST DIARY Hand-written occasional diary,  kept from January to December: 10/WP/006
WADHURST DIARY Typed occasional diary,  kept from April to January: 10/WP/008
WADHURST DIARY Hand-written diary,  kept from January to June: 10/WP/009
WADHURST DIARY Hand-written occasional diary,  kept from July to December 10/WP/010
WADHURST DIARY Occasional typed diary, kept from July to December 10/WP/011
WADHURST DIARY Hand-written occasional diary,  kept from January to March: 10/WP/013
WADHURST DRAMATIC CLUB Production of Oliver 2008 08/AM/027
WADHURST DRAMATIC CLUB Old Time Music Hall  – 2 Photos Undated 09/PH/006
WADHURST DRAMATIC CLUB Programme 2006 13/AM/013
WADHURST DRAMATIC CLUB Reviews of two shows 1988 Oct, 1999 Jan 16/AM/144
WADHURST DRAMATIC CLUB Programme for Old Mother Weepy 1963 16/AM/145
WADHURST DRAMATIC CLUB Pictures (2) from My Three Angels 1983 Oct 16/AM/147
WADHURST DRAMATIC CLUB The Sleeping Booty – programme and photo 1961? 16/AM/148
WADHURST FOOTBALL CLUB Black and white photograph 1950s 14/PH/044
WADHURST FROM 1944 Reminiscences of Miss Gilian Briggs of Durgates. 1944+ 07/AM/019
WADHURST GIRLS 1957 August 14/PH/022
WADHURST GIRLS’ CLUB CONCERT Photograph of concert held probably in 1956. 1956 09/AM/001
WADHURST GIRLS’ CLUB PARTY Photograph 1958 04/PH/003
WADHURST Hall Murrieta Family 1871-1872 13/EB/002
WADHURST HALL/ PARK and DREWE FAMILY Correspondence and pictures 13/AM/009
WADHURST HIGH STREET Documents relating to two properties on the south side of the High Street, 05/EB/001opposite the Clock House. Excludes the premises currently occupied by Hair Workshop 1735, 1780, 1801, 1817,1829 05/EB/001
WADHURST HISTORY CENTRE 2012 January 20 14/AM/064
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY Invitation to a meeting in order to gauge interest in the possible formation of a History Society. 2003 04/AM/046
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY Piano Recital 2010 11/AM/089
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY 3 Photos connected to the publication of The Day Wadhurst Changed 2006 12/PH/009
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY Newspaper article about Wadhurst Back in Time 2011 13/AM/033
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY Annual General Meeting 2011 2011 13/AM/067
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY Flyer/Poster for the WHS Garden Party 2014 14/AM/112
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY Poster for Wadhurst History Society outing to the Weald and Downland Outdoor Museum 2014 Sep 06 14/AM/162
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY Letter from the Chairman to the Wadhurst History Society membership 2014 Mar 14/AM/202
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY Photos taken at barbecue, held at Walland Manor in 2005, 2005 14/PH/036
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY CDs of Outing to Weald and Downland Museum 2014 Sep 06 14/RE/008
WADHURST HISTORY SOCIETY BARBECUE Photograph of Wadhurst History Society Summer Barbecue 2006 12/PH/029
WADHURST HOUSING From the Parish Church Council Minutes of 6th May 1928. 1928 09/AM/007
WADHURST IN EARLIER TIMES Photographs 1850c 13/PH/024
WADHURST IN THE 50’s Memories of Wadhurst written by Michael Toynbee about the 1950s. 1950s 11/AM/021
WADHURST IN THE SNOW 27 photographs taken by Chris Ring 2010 January 11/PH/008
WADHURST IN THE SNOW Pictures 2013 13/PH/071
WADHURST MARKET History of the Wadhurst Market 08/AM/004
WADHURST NEWS 8 page booklet produced by the old Wadhurst families. 09/AM/015
WADHURST NEWS Wadhurst newspaper articles 1951 15/PR/021
WADHURST PAGEANT Full script of the Wadhurst Pageant 07/AM/032
