ESRO Church Records

Deposited by the incumbent and PCC, 31 October 1961 (ACC 474), 14 July 1976 (ACC 2003), 2 November 1978 (ACC 2311), 26 October 1987 (ACC 4930), 17 August 1989 (ACC 5317), 14 December 1989 (ACC 5401), 2 June 2005 (ACC 9200), 15 July 2005 (ACC 9238), 31 October 2007 (ACC 9818)


Summary of contents


PAR498/1/1     Pre-1812 registers; 1604-1812

PAR498/1/2     Baptism registers; 1813-1975

PAR498/1/3     Marriage registers; 1813-1975

PAR498/1/4     Banns registers; 1823-1971

PAR498/1/5     Burial registers; 1813-1974

PAR498/1/5     Confirmation registers; 1935-1987

PAR498/2        Copies of registers; 1678-1979

PAR498/3        Service registers; 1887-1980

PAR498/4        Buildings; 1884-1975

PAR498/5        Institutions, inductions, licences; 1811-1965

PAR498/6        Income of the benefice; 1745-1919

PAR498/7        Other records; c1685-2003


PAR498/8        Rates; 1812-1904

PAR498/9        Accounts; 1621-1826

PAR498/10      Property; 1714-1987

PAR498/11      Other records; 1714-1963


PAR498/12      Minutes; 1855-1895


PAR498/14      Minutes; 1920-1974

PAR498/15      Accounts; 1937-2000

PAR498/16      Other records, including Carillon Cottage; 1926-2005


PAR498/21      Tithe records; 1840-1930


PAR498/24      Parish charitiers, 1670-1994


PAR498/25      Records of Wadhurst School; 1827-1892



PAR498/26      1692-1867


PAR498/28      Accounts; 1616-1617

PAR498/29      Other records; 1674-1797


PAR498/30      Rates; 1686-1822

PAR498/31      Accounts; c1700-1780

PAR498/32/1               Settlement certificates; 1672-1795

PAR498/32/2               Removal orders from parish; 1682-1795

PAR498/32/3               Removal orders to parish; 1682-1794

PAR498/32/4               Settlement examinations; 1725-1791

PAR498/33      Apprenticeship; 1681-1779

PAR498/34/1               Bastardy examinations; 1706-1792

PAR498/34/2               Warrants to arrest putative fathers; 1743-1794

PAR498/34/3               Bastardy bonds; 1694-1790

PAR498/34/4               Maintenance orders; 1719-1794

PAR498/35      Other settlement records; 1778

PAR498/36      Militia; 1769-1782

PAR498/37      Other records; 1654-c1845


Documents in PAR 498/16 which are less than 30 years old are available only with the authority of the PCC



  Incumbent: registers 1604-1987
  Early registersPAR 498/1/1/1-6 were rebound in August 1841 at the expense of the Rev Robert Barlow Gardiner of WadhurstFor a register of burials in woollen, 1678-1749 see PAR 498/2/1/1 1604-1812
PAR 498/1/1/1 General registerFolio3r – 63v  C; Mar 1604 – Apr 1629

M; Mar 1604 – Apr 1629

B; Mar 1604 – Apr 1629

1v  note of grant of licences allowing the consumption of meat at a time of abstinence to Ann Dunmoll wife of John Dunmoll, gent, in her sickness, 8 Mar 1621, and to John Hatley, vicar, in his sickness,  4 Mar 1633

2r  note of the presentation of the Rev John Hatley, born at Haslingfield in Cambridgeshire, MA, by Thomas Ainscombe the father and son, his institution by Thomas Nevill, dean of Canterbury, and induction by George Carleton [vicar of Mayfield], 21 Mar 1604; with an account of Carleton’s future career ro c1620

18r  note of the burial of Old Mother Stone, who ‘was a French woman and lived 110 years’; 15 Apr 1613

48v  Latin verse on the death and burial of Thomas Ballarde, esq; Feb 1624

49r  note that there was a great fall of snow which lasted from January to April 1624

53v  note of the burial of Thomas Edwards of London, merchant, ‘who built Faircrouch and died there in the year of the great plague’; 10 Oct 1625

63v  note that this register and particularly the memorandum on folio 64r was shown to John Smith, gent, at the time of his examination for the complainant in the case of the Rev John Willett v John Dunmoll in Exchequer; 26 Sep 1721

64r  Memorandum of the terms of the composition between the Rev John Hatley of Wadhurst and Nicholas Manser for tithes, 25 May 1625; note that this entry was shown to John Smith, gent, his wife Catherine and William Cruttall at their examinations in the case of the Rev John Willett v Thomas Dupleck, John Newington and others in the Exchequer, 10 Sep 1717

64v  Note that Joan Manser, widow, gave £22 in the hands of several debtors (named, including Thomas Baker of Wadhurst, kempster, and Thomas Manser of Wadhurst, spoonmaker), to the churchwardens in trust for her own use and that of her daughter Sarah Manser on her death or the daughter reaching 21 years; 19 Apr 1619

65-66r  list of people whipped, 1613-1623, 1633-1638

inside back cover: note of agreement between Thomas Apps and the Rev John Hatley concerning the rent by the parish of TA’s house occupied by Thomas Luck, ‘alekeeper’, 1625; note of the payment of [blank] Pocock of Sevenoaks’ legacy to the poor by John Pocock of Rotherfield; c1625

Mar 1604 – Apr 1629
PAR 498/1/1/2 General registerFolio1v – 65r  CMB; Mar 1629 – Mar 1653

1r  Note that this register was shown to John Smith and his wife Katherine at their examinations in the case of the Rev John Willett v Thomas Dupleck, John Newington and others in Exchequer, 10 Sep 1717, and in the Rev John Willett v John Dunmoll in Exchequer, 26 Sep 1721

3v  Note of the burial of John Saunder aged 105 or 112; 8 Oct 1629

8r  Note that the church steeple was ‘rent and blown up’ in a storm, as it had been c1575 and c1595; 17 Feb 1631

33r  Note of the burial of Thomas Upton `the Archimedes of Wadhurst’ who was by trade a glover, joiner, carpenter, instrument maker and a curious workman for jacks, clocks, pieces of stoves and vices for glaziers; 13 Nov 1673

34v  Note of a very infectious summer especially o the Downs; building of a gallery over the north aisle and another over the little chancel, by the care and labour of Alexander Callice, churchwarden; the wainscot in the great chancel was set up by Anthony Butcher and that the almshouses in the Bivelham and Week Quarters were built by Thomas Coleman and Thomas Diprose, overseers; 1638

38r  note that `this year was the great sea battle near unto Dover betwixt the mighty armado of Spain riding near our coasts near Deal and the Hollanders wherein that mighty armado consisting of [blank] great ships was vanquished by the Hollanders’; a stormy winter with much shipwreck; the expedition into Scotland due to the mutinies there; 1639

42v  note that the Scots entered England; 1641

46v  note of the baptism of three children of Michael Luck of Lamberhurst in 1647, 1649 and 1651

59r  note of five people whipped as vagrants; 6 Apr 1648

65r  Note that the addition of `the appropriate parish after the names of those born outside Wadhurst but baptised there that Anabaptism might not be encouraged’; 1653

65v-66v  list of paupers receiving money and clothing from the gifts of Thomas Whitfield and Susan Edwards; 1633-1638

67r  note of the erection of two seats in the church, one for the use of Mr Benge’s house (where the vicar lived) and the other for his servants; 29 Sep 1655

note that John Smith of Pell had enlarged the second pew for the use of the maid-servants of Pell; 29 Sep 1695

68v  memorandum by the Rev John Hatley of his opposition to the the appropriation of Thomas Whitfield’s legacy to abate the assessment of the taxes of the rich rather than the poor of Wadhurst, for which he suffered ‘many foul words’; 1634

annual totals of baptisms and burials, 1629-1640

Mar 1629 – Mar 1653
PAR 498/1/1/3 General registerFolio2r – 126r  CMB; Mar 1653 – Apr 1797 (M to Dec 1753 only)

