The Day Wadhurst Changed – Friday 20th January 1956

tdwc[1]The three authors have provided a detailed account of the traumatic crash of an RAF Meteor jet which caused the deaths of four people and physically altered the historic centre of Wadhurst. Readers will also learn about Wadhurst before the crash, how the effects of the crash were tackled by the various services and what happened to many residents.

Paperback, published 2006, 12 chapters, 158 pages, with many photos and illustrations, complete with index and appendex.

Written by Michael Harte, Rachel Ring and Heather Woodward.

Price £9.00 + p&p £3.50

May be purchased from:

The Wadhurst History Centre – (Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10.00 -12.30)

Barnett’s Books, High Street, Wadhurst, TN5 6AA  Tel: 01892 783566,

Or by sending a cheque for the correct amount made out to Wadhurst History Society to:

Wadhurst History Society, Commemoration Hall, High Street, Wadhurst, TN5 6AP   Tel: 07709 296456

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