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Dedication of Memorial Screen and Porch Fittings 1959 10/AM/046
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Heraldry in Wadhurst Church y R W E Harper 11/AM/100
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Postcard 1904 12/PH/004
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Photostat of postcard 1901 12/PH/030
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Pamphlet about the Church and photo of Canon Jeremy James 13/AM/077
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Photograph of newly confirmed candidtes – outside the Parish Chrch, most are named 1965 Feb 14/PH/023
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Photo of flower display 16/PH/021
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH  – FOCUS Dated June 2003 price 30p 2003 10/AM/014
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH  MAGAZINE   later called Focus Dated April 1963. 1963 10/AM/013
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH MEMORIAL CHAPEL Service sheet for the ceremony of dedication 1949 Nov 08 16/AM/092
WADHURST PARISH COUNCIL Wadhurst wants to Acquire Playfield – Press cutting undated 04/AM/019
WADHURST PARISH GUIDE 14 page booklet sponsored by Humberts [Estate Agents]  in July 2008. 2008 09/AM/021
WADHURST PARISH NEWS 2 editions 1930 04/AM/033
WADHURST PARISH NEWS Two editions of 1956 and 1958 1956 and 1958 04/AM/035
WADHURST PARISH NEWS Now called Focus 1968,1969,170 04/AM/036
WADHURST PARISH NEWS Now called Focus 1971 04/AM/037
WADHURST PARISH NEWS Now called Focus 1971-1976 04/AM/038
WADHURST PARISH NEWS Now called Focus 1986-1987 04/AM/039
WADHURST PARISH NEWS Now called Focus 1988-1989 04/AM/040
WADHURST PARISH NEWS Now called Focus 2002-2003 04/AM/041
WADHURST PARISH NEWS 4 Editions 1939 06/AM/012
WADHURST PARISH PLAN 2008 introduction by the Chairman of the Wadhurst Parish Council, Christopher Price 2008 08/AM/028
WADHURST PARK History of Wadhurst Park 2003 04/EB/001
WADHURST PARK INVITATION Fund-Raising lecture 2004 10/AM/015
WADHURST PARK/ WADHURST HALL – THE NEW HOUSE Description and pictures of the house designed for  Dr and Mrs Hans Rausing 1986 11/EB/011
WADHURST POEM Poem entitled  Back in Time 10/AM/045
WADHURST POSTCARDS 10 sepia postcards showing various views of Wadhurst 11/AM/076
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Choir success in Tunbridge Wells Music Festival 1934?/36 1934-1936 07/AM/035
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Copy of photograph – most pupils named 1949 10/PH/003
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Copy of Photograph of Class 2 in 1951 1951 10/PH/004
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL 1950 Photograph of Class 1 (photocopy) – at what is now Youth Centre. 10/PH/012
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Photograph of Class  (photocopy) at what is now Youth Centre. 10/PH/013
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Copy of school log book pages, numbered 79 to 120, double-sided 1939-1947 11/AM/062
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Children asked to answer 5 questions 11/WP/021
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Photograph 1951c 13/PH/052
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Photographs – various 1962 13/PH/054
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Photographs – various 1959-1960 13/PH/055
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Nine pages about the School, compiled by M E Walker 1982-1984 16/AM/038
WADHURST SCHOOL Photographs 1902 13/PH/062
WADHURST SCHOOL Photograph 1888-1889 13/PH/063
WADHURST SCHOOL Wadhurst School Inspectors’ Report 1844 14/AM/110
WADHURST SCHOOL REPORT Inspection report 1844 Jul 01 16/AM/085