1r  note of the price of the register, 43s 0d; note of examination by WB [William Burrell], 1782

2r  Note that the entries for 1653-1656 were copied from a paper register

17r  Note of the presentation and induction of John Smith of King’s College, Cambridge; 29 Mar 1662

19r  Note of an outbreak of smallpox; Aug 1664 – Jan 1665

20r  Note of the Great Fire of London; 1666

20v  Note of a raid by the Dutch and the capture of several English ships; 1667

21r  Note of the peace concluded between the Dutch, Danes, French and English; 1667

29r  Note that the steeple was struck by lightning; 2 Sep 1679

32r, v  Note of the public denunciation and excommunication of Eleanor Woodgate and Sarah Moone; 6 Jul 1684, and their penance, 5 Apr 1685

34v  Note of the invasion and proclamation of William of Orange and Mary as King and Queen; 1689

35r  Note of the coronation; 11 Apr 1689

37r  Note of the defeat of the French fleet; May 1692

37v  Note of an earthquake on 8 Sep 1692, the gift by Thomas Young to the poor of Week and Cousley Wood Quarters, and the excommunication and absolution of Edward Benge, 1693

38v  Note of the death of Queen Mary from St Anthony’s fire, smallpox and spotted fever; 28 Dec 1694

39r  Note of an attempt on the life of the King; 1696

40v  Note that John Wakeford, a disbanded soldier, died from exhaustion and exposure between Lamberhurst and Wadhurst; 29 Apr 1698

49r  Note of the presentation and induction of John Willett, fellow of Wadham College, Oxford; 8 Jun 1714

68v  Note of the presentation and induction of Samuel Bush, fellow of Wadham College, Oxford; 22 Jul 1743

74v-75r  Note by the Rev Samuel Bush concerning the change from the Julian to Gregorian calendars; Dec 1751

125v  Appointment of a seat, built in the north great gallery of the church for the use of George Courthope and his family under a vestry order of 25 Jun 1721, to GC and his heirs for ever, 26 Mar 1722; payment of £2 2s by Thomas Noakes, shopkeeper, for a vault, 23 Mar 1774

126v  Note of the gift of plate to the church by Mrs Katherine and Mrs Ann Smith, daughters of Mr John Smith of Pell, 1722; note concerning a seat for the use of Squire Hutton’s Cousleywood House occupied by Richard Wood, Dec 1729; note that the parish paid £10 10s to the Rev Bush for breaking an agreement not to assess him for the poor rate, 31 Jul 1747

127r  Note concerning the appropriation of a pew for Thomas Saunders of Little Pell and for Little Butts; 1715-1722

127v  Note concerning the appropriation of church seats for Mr Benge’s house in Couslywood Street and the owners of Chidinghurst; 13 Mar 1715

128v  List of the licences to eat meat granted by the Rev James Wilcock; Mar 1661

Mar 1653 – Apr 1797
PAR 498/1/1/4 Register of marriages and bannsFolio1-46  M and Banns Apr 1754 – Oct 1791
PAR 498/1/1/5 Register of marriages and bannsPage1-60  M; Jan 1792 – Dec 1812

1-48  Banns; Oct 1791 – Aug 1810

Oct 1791 – Dec 1812
PAR 498/1/1/6 Register of baptisms and burialsFolio1v-128v  CB; Jul 1797 – Dec 1812

120r  Note concerning the placing of two stoves in the church and the prevalence of cholera in England; 1849

120v – 122r  Memoranda of collections for various charities; 1819-1847

Jul 1797 – Dec 1812



  Baptism registers 1813-1975
PAR 498/1/2/1 Baptism register Jan 1813 – May 1838
PAR 498/1/2/2 Baptism register May 1838 – Oct 1879
PAR 498/1/2/3 Baptism register Oct 1879 – Jan 1898
PAR 498/1/2/4 Baptism register Jan 1898 – Jul 1936
PAR 498/1/2/5 Baptism register Jul 1936 – Feb 1975



  Marriage registers 1813-1975
PAR 498/1/3/1 Marriage register Jun 1813 – Jun 1837
PAR 498/1/3/2 Marriage register Jul 1837 – Jun 1867
PAR 498/1/3/3 Marriage register Jun 1867 – Oct 1899
PAR 498/1/3/4 Marriage register Oct 1899 – Apr 1915
PAR 498/1/3/5 Marriage register Apr 1915 – Apr 1930
PAR 498/1/3/6 Marriage register Jun 1930 – Mar 1945
PAR 498/1/3/7 Marriage register Apr 1945 – Apr 1958
PAR 498/1/3/8 Marriage register Jun 1958 – Mar 1975
PAR 498/1/3/9 Marriage register Apr 1975 – Jul 1989



  Banns registers 1823-1971
PAR 498/1/4/1 Banns register Dec 1823 – Jun 1834
PAR 498/1/4/2 Banns register

Missing on transfer

PAR 498/1/4/3 Banns register Jun 1849 – Aug 1863
PAR 498/1/4/4 Banns register Sep 1863 – May 1879
PAR 498/1/4/5 Banns register

Missing on transfer

PAR 498/1/4/6 Banns register Jun 1894 – Nov 1907
PAR 498/1/4/7 Banns register Nov 1907 – Apr 1935
PAR 498/1/4/8 Banns register May 1935 – Aug 1959
PAR 498/1/4/9 Banns register Sep 1959 – Mar 1971



  Burial registers 1813-1974
PAR 498/1/5/1 Burial register Jan 1813 – Oct 1852
PAR 498/1/5/2 Burial register Oct 1852 – Oct 1890
PAR 498/1/5/3 Burial register Oct 1890 – Jul 1932
PAR 498/1/5/4 Burial register Jul 1932 – Dec 1950
PAR 498/1/5/5 Burial register Dec 1950 – Feb 1974



  Confirmation registers 1935-1987
PAR 498/1/6/1 Confirmation register Mar 1935 – Feb 1965
PAR 498/1/6/2 Confirmation register Nov 1965 – Mar 1987



  Incumbent: papers relating to registers 1678-1979
  Registers of burials in woollen 1678-1825
PAR 498/2/1/1 Register of burials in woollen, re-used for accountsburials in woollen, Aug 1678 – Mar 1749accounts of sacrament money with distribution lists, 1784-1826

in reverse: Sunday School accounts, 1789-1825

at end: note of confirmation of 600 people at Wadhurst, 29 Jul 1817; accounts of money collected on briefs, 1787-1794

For other sacrament-money lists, see PAR 498/9/2, 29/4

  Marriage licences 1752-1979
PAR 498/2/2/1 Marriage licencePaul Tult of Wadhurst, bachelor and Ellis Gunter of Wadhurst, widowFormerly listed as PAR 498/5/3/1 28 Dec 1752
PAR 498/2/2/2 Marriage licenceAlexander Andrew Flockhart of Hong Kong and Juliet Lorna Parker of Lamberhurst, KentFormerly listed as PAR 498/5/3/2 20 Feb 1979



  Service registers 1887-1980
  Service registers: parish church 1887-1980
PAR 498/3/1/1 Service register Oct 1887 – Sep 1894
PAR 498/3/1/2 Service register Oct 1894 – Aug 1900
PAR 498/3/1/3 Service register Sep 1900 – Jul 1905
PAR 498/3/1/4 Service register Aug 1905 – Nov 1909
PAR 498/3/1/5 Service register