WADHURST SCHOOLS Photographs – various 1905-1906c 13/PH/056
WADHURST SCHOOLS Photograph 1903c 13/PH/057
WADHURST SCHOOLS Photograph 1905c 13/PH/058
WADHURST SCHOOLS Photograph 1905c 13/PH/060
WADHURST SOCIETIES Clubs, Societies and Businesses of Wadhurst flyer 2014 14/AM/111
WADHURST SOCIETIES Come and Meet Us exhibition at Uplands. 2014 14/AM/241
WADHURST STATION Copy of a postcard showing Wadhurst Station 12/PH/014
WADHURST STATION Photograph 1912 13/PH/046
WADHURST STATION IN THE 1930s and EARLY 1940s Memories of Rosemary Pope:  March 2007 and a Sketch of the Station at the time. 1930 onwards 07/AM/005
WADHURST TANKER A Tanker called Wadhurst – article and picture 1970 Oct 23 14/AM/157
WADHURST TOWN of the HIGH WEALD written by Alan Savidge and Oliver Mason 11/AM/006
WADHURST TOWN of the HIGH WEALD written by Alan Savidge and Oliver Mason 11/AM/007
WADHURST TWINNING ASSOCIATION Gazette dated Winter 2003. Issue 9. 2003 13/AM/014
WADHURST U3A 2013 April 14/AM/042
WADHURST UNITED CHARITIES Schedules of deeds 1889-1966 13/AM/193
WADHURST VIEW Postcard – The Stream (Sepia) 1948 12/PH/006
WADHURST VIEW Postcard Churchgate House with Parish Church behind 12/PH/010
WADHURST VIEW Postcard   Stonebridge.  The Glen. 190? 12/PH/012
WADHURST VIEW –  HIGH STREET Postcard showing Clock House on left, Queen’s Head on right 190? 12/PH/011
WADHURST VIEWS Group of black and white views of Wadhurst on cream card. Undated 06/AM/009
WADHURST VIEWS Group of black and white views of Wadhurst on cream card. 06/PH/001
WADHURST VIEWS Group of black and white views of Wadhurst on cream card. 06/PH/006
WADHURST VIEWS Pell Green, Shovers Green and possiblyWallcrouch 1903C 13/PH/008
WADHURST WALKS Pamphlet 13/AM/076
WADHURST WANDERERS SPORTS CLUB Minute Book  1954 – 1973 1954-1959 10/AM/004
WADHURST WI Invitation 2016 Feb 16/AM/101
WADHURST YOUNG WIVES GROUP Documents and Minutes Book 1967-1970 09/AM/012
WADHURST, DEVELOPMENT IN Langham Farm 1973,1974 13/CO/018
WADHURST, DEVELOPMENT IN Mayfield Park 1973,1974 13/CO/019
WADHURST, DEVELOPMENT IN Wadhurst Park 1972-1973 13/CO/020
WADHURST, DEVELOPMENT IN Jonas Lane 1974 13/CO/022
WADHURST, OLD Photocopies of article onWadhurst from the Courier, dated 12th June 1970. 1900, 1910 06/PH/014
WADHURST:  TOWN OF THE HIGH WEALD Correspondence between Oliver Mason and others 11/AM/009
WADHURST: A BOOKLET 7 pages of description of Wadhurst 1927 11/AM/030
WADHURST: TUNE COPY OF THE HYMN TUNE: WADHURST The Musical Salvationist 1958 11/AM/096
WALK, The Postcards 1917 12/PH/037
WALLAND MANOR Survey 1534+ 13/EB/005
WAR GRAVES   –  STONEGATE Note to the Imperial War Graves Commission 06/AM/038
WAR MEMORIAL Correspondence 07/AM/033
WAR MEMORIAL Unveiling Ceremony of the War Memorial Service Sheet 1921 May 08 14/AM/153
WAR MEMORIALS Profiles by Ken Jones of the men who are not recorded on any of the Wadhurst War Memorials 12/AM/016
WAR WORK CONCERT Copy of programme of Concert held in 31st August 1915 1915 12/AM/014
WARDSBROOK FARM (TICEHURST) Auction Catalogue 11/AM/051
WARREN’S COACHES Damaged copy of advertising information about Warren’s Coaches of Ticehurst. 1919 onwards 11/AM/070
WATER SUPPLIES W.A.S.P.  Letter 13/AM/233
WEALDEN IRON RESEARCH GROUP AGM Report and minutes, plan of Pashley Forge Pond 2014 14/AM/116
WEATHER  –  FLOODING An article – possibly the Kent and Sussex Courier 1968 Sep 14 14/PR/010
WEATHER – EXTREME Group of newspapers and cuttings 1980-1990s 14/PR/011
WEATHER – FLOODING Article headed: Heroes of Flooding Disaster 1960? 14/PR/016
WEATHER:  BIG FREEZE Kent and Sussex Courier article with photos 1963 January 14/PR/009
WEDDING Order of Service – Anthony Richards and Lesley Mayo 2010 11/AM/092