Missing on transfer

PAR 498/3/1/6 Service register Dec 1911 – Jul 1915
PAR 498/3/1/7 Service register Aug 1915 – Apr 1920
PAR 498/3/1/8 Service register Apr 1920 – Dec 1925
PAR 498/3/1/9 Service register Jan 1926 – Feb 1931
PAR 498/3/1/10 Service register Feb 1931 – Jul 1938
PAR 498/3/1/11 Service register Aug 1938 – Dec 1946
PAR 498/3/1/12 Service register Dec 1946 – Nov 1951
PAR 498/3/1/13 Service register Dec 1951 – Jul 1961
PAR 498/3/1/14 Service register Jul 1961 – Mar 1972
PAR 498/3/1/15 Service register Apr 1972 – Sep 1980
PAR 498/3/1/16 Service register Sep 1980 – May 1988
PAR 498/3/1/17 Service register Jun 1988 – Feb 2000
  Service registers: Mission church, FaircrouchThe mission church originated as a small iron church removed from the grounds of Wick House and re-erected at Faircrouch in 1898. The site for the church was given by E Symes, esq and services were held there by the vicar of Wadhurst. 1908-1962
PAR 498/3/2/1 Service register Apr 1908 – Jan 1937
PAR 498/3/2/2 Service registerto May 1951; also includes services at Cousley Wood School, Wadhurst, Jan 1938 – Dec 1954; services at Cousley Wood Church, Wadhurst, Jan 1955 – Jan 1962 Jan 1937 – Jan 1962



  Incumbent: buildings 1884-1975
  Faculties 1912-1967
PAR 498/4/1/1 Faculty for a new clergy and choir vestry on the north side of the chancelFor related papers, see PAR 498/5/4/2 31 Jul 1912
PAR 498/4/1/2 Faculty for the erection of a brass tablet to memory of Lieutenant Thomas Wodehouse Williams 6 Dec 1915
PAR 498/4/1/3 Faculty for the reservation of a burial plot  (LM1-3) to George Robert Watson Smyth 19 Mar 1918
PAR 498/4/1/4 Faculty for a war memorial tabletin memory of Captain Percival Beckwith Wace, Lieutenant Herbert Gordon Wace, Ellen Wace and Muriel de Winton Wace 3 Jul 1923
PAR 498/4/1/5 Faculty for the installation of electric lightFor related papers, see PAR 498/10/3/4 9 Dec 1925
PAR 498/4/1/6 Faculty for the grant of a burial plot (09-10) to Dixon family 14 Oct 1926
PAR 498/4/1/7 Faculty for a new altar and other worksremoval of pew to provide space for altering the position of the lectern, removal of the old door at the south porch and installation of a new heating system 12 Jan 1927
PAR 498/4/1/8 Faculty for reservation of burial plots (36-37) to John Boldero 20 Jul 1927
PAR 498/4/1/9 Faculty for the re-arrangement of the baptistery 8 Jan 1930
PAR 498/4/1/10 Faculty for the removal of the organ from chancel and erection of new organ at west end of church 7 Mar 1932
PAR 498/4/1/11 Faculty for reservation of a burial plot (69) for Lieutenant James F Astley-Rushton and Miss Penelope M Astley-Rushton 12 Jun 1936
PAR 498/4/1/12 Faculty for reservation of  burial plots (67-68) for Mrs Vera Astley-Rushton 12 Jun 1936
PAR 498/4/1/13 Faculty for reservation of a burial plot (72c) for Mr H S Rowcliffe 27 May 1938
PAR 498/4/1/14 Faculty for reservation of a burial plot  (B70) for Miss Fanny and Miss Jessey R Mitchell 5 Feb 1941
PAR 498/4/1/15 Faculty for reservation of a grave space (H40) for Maurice Watts 9 Jul 1943
PAR 498/4/1/16 Faculty for reservation of a burial plot (D69) for Miss Dora M Newman 26 Oct 1945
PAR 498/4/1/17 Faculty for to hang an oil painting entitled ‘Lovest Thou Me? on the north wall 26 Oct 1945
PAR 498/4/1/18 Faculty for the erection of the Whitty memorial tablet 10 May 1946
PAR 498/4/1/19 Faculty for reservation of a grave space (D66) for Mr and Mrs Still 27 Sep 1946
PAR 498/4/1/20 Faculty for a war memorial chapel at the east end of the south aisleFor related papers, see PAR 498/4/3/4 9 May 1947
PAR 498/4/1/21 Faculty for reservation of a burial plot (A56) for Mr and Mrs Thunder 25 Feb 1949
PAR 498/4/1/22 Faculty for removal of tablets from the chancel, inscribed with the Creed, Lords Prayer and the Ten CommandmentsFor related papers, see PAR498/4/3/6 12 May 1950
PAR 498/4/1/23 Faculty for reservation of a burial plot (FF63) for Mr and Mrs Miles 30 May 1951
PAR 498/4/1/24 Faculty for reservation of a burial plot (D15) for Mrs Winifred Daisy Bain, Miss Daisy W Bain and Miss Patricia Bain 22 Jun 1951
PAR 498/4/1/25 Faculty for repair to bells and bell frame, and treatment of timbers in the tower and spire 1 Jul 1954
PAR 498/4/1/26 Faculty for two new bells, and the loan of an old door (1682) to the Sussex Archaeological Society 30 Mar 1955
PAR 498/4/1/27 Faculty for the removal of tombstones from the south-western corner of the churchyard 31 Jan 1957
PAR 498/4/1/28 Faculty for reservation of a burial plot (N1) for Miss Dorothea Courthope 3 Apr 1957
PAR 498/4/1/29 Faculty for reservation of a burial plot (N27) for Miss Margaret  Edith Luck 9 Dec 1957
PAR 498/4/1/30 Faculty for various works 25 Mar 1958
PAR 498/4/1/31 Faculty for the erection of the Fairbrother memorial tablet 3 Nov 1958
PAR 498/4/1/32 Faculty for repairs to the church 5 Oct 1959
PAR 498/4/1/33 Faculty for the erection of a table with bookshelf and alms box 11 Jul 1960
PAR 498/4/1/34 Faculty for the removal of tombstones from the south-west corner of the churchyardwith covering letter 30 Dec 1965
PAR 498/4/1/35 Faculty for alterations at the east end of the church 24 Apr 1967
  VicarageFor the lease of a curate’s house, 1 Mar 1927 see PAR 498/16/4/1 1884-1935
PAR 498/4/2/1 Repairs to the vicarage, 1885Copy report of Lacy W Ridge, diocesan surveyor, to the bishop of Chichester; certificate of deferment of repairs to the tithe barn (under s52 of the Dilapidations Act 1871), accounts of C Washby, builder, Lacy W Ridge, architect, G Luck, plumber, and R G Raper, solicitor; accounts Jul 1884 – Jul 1885
PAR 498/4/2/2 Repairs to the vicarage, 1935Correspondence and specifications concerning alterations: Ernest Mannering, vicar; H Milburn Pett, diocesan surveyor; Lancelot Mason, bishop’s secretary; Pelham Rawsthorne Papillon, Crowhurst (chairman, parsonages committee); H Manktelow, C Corke, C Watts, F Knight and A Stevens, builders Jan 1935 – Apr 1936
PAR 498/4/2/3 Specification for improvementsH Milburn Pett, diocesan architect, Hove Jan 1935
PAR 498/4/2/4 Plan and elevations of proposed alterations to the vicarageH Milburn Pett, diocesan architect, Hove Jan 1935
PAR 498/4/2/5 Plan of vicarage as existingH Milburn Pett, Hove 4 Feb 1935
PAR 498/4/2/6 Specification for alterations and repairsH Milburn Pett, diocesan architect, Hove May 1935
PAR 498/4/2/7 Plan of vicarage as existingH Milburn Pett, diocesan architect, Hove May 1935
PAR 498/4/2/8 Plan of proposed alterations and additions to the vicarageembodying suggestions in Martin Skinner’s letter of 5 Jun 1935; H Milburn Pett, diocesan architect, Hove 7 Jun 1935
PAR 498/4/2/9 Plan of proposed alterations and additions to the vicarageH Milburn Pett, 7 Brunswick Place, Hove [1935]
PAR 498/4/2/10 ‘Wadhurst Vicarage proposed new site’shows two plots opposite Moseham to the South-East of the church [1935]
PAR 498/4/2/11 Mortgage for £700 at 4% for alterations to the parsonage housethe Revd Ernest Mannering of Wadhurst to the Governors of Queen Anne’s BountyEndorsed: note of discharge, 1 Oct 1955 1 Sep 1935
  Fabric of the church 1888-1967
PAR 498/4/3/1 Design for the east window of the chancel, to be erected by the parishioners in memory of the Rev John FoleyInk and wash on paper, mounted on card, 12 ins x 23 ins; by James Cameron, 3 Cedar Villas, Mill Lane, Hampstead, London 1888
 %%% New choir and clergy vestries and re-pewingIt was decided to build a new vestry after a fire had damaged the old vestry room at the foot of the tower on 20 Oct 1911. The new building was designed by Granville Edward Stewart Streatfeild of 9 Stone Buildings, Lincolns Inn, FRIBA (1869-1947).For the faculty, see PAR 498/4/1/1 1912-1929
PAR 498/4/3/2/1 Report of Reginald Blomfield, 1 New Court, Temple [London], architect 29 Jan 1912
PAR 498/4/3/2/2 Letter from GES Streatfeild to the Revd L Stevensondescribing his proposal and enclosing sketch plans [not present] 5 Feb 1912
PAR 498/4/3/2/3 Report of Temple Moore, architectaddressed to the Rev L Stevenson, by whom it is annotated; proposes a free-standing vestry on the North side of the chancel Feb 1912
PAR 498/4/3/2/4 Letter from the diocesan registrar concerning the facultyW B B Freeland, Chichester, to the Rev L C Stevenson; encloses a copy of a letter from Alfred B Kempe, chancellor, concerning the faculty procedure, the removal of graves and the necessity to contact members of the Burt family Jul 1912
PAR 498/4/3/2/5 Draft form of authority for the removal of the graves of members of the Burt family Jul 1912
PAR 498/4/3/2/6 Plan of the church showing proposed new vestries and the re-arrangement of seating in the transeptGranville E S Streatfeild, of 9 Stone Buildings, Lincolns Inn; No 7 [1912]
PAR 498/4/3/2/7 North  and East elevation of the church showing proposed new vestriesGranville E S Streatfeild, of 9 Stone Buildings, Lincolns Inn; No 8 [1912]
PAR 498/4/3/2/8 ‘Wadhurst Church sketch shewing new vestries’G[ranville] E S Streatfeild, architect; shows church from the South-East [1912]
PAR 498/4/3/2/9 Contract for the erection of the new vestrieswith Messrs Bowman and Sons, Stamford, Lincolnshire 29 Nov 1912
PAR 498/4/3/2/10 Printed appeal for fundswith a narrative of the scheme and a drawing of the proposed building Mar 1913
PAR 498/4/3/2/11 List of contributors [1913]
PAR 498/4/3/2/12 Letters enclosing contributions to the building fundaddressed to [J C Lane] Andrews, the Rev L C Stevenson and H C Corke Jan 1913 – Aug 1915
PAR 498/4/3/3 Design for a stained glass window for the East Window of Wadhurst churchby Geoffrey Webb, Sackville House, East Grinstead; with covering letter from L J Causton, Hatch Cottage, Hartfield [vicar 1925-1935] to [the Rev David] Rice, giving the circumstances of its production, 12 Jul 1947 [c1930]
PAR 498/4/3/4 War memorial chapelCorrespondence of the Rev David E Rice with Martin Travers, 51 Colet Gardens, London (died 1948) and John E Crawford, Ashford, Middlesex, artists and craftsmen, and W J Piper and Son, Wadhurst, buildersincludes lists of Wadhurst men killed in the Second World War for the book of remembrance, one including rank, regiment or ship and date of death

For the faculty, see PAR 498/4/1/20

Jun 1946 – Mar 1950
PAR 498/4/3/5 Sketch design for new sanctuary railsby Kenneth Miller; to be given by Mrs Miller in memory of T B Miller; with attached note suggesting that the plan be considered ‘in relation to the whole scheme of renovation’ [?PAR 498/4/3/6] [c1949]
PAR 498/4/3/6 Proposed alteration to the east window and removal of commandment tabletscorrespondence of the Rev David Rice with WJ Piper, builders, Wadhurst; the Diocesan Advisory Committee; and O H Leeney, Southwick, with a report on the proposalFor the faculty, see PAR 498/4/1/22 May 1949 – Oct 1950
PAR 498/4/3/7 Notification of the listing of the church and vicarageChurch Commissioners to the Rev D A Plumley; the provisions of the acts do not apply so long as the building is in use as a church 7 Jul 1967
  Other parish buildings 1911
PAR 498/4/4/1 George Courthope Memorial Hallcorrespondence of the Rev L C Stevenson with H Wace, dean of Canterbury, and George Loyd Courthope, Whiligh, concerning the proposed parish hall; with accounts of the Parish Bazaar for the benefit of the hallHW wishes a tablet saying that the use of the site had been granted in memory of his father [the Revd R W Wace]; GLC hoping to change the hall’s name, as his father [G J Courthope] ‘would have greatly disliked this form of cheap advertisement… if you must have a parish hall, why not call it ‘The Parish Hall’? 1911
  Fixtures and fittings 1903-1975
  Organ 1903-1982
PAR 498/4/5/1/1 Printed circular letter proposing the re-siting of the organ in the chancelfrom a committee of the vestry; includes drawing of proposed scheme 1903
PAR 498/4/5/1/2 Incumbents’ correspondencewith Bernard Thorpe and Partners, Oxted, Surrey; J W Walker, Ruislip, Middlesex; George Osmond and Company, Taunton, Somerset Dec 1948 – Jul 1982
PAR 498/4/5/1/3 Statement of the organist and choir representative on the merits of the organK F Ascott and C Andrews; includes a plea not to install an electronic organ (with statements of opinion and the results of an inspection) and suggestions for a response to Miss [Daphne] Courthope’s offer 1975
  Bells 1924
PAR 498/4/5/2/1 Specification and estimate for repairs to the bellsGillett and Johnston, Croydon, Surrey, to the Rev H S BrookeFor other documents relating to the bells, 1714-1892 see PAR 498/10/1, 16/3/6 29 Apr 1924



  Incumbent: licences 1811-1965
PAR 498/5/1 Curacy licences 1960-1965
PAR 498/5/1/1 Curacy licenceJohn William George Godeck; Wadhurst and Tidebrook 25 Sep 1960
PAR 498/5/1/2 Curacy licenceJohn Anthony Phelps Standen McDougal; Wadhurst and Tidebrook 30 Nov 1965
PAR 498/5/1/3 Curacy licenceMichael David Johnstone Barrow; Wadhurst and Tidebrook 19 Nov 1970
PAR 498/5/2-3 Numbers not used  
PAR 498/5/4 Licence to be absent 1811
PAR 498/5/4/1 Licence of Charles [Manners-Sutton], archbishop of Canterbury, to William Salmon, vicar of Wadhurst, to be absent from his benefice for six months due to ill health 17 May 1811