WEDDING Oliver Morris/Stephanie Beames, Order of Service 2009 11/AM/098
WEDDING Service conducted by Revd. Jeremy James in the Parish Church 2008 13/AM/096d
WEDDING Vanessa Ramm to Simon and Sophia Nunn to Marc Churchouse 2009 Aug 13/AM/144
WEDDING 2014 Aug 01 14/AM/170
WEDDING Marriage Service sheet from Carol Turner and Mark Ballett 2014 Jul 12 14/AM/171
WEDDINGS Lucy Curtis and James Thain 2008,2009 13/AM/102
WEDDINGS Samantha Prince and Andrew Brockman 2009 13/AM/103
WEDDINGS Helen and David, Joanne Brooks and Timothy Spencer 2009 13/AM/145
WEDDINGS Mark and Liann, Kate Piltham and James Smit 2010,2011 13/AM/147
WEDDINGS Georgina and Richard 2010 13/AM/148
WEDDINGS Rachel Taylor and Matthew Rees, Faye Hemsley and Richard Flood 2011 13/AM/149
WEDDINGS Alice Baker and Edward Ataii 2011 13/AM/150
WELCH, Richard Henry A service of thanksgiving 10/AM/068
WENBANS Daily Telegraph article by Sarah Lonsdale 2001-2003? Jun 16 12/EB/001
WESLEY GUIDE SYLLABUSES Various Syllabuses from 1950 – 1969 1950-1969 06/AM/015
WESTWOOD HOUSE Brochure for the sale of Westwood House, Faircrouch Lane, Station Road 11/EB/015
WHILIGH INTERVIEW WITH JON HARDCASTLE Interview of John Hardcastle 2004 04/IA/001
WHILIGH OAK Whiligh Oak for Westminster Hall? 10/AM/054
WHITBREADS HOP FARM Souvenir illustrated brochure 1981 08/AM/017
WHITTY FAMILY at DEWHURST Handwritten – undated note about the Whitty Family. 11/AM/057
WHS ADVERTISING WHS Poster giving the dates and times of the BBC Sussex radio broadcast 2014 Aug 08 14/AM/169
WHS NEWSLETTERS INDEX Index of subject and talks 2003-2015 16/AM/100
WHS PUBLICATION Article from the Kent and Sussex Courier 08/AM/020
WHS PUBLICATION Photo of the 3 authors of the Publication Wadhurst in the Second World War 08/PH/005
WHS PUBLICATIONS List of WHS publications 14/AM/168
WICKER, Peter Tenant’s Rent Card: 1947-1948 05/AM/010
WICKER, Peter Interview by Gwyn Skae 2007 Sep 07/OH/021
WILLET  WALL TABLET –  IN PARISH CHURCH Photograph of wall tablet 1742 12/PH/016
WILLIAM CRAIG-MAIR ,  MARY IRENE LAMPLUGH,   PETER DAVID MINCHIN Three Orders of Service of Thanksgiving. 2006 11/AM/011
WILLIAM WALLIS Will 1767 Aug 31 13/AM/171
WILLIAMS, Lt THOMAS Aubers Ridge, Battle of 1915, May 14/AM/039
WILSON, Chris Flyer for the Wadhurst School of Motoring 14/AM/180
WILSON, Maurice Licence to sell postage stampsand Excise Licence 1965/66 Retailer’s Off-Licence 1963 & 1965 14/AM/179
WILSON, Maurice Justice’s licence issued through the Session House, Mark Cross, 1969 Feb 04 14/AM/181
WINDMILL Postcard 1906 12/PH/049
WINDMILL Riseden 1979 13/IA/007
WINDMILL WOOD,  MAYFIELD LANE W.A.S.P. re possible sale of Windmill Wood, off Mayfield Lane. 1989 13/AM/212
WINSTON CHURCHILL Illustrated London News Book tribute to Winston Churchill 1954 14/PR/040a
WOODS GREEN Correspondence from Maurice Wilson to the Brighton Magistrates’ Court about the proposed change to the name of Wood’s Green. 2008 08/AM/030
WOODS GREEN – GATEHOUSE FARM Abstracts of the Deeds 1872-1966 16/AM/037
WOOL FAIR Cutting from the Kent and Sussex Courier relating to the Wadhurst Wool Fair 2014 Aug 14/AM/172
WORLD WAR 2 BOMBS Photographs 13/AM/011
WORLD WARS, 1st and 2nd Copies of the two centre cards put on the two wreaths 2014 Aug 04 14/AM/205
WRIGHT , Arthur Mr Wright’s photographs of Wadhurst 14/PH/001
WRIGHT, Arthur Photographs of Wadhurst 14/PH/002
WRIGHT, Arthur 28 copies of Mr Wright’s photographs of Wadhurst 14/PH/002a
WRIGHT, Margaret Reminiscences 1947-1954 10/AM/001
WRIGHT, Margaret Reminiscences 1947-1954 13/AM/068
YEW TREE COTTAGE Mortgage 1851-1852 13/EB/015
YOUNG, Len 1946-1989 14/AM/024
YOUR WADHURST Edition of magazine 2015 Dec 15/AM/186
YOUTH CENTRE Kent and Sussex Courier article. 13/AM/063