  Incumbent: income 1745-1841
  Income from tithes 1745-1919
  Tithe books, accounts and valuationsFrom PAR 498/6/1/1/4 the books include compositions for old and young hops, and deductions for woodland and tithe-free land. 1745-1919
PAR 498/6/1/1/1 Tithe book Sep 1745 – Dec 1749
PAR 498/6/1/1/2 Tithe book Sep 1750 – 1753
PAR 498/6/1/1/3 Tithe bookWith arrears  1756-1763 Nov 1756 – Mar 1763
PAR 498/6/1/1/4 Tithe book Sep 1778 – Sep 1779
PAR 498/6/1/1/5 Tithe book [Sep] 1784
PAR 498/6/1/1/6 Tithe bookwith poor rate assessment Sep 1784 – Mar 1785 [Sep] 1785
PAR 498/6/1/1/7 Tithe bookat front: analysis of hops planted in Wadhurst, including number of hills Sep 1789
PAR 498/6/1/1/8 Tithe bookat front: analysis of hops planted in Wadhurst, including number of hills Sep 1790
PAR 498/6/1/1/9 Tithe book Sep 1792
PAR 498/6/1/1/10 Tithe book Sep 1793
PAR 498/6/1/1/11 Tithe book Sep 1794
PAR 498/6/1/1/12 Tithe book Sep 1795
PAR 498/6/1/1/13 Tithe book Sep 1796
PAR 498/6/1/1/14 Tithe book Sep 1798
PAR 498/6/1/1/15 Tithe book Sep 1799
PAR 498/6/1/1/16 Tithe book Sep 1800
PAR 498/6/1/1/17 Tithe book Sep 1802
PAR 498/6/1/1/18 Tithe book Sep 1803
PAR 498/6/1/1/19 Tithe book Sep 1804
PAR 498/6/1/1/20 Tithe book Sep 1805
PAR 498/6/1/1/21 Tithe book Sep 1806
PAR 498/6/1/1/22 Tithe book Sep 1807
PAR 498/6/1/1/23 Tithe book Sep 1808
PAR 498/6/1/1/24 Tithe book Sep 1809
PAR 498/6/1/1/25 Tithe book Sep 1810
PAR 498/6/1/1/26 Tithe book Sep 1811
PAR 498/6/1/1/27 Tithe book Sep 1812
PAR 498/6/1/1/28 Tithe book Sep 1813
PAR 498/6/1/1/29 Tithe book Sep 1814
PAR 498/6/1/1/30 Tithe book Sep 1815
PAR 498/6/1/1/31 Tithe book Sep 1817
PAR 498/6/1/1/32 Tithe book Sep 1818
PAR 498/6/1/1/33 Tithe bookRental of the composition in lieu of vicarial tithes Sep 1824, Sep 1842
PAR 498/6/1/1/34 Tithe book 1827-1831
PAR 498/6/1/1/35 Tithe book 1832-1839
PAR 498/6/1/1/36 Tithe bookRough copy 1805-1806
PAR 498/6/1/1/37 Valuation list for tithesby Henry Noakes and John Moon the younger 1810
PAR 498/6/1/1/38 List of arrears 1819-1822
PAR 498/6/1/1/39 Number not used: relisted as PAR 498/9/2/1  
PAR 498/6/1/1/40 Tithe bookFor Sep 1826, 1840, 1841; the assessment for 1826 includes sums owing for poor and highway rates 1826-1841
PAR 498/6/1/1/41 Tithe accounts 1846
PAR 498/6/1/1/42 Tithe accounts 1847
PAR 498/6/1/1/43 Tithe accounts 1848
PAR 498/6/1/1/44 Tithe accounts 1850
PAR 498/6/1/1/45 Tithe accounts 1851
PAR 498/6/1/1/46 Tithe accounts 1852
PAR 498/6/1/1/47 Tithe accounts 1853
PAR 498/6/1/1/48 Tithe accounts 1854
PAR 498/6/1/1/49 Tithe accounts 1855
PAR 498/6/1/1/50 Tithe accounts 1856
PAR 498/6/1/1/51 Tithe accounts 1857
PAR 498/6/1/1/52 Tithe accounts 1858
PAR 498/6/1/1/53 Tithe accounts 1859
PAR 498/6/1/1/54 Tithe accounts 1860
PAR 498/6/1/1/55 Tithe accounts 1861
PAR 498/6/1/1/56 Tithe accounts 1862
PAR 498/6/1/1/57 Tithe accounts 1863
PAR 498/6/1/1/58 Tithe accounts 1864
PAR 498/6/1/1/59 Tithe accounts 1865
PAR 498/6/1/1/60 Tithe accounts 1866
PAR 498/6/1/1/61 Tithe accounts 1867
PAR 498/6/1/1/62 Tithe accounts 1868
PAR 498/6/1/1/63 Tithe accounts 1869
PAR 498/6/1/1/64 Tithe accounts 1870
PAR 498/6/1/1/65 Tithe accounts 1871
PAR 498/6/1/1/66 Tithe accounts 1872
PAR 498/6/1/1/67 Tithe accounts 1873
PAR 498/6/1/1/68 Tithe accounts 1874
PAR 498/6/1/1/69 Tithe accounts 1875
PAR 498/6/1/1/70 Tithe accounts 1876
PAR 498/6/1/1/71 Tithe accounts 1877
PAR 498/6/1/1/72 Tithe accounts 1878
PAR 498/6/1/1/73 Tithe accounts 1879
PAR 498/6/1/1/74 Tithe accounts 1880
PAR 498/6/1/1/75 Tithe accounts 1881
PAR 498/6/1/1/76 Tithe accounts 1882
PAR 498/6/1/1/77 Tithe accounts 1883
PAR 498/6/1/1/78 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeGeorge F Balcombe in account with the executors of the Rev John Foley 1886
PAR 498/6/1/1/79 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeGeorge F Balcombe in account with the Rev G G Maclean 1894
PAR 498/6/1/1/80 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeGeorge F Balcombe in account with the Rev G G Maclean 1894-1895
PAR 498/6/1/1/81 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev G G Maclean 1901
PAR 498/6/1/1/82 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev G G Maclean 1903
PAR 498/6/1/1/83 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev G G Maclean 1904
PAR 498/6/1/1/84 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev G G Maclean 1905
PAR 498/6/1/1/85 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1908
PAR 498/6/1/1/86 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1909
PAR 498/6/1/1/87 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1912
PAR 498/6/1/1/88 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1913
PAR 498/6/1/1/89 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1914
PAR 498/6/1/1/90 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1915
PAR 498/6/1/1/91 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1916
PAR 498/6/1/1/92 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1917
PAR 498/6/1/1/93 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1918
PAR 498/6/1/1/94 Balance sheet of tithe rent chargeThe Rev L C Stevenson 1919
  Papers concerning the disputed payment of tithes 1753-1777
PAR 498/6/1/2/1 Case and counsel’s opinionnarrates composition for tithes, including 10s 0d an acre for hops, made at the beginning of the incumbency of [Samuel Bush] in Apr 1740 [recte 1743]; does someone who was not then a parishioner have the benefit of the agreement?; copy opinion of George Perrot, Inner Temple [Middlesex] 10 Dec 1753
PAR 498/6/1/2/2 Copy of agreement between the Rev Samuel Bush and the parishioners of Wadhurst concerning payment of tithesincludes a copy ‘of the note which they obliged me to sign upon their signing the agreement’ by which SB agrees to take a composition for arrears, ‘without having any regard to the poor tax to which I have been assessed’ 15 Apr 1754
PAR 498/6/1/2/3 Case and counsel’s opinionproposed new agreement on the breach of the former composition by the parishioners assessing the vicar for the poor rate at Easter 1753; further query added [in the hand of Richard Dungate of Mayfield, attorney]; with opinion of George Perrot [of the Inner Temple (1710-1780), baron of the exchequer] 18 Dec 1754
PAR 498/6/1/2/4 Case and counsel’s opinionwhether arrears can be recovered on a composition paid at less than the true value; how the value of owner-occupied land can be established; whether the Sussex custom of tithe-free woodland can be claimed for hops planted on grubbed-up wood; with opinion of Swynfen Jervis [of the Middle Temple (1700-1771)] 1 Jul 1756
PAR 498/6/1/2/5 Case with counsel’s opinion (fragment only)recites tithe composition, after litigation, made by [the Rev John Willett] in 1718; verbal agreement by the parishioners with [the Rev Samuel Bush], inducted in Jul 1743, to continue the agreement; in 1745 SB was assessed to the poor rate, appealed to quarter sessions without success; withdrawal of the rate, followed by a gift to SB for his trouble and expense, until 1753 when the rate was again imposed; the queries deal with the problems posed by owner-occupiers, woodland and the improvement of land since 1718; with the opinion [of George Perrott] c1760
PAR 498/6/1/2/6 Notices from the incumbent to the parishionersapplications to rent the vicarial tithe should be made before 1 Dec; those who have not complied are to pay their tithes in kind 29 Sep 1767, 1 Jan 1768
PAR 498/6/1/2/7 Account of woodlands lately received from some of the inhabitants as surveyed by Samuel Gunterlist of 12 names and acreages [c1770]
PAR 498/6/1/2/8 ‘The second part of a Country Clergyman’s appeal to the Publick: being a continuation of the first part inserted in the Whitehall Evening Post, from the seventh to the ninth and from the twenty third to twenty sixth of April 1774’Long and detailed manuscript account by the Rev Samuel Bush of disputes over the tithes in Wadhurst, 1713-1777. Bush’s antagonists, chiefly Charles Pratt (later Lord Camden), [John] Legas and Richard Tapsell, are described in detail.Bush states that the second part was sent to the printer in May 1775, but that in June the printer has refused to publish it except on conditions that Bush could not accept. A postscript and detailed notes were written in 1777.

Re-bound by Robert Barlow Gardiner, vicar, 1840.

PAR 498/6/1/2/9 Letter from George Wyndham, Wadham College, Oxford to the Rev Mr [Samuel] Bush at Wadhurst near TunbridgeFrom the late 16th century there was no vicarage in Wadhurst. The incumbent rented rooms or a house in the parish from his parishioners. However, with the long-running dispute over the tithes the Rev Bush found it impracticable to continue this practice.Thomas Harris considers that publishing [the account of the tithe dispute] would be disadvantageous to SB. GW had been to Woodford [in Essex] several times in 1775 to pack up and send off all the books, numbering 4500, of Mr [Richard] Warner [c1713-1775, botanist], to the college, where they are still standing in boxes in the library.  Suggests the purchase of the reversion of the house late Richard Tapson [recte Tapsell], which SB wishes to leave to the college as a vicarage, by means of a mortgage. 4 Sep 1776
  Tithe composition 1826
PAR 498/6/1/3/1 Draft agreement for a composition in lieu of the vicarial tithesthe Rev Robert Barlow Gardiner and the inhabitants of WadhurstEndorsed: engrossed and 135 seals. 19 Sep 1826
  Other papers and notes on tithes [c1790]-[c1885]
PAR 498/6/1/4/1 Fragment of a list of land and stockincludes name of owner and occupier, type of land and number of stock. acreage; pages 8-15 only [c1790]
PAR 498/6/1/4/2 Rough account of tithes (? arrears) receivedLacks 1852 1850-1854
PAR 498/6/1/4/3 Analysis of the annual value of tithes[?by the Rev John Foley]; value of tithes 1828-1842, and of the tithe rent charge, 1846-1885 [c1885]
  Income from glebe 1920-1928
PAR 498/6/2/1 Copy conveyance of land (plan) as an addition to the parsonage siteJulius Charles Drewe of Wadhurst Hall esq to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners; recites conveyance by Wadham College to the Rev George Gavin MacLean, 21 Nov 1892, and by GGM to JCD, 5 May 1908 3 Feb 1920
PAR 498/6/2/2 Copy conveyance of a land tax rent charge of £13 6s 0d on the vicarage for £270executors of Robert Barlow Gardiner (John Reginald Forman of 45 Esplanade, Whitley Bay [in Northumberland] esq and Percy Gardiner Forman of 50 Perham Road, West Kensington [in Middlesex] esq) to the Governors of Queen Anne’s Bounty and the Rev Lilford Jervoise Causton, vicar of WadhurstRecites: contract for the redemption of land tax by the Rev William Salmon, 5 May 1804 30 Apr 1928
  Correspondence concerning income 1949-1950
PAR 498/6/3/1 Liability for chancel repairs under the 1936 Tithe Actletters to the Rev E Mannering from the Tithe redemption Commission; WHT Collings, surveyor, Brighton; the University of Cambridge Financial Board; the Governors of Queen Anne’s Bounty (enclosing a Record of Ascertainments); the Chichester Diocesan Fund Apr 1940 – Oct 1945
PAR 498/6/3/2 Ecclesiastical Dilapidations paperscorrespondence of the Rev David E Rice; includes notice of transfer of £50 of income to the benefice of Tidebrook, and a charging assessment for £255, 29 Nov 1950, discharged 7 Jan 1971 Oct 1949 – Jan 1971
PAR 498/6/3/3 Liability of Dr Arthur Wilkin for chancel repairscorrespondence of the Rev Donald Plumley with the Diocesan Board of Finance in response to a request from Watson and Sons of Wadhurst, for the executors of Dr Wilkin, for a discharge of the liability of the estate, against which he had insured since 1936 Aug 1966 – Feb 1967



  Incumbent: other records [c1685]-2003
  Incumbents’ personal papers [c1685]-1794
PAR 498/7/1/1 Rev Samuel Bush’s account and memoranda bookwith details of household expenses, building work, payment of curate, collection of tithesat rear, in reverse: wages of servants and curates; memoranda concerning the vicarage buildings, the tithe feast, rents of farms and houses in the parish, cost of brewing Dec 1768 – Mar 1794
PAR 498/7/1/2 Manuscript volume of sermons and notesa deleted title on the first page reads ‘Dean Stillingfleet’s sermons … copy of …abridged by…’; the first part of the volume also contains sermons by [?Isaac] Barrow and Dr [John] Tillotson,For Edward Stillingfleet (1635-1699), dean of Paul’s 1678-1689, Isaac Barrow (1613-1680), bishop of St Asaph and John Tillotson (1630-1694), archbishop of Canterbury, see DNB.

The second half of the book contains notes, probably for sermons, on subjects such as ‘against drunkenness’ and ‘false and true happiness’; many are extracted from the Gentleman’s Magazine and a few are dated 1733

The volume can probably be associated with John Willett, vicar 1714-1743, who had been a fellow of Wadham 1699-1715.

  History of the church, parish and incumbents 1823-1980
PAR 498/7/2/1 ‘The Red Book Wadhurst, being a collection of the best information the author could obtain on the subject 1823’small volume containing details of the history of the parish from the granting of its market charter in 1253, the advowson, topography of the parish, its vicars and population in 1800, 1811 and 1821; dedicated to the Rev Robert Barlow Gardiner MA by Henry Talbot, Maplehurst 24 Oct 1823
PAR 498/7/2/2 Transcript of PAR 498/7/2/1 [c1830]
PAR 498/7/2/3 List of notable dates in the history of Wadhurst 1603-1845includes the number of inhabitants in 1801, 1811, 1821, 1831 and 1841; watermark 1836 [1841]
PAR 498/7/2/4 Manuscript history of the parish by William CourthopeWilliam Courthope (1808-1866) was the son of Thomas Courthope, citizen and shipwright of London. He entered the College of Arms as a clerk in 1833 and was appointed Rouge Croix in 1839, Somerset Herald in 1854 and registrar in 1859. The Courthopes lived at Whiligh in Ticehurst, and William had a keen antiquarian interest both in his family and the history of the area. His collection of antiquarian notes, some 124 volumes, were sold by his nephew and executor, the Rev R B Gardiner of Wadhurst, to the College of Arms. For a list of these volumes and microfilm copies of volumes 18-19, 22-27 see XA 38.containing a history of the benefice, endowment, tithes, advowson and vicarage, history of the church, transcript of the charter granting a market and fair in 1252, terms of wills founding charities, table of vicars, biographies of vicars 1603-1818, list of parochial charities; notable events in the parish; 1848, continued to 1858; includes tracings of the elevation and room-plan of the vicarage, plan of the vicarage lands with dates of acquisition, views of the church in 1778, elevation of the font. 1848-1858
PAR 498/7/2/5 Plan of the vicarage house and garden, showing line of proposed new wall enlarging the gardenFormerly loose in PAR 498/7/2/4 [c1850]
PAR 498/7/2/6 Transcript of a charter granting the right to hold a market at Wadhurst in 1253the crown to Boniface [of Savoy], archbishop of Canterbury; [?by William Courthope]; watermark 1858 [c1860]
PAR 498/7/2/7 Transcript of a charter granting the right to hold a market at Wadhurst in 1253of a transcript made by William Courthope, 24 June 1840 [c1890]
PAR 498/7/2/8 Translation of a charter granting the right to hold a market at Wadhurst in 1253 [c1890]
PAR 498/7/2/9 Notes on the history of Wadhurst, the church and incumbentsby Mrs Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys Davids (1857-1942, daughter of the Rev John Foley, vicar of Wadhurst 1846-1886) or taken from her lectures; used by Alfred Augustus Wace in the compilation of his history; includes an abridged transcript of PAR 498/6/1/2/8 [c1890]-1923
PAR 498/7/2/10 Offprint from The Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of the Rev R B Gardiner’s paper on the iron grave slabs in Wadhurst 14 Feb 1895
PAR 498/7/2/11 Notes and correspondence of Alfred Augustus Wace on the history of Wadhurst, the church and incumbentsletters, many with reminiscences, from F Leete, Bensfield; Constance A Budd, Tidebrook; Edith Tudor, Tregarnedd; William Boorman; Mary C Foley; Dora Maclean, Sevenoaks; C W Foley, Kensington; Charles Brissenden, Little Butts; S J Wallis; Frances Whelan, Carisbrooke; Herbert E Ryle, dean of Westminster (reminiscences of the Rev R W Wace’s Hill House School, Wadhurst, 1866-1868); T B Hornblower, Etchingham; C M R Cleeve; County Agricultural Committee; Ministry of Agriculture; T Boorman, Lamberhurst (Wesleyan Chapel) 1923-1925
PAR 498/7/2/12 The History of Wadhurst Church by Mrs Rhys Davids and Alfred Augustus Wacewith sketches by Mrs George Harris; includes list of parishioners serving in the first world war [1924]
PAR 498/7/2/13 Newspaper cuttings with reviews of ‘The Story of Wadhurst as told in a lecture given in Wadhurst school by Mrs Rhys Davids (née Foley) in 1894 and brought up to date by Alfred Augustus Wace 1924
PAR 498/7/2/14 Letter concerning Thomas Webster, vicar in 1559from Edward Shoosmith, Peckhams, Halland; encloses copy of a will [not present] witnessed by TW 10 Apr 1927
PAR 498/7/2/15 Heraldry in Wadhurst Church by R W E Harper 1980
PAR 498/7/2/16 Photograph of the church from the southby Stickell and Son, photographers, Cranbrook, c1890; with covering letter presenting the photograph, formerly in the possession of the Barrow family of Hill House Farm, 25 Nov 1998 c1890, 1998
  Guidebooks to the church [c1935]-[c1990]
PAR 498/7/3/1 The Story of Wadhurst Parish ChurchFor ‘A history of Wadhurst church’ by Alfred Augustus Wace, see PAR 498/7/2/10 [c1935]
PAR 498/7/3/2 Guide to the Church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurstby Walter H Godfrey; Sussex Churches 13 1950
PAR 498/7/3/3 Guide to the Church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurstby the Rev Donald Plumley [c1970]
PAR 498/7/3/4 Guide to the Church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurstby the Rev Donald Plumley [c1970]
PAR 498/7/3/5 The church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurstsingle-sheet guide [c1975]
PAR 498/7/3/6 Guide to the Church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurst [c1980]
PAR 498/7/3/7 The parish church of St Peter and St Paul Wadhurst [c1990]
  Parish magazines 1901-2003
PAR 498/7/4/1 Parish magazine Feb 1901 – Dec 1909
PAR 498/7/4/2 Parish magazine Feb 1919
PAR 498/7/4/3 Parish magazineMay, Jul Aug only 1926
PAR 498/7/4/4 Parish magazinelacks Jan, Mar 1927
PAR 498/7/4/5 Parish magazinelacks Feb 1928
PAR 498/7/4/6 Parish magazinelacks Feb 1929
PAR 498/7/4/7 Parish magazinelacks Jan 1930
PAR 498/7/4/8 Parish magazinelacks Jun 1931
PAR 498/7/4/9 Parish magazinelacks Mar 1932
PAR 498/7/4/10 Parish magazinelacks Feb 1933
PAR 498/7/4/11 Parish magazinelacks Nov 1934
PAR 498/7/4/12 Parish magazinelacks Jan, Feb 1935
PAR 498/7/4/13 Parish magazinelacks Aug 1936
PAR 498/7/4/14 Parish magazinelacks Jan, May, Sep – Nov 1937
PAR 498/7/4/15 Parish magazinelacks Feb – Jul 1938
PAR 498/7/4/16 Parish magazineJan, Apr, May and Jul only 1939
PAR 498/7/4/17 Parish magazine 1940
PAR 498/7/4/18 Parish magazinelacks Oct – Dec 1941
PAR 498/7/4/19 Parish magazinelacks Jan 1942
PAR 498/7/4/20 Parish magazine 1943
PAR 498/7/4/21 Parish magazinelacks Mar – May, Aug 1944
PAR 498/7/4/22 Parish magazine 1945
PAR 498/7/4/23 Parish magazinelacks Apr, Dec 1946
PAR 498/7/4/24 Parish magazinelacks Jan -Feb, Apr – May 1947
PAR 498/7/4/25 Parish magazine Dec 1948
PAR 498/7/4/26 Parish magazinelacks Aug 1949
PAR 498/7/4/27 Parish magazine 1950
PAR 498/7/4/28 Parish magazinelacks Jun – Jul 1951
PAR 498/7/4/29 Parish magazineJul, Nov and Dec only 1952
PAR 498/7/4/30 Parish magazine 1953
PAR 498/7/4/31 Parish magazine

Missing on transfer

PAR 498/7/4/32 Parish magazineMay – Jun, Sep – Nov only 1955
PAR 498/7/4/33 Parish magazineJan – Apr,  Jun only 1956
PAR 498/7/4/34 Parish magazineJan – Mar, Jun – Aug only 1957
PAR 498/7/4/35 Parish magazinelacks Apr – May, Aug, Oct, Dec 1958
PAR 498/7/4/36 Parish magazineFeb, May, Jun, Oct and Dec only 1959
PAR 498/7/4/37 Parish magazinelacks Mar – Jun, Sep, Nov – Dec 1960
PAR 498/7/4/38 Parish magazineAug – Sep only 1961
PAR 498/7/4/39 Parish magazineJan, Oct only 1962
PAR 498/7/4/40 Parish magazine Apr 1963
PAR 498/7/4/41 Parish magazine

Missing on transfer

PAR 498/7/4/42 Parish magazineJan, May, Aug, Sep only 1965
PAR 498/7/4/43 Parish magazinelacks Jan – Mar, Jun, Sep 1966
PAR 498/7/4/44 Parish magazinelacks Mar, Oct, Dec 1967
PAR 498/7/4/45 Parish magazinelacks Feb – Mar, May – Jun, Aug, Oct 1968
PAR 498/7/4/46 Parish magazinelacks Jul 1969
PAR 498/7/4/47 Parish magazine 1970
PAR 498/7/4/48 Parish magazine 1971
PAR 498/7/4/49 Parish magazinelacks Feb, Apr 1972
PAR 498/7/4/50 Parish magazine 1973
PAR 498/7/4/51 Parish magazine 1974
PAR 498/7/4/52 Parish magazine 1975
PAR 498/7/4/53 Parish magazine 1976
PAR 498/7/4/54 Parish magazine 1977
PAR 498/7/4/55 Parish magazinelacks Aug – Oct 1978
PAR 498/7/4/56 Parish magazine 1979
PAR 498/7/4/57 Parish magazine 1980
PAR 498/7/4/58 Parish magazinelacks Jun, Aug, Sep, Nov, Dec 1981
PAR 498/7/4/59 Parish magazinelacks Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Oct 1982
PAR 498/7/4/60 Parish magazinelacks Feb, Mar, May 1983
PAR 498/7/4/61 Parish magazine 1984
PAR 498/7/4/62 Parish magazine 1985
PAR 498/7/4/63 Parish magazinelacks Sep 1986
PAR 498/7/4/64 Parish magazinelacks Mar, Jul 1987
PAR 498/7/4/65 Parish magazinelacks Jan, Aug, Oct 1988
PAR 498/7/4/66 Parish magazinelacks Sep, Dec 1989
PAR 498/7/4/67 Parish magazinelacks Jan, May 1990
PAR 498/7/4/68 Parish magazinelacks Aug, Sep 1991
PAR 498/7/4/69 Parish magazinelacks Oct 1992
PAR 498/7/4/70 Parish magazine 1993
PAR 498/7/4/71 Parish magazine 1994
PAR 498/7/4/72 Parish magazine 1995
PAR 498/7/4/73 Parish magazine 1996
PAR 498/7/4/74 Parish magazine 1997
PAR 498/7/4/75 Parish magazine 1998
PAR 498/7/4/76 Parish magazine 1999
PAR 498/7/4/77 Parish magazine 2000
PAR 498/7/4/78 Parish magazine 2001
PAR 498/7/4/79 Parish magazine 2002
PAR 498/7/4/80 Parish magazine 2003
  Parish boundaries 1858-1874
PAR 498/7/5/1 St John the Baptist TidebrookCopy of London Gazette 22131 containing an Order-in-Council assigning a consolidated chapelry to Tidebrook from part of the parishes of Wadhurst and Mayfield 27 Apr 1858
PAR 498/7/5/2 St Mark, Marks CrossCopy of London Gazette no 24112 containing an Order-in-Council for the assignment of a consolidated chapelry to St Mark from part of the parishes of Rotherfield, Tidebrook and Wadhurst 10 Jul 1874
  Church events and pastoral work 1970-[c2000]
PAR 498/7/6/1 Programme for the Festival of Flowers at the Church Sep 1970
PAR 498/7/6/2 Form of service for the institution and induction of the Rev Thomas Denys Milville Raven 6 Jul 1974
PAR 498/7/6/3 Certificate issued to the parish by Wycliffe Bible Translatorsfor partnership in the translation of the new testament into the language of the West Highland Chatino people, Mexico 24 oct 1993
PAR 498/7/6/4 Televised service, 1996order of service, script and shooting script for a service at Wadhurst televised by ITV 14 Jan 1996
PAR 498/7/6/5 List of intercession leaders, communion helpers, readers and sidesmen [c2000]
  Records of visitations 1949
PAR 498/7/7/1 Visitation report of Ernest G Reid, archdeacon 15 Mar 1949



  Churchwardens: rates 1812-1904
PAR 498/8/1 Rates and disbursements Oct 1812 – Jul 1843
PAR 498/8/2 Rates and disbursements Apr 1839 – Dec 1857
PAR 498/8/3 Rates and disbursements Feb 1858 – Oct 1904



  Churchwardens: accountsFor disbursements, 1812-1904 see PAR 498/8/1-3 1621-1826
  Vouchers to account 1621-1740
PAR 498/9/1/1 Vouchers of Thomas Dyke for the tax for maimed soldiers and of Richard Vernon (deputy of John Bromfield) and John Winckton for charitable usesalso includes a note to pay Goodwife Ford for [bell-ringing] on 5 August, the prince’s coming home and 5 November [1623]For similar vouchers made out to the constables, see PAR 498/28/1 1621-1625
PAR 498/9/1/2 Vouchers of Herbert May for the tax for maimed soldiers and the gaol and of Daniel Shoulder and William Clagett for charitable usesFor 1653-1654, 1672 1653-1672
PAR 498/9/1/3 Receipt of Jonathan Ellams and Ralph Jordan to John Smith and Nicholas Puxty [churchwardens]for £8 for work done in the church according to articles of agreement of 5 Jun 1700 5 Jul 1700
PAR 498/9/1/4 Voucher of John Plumer for the tax for maimed soldiers, gaol and charitable uses 26 Jun 1739
PAR 498/9/1/5 Voucher of John Plumer for the tax for maimed soldiers, gaol and charitable uses 5 Jun 1740
  Accounts of the distribution of sacrament moneyFor similar accounts, 1784-1826 see PAR 498/2/1/1 1823-1826
PAR 498/9/2/1 Distribution-list Jan 1823 – Jun 1825
PAR 498/9/2/2 ‘Account of surement [sacrament money] given away by S[amuel] Baldwin’, [churchwarden]sums of one or two shillings to named individuals Jan 1824 – Jan 1826



  Churchwardens: property 1714-1987
  Church bellsFor other records concerning the bells, see PAR 498/4/5/2, 16/3/6 May 1714 – Apr 1754
PAR 498/10/1/1 Contract to re-cast the tenor bellEdward Benge and Thomas Porter, churchwardens, with Richard Phelps of Whitechapel, [London], bell-founder 10 May 1714
PAR 498/10/1/2 Bond in £100 to keep the covenants in PAR498/10/1/1Richard Phelps of Whitechapel, [London], bell-founder, to Thomas Porter the younger and Edward Benge of Wadhurst, gentsW: John Patrick, John Stephens, John Cowcher 31 May 1714
PAR 498/10/1/3 Account of Richard Phelps for re-casting the bellincludes quantity of waste from the old bell; received 17 Jun 1715 23 Jun 1714
PAR 498/10/1/4 Letter from Richard Phelps, London, to the churchwardensInstructions for hanging the ‘musical bell’ which he has delivered to Aps, one of Mr Hall’s [the carter’s] men 10 Jul 1714
PAR 498/10/1/5 Account of Morgan and Hall to the churchwardensfor carrying a bell to London twice and back again 18 Jul 1731
PAR 498/10/1/6 Account of Robert Nash to the churchwardens and overseersfor blacksmith’s work on the bell cast by [Thorpe] Diamond [Apr 1754]
PAR 498/10/1/7 Letter from Thorpe Diamond to ‘the churchwardens and gentlemen of Wadhurst’has been ill for some time so has sent his son to account for the waste and surplus metal, details of which, and PAR 498/10/1/5, are included 10 Apr 1754
PAR 498/10/1/8 Report and estimate for repairs to the bells and bellframeMears and Stainbank, 267 Whitechapel Road, London, to John F Newington [churchwarden], 16 Apr 1891, with receipts, Nov 1891 – Apr 1892 1891-1892
  Chapels of ease 1895
PAR 498/10/2/1 Estimate of Charles W Ashby for the removal of the iron church at Wickhouse and its re-erection at Faircrouch   29 Nov 1895
  Fixtures and fittings 1896-1962
PAR 498/10/3/1 Inventory of furniture and giftscompiled in 1896, with annotations to 1962 1896-1962
  Correspondence concerning memorials to the Wilkin family 1905-1914
PAR 498/10/3/2/1 Correspondence concerning the memorial to Anthony WilkinCopy notice of consent of the vicar and churchwardens to the proposal of [AW’s father] Frederick Wilkin of Lower Cousley Wood to vest the brass memorial to his son Anthony Wilkin in the University of Cambridgefor AW, of King’s College, Cambridge, anthropologist and explorer, c1878-1901, see The Times, 24 May 1901 13 May 1905
PAR 498/10/3/2/2 Correspondence concerning the memorial to Charlotte Elizabeth Wilkin (1845-1914)Correspondence of Col HFS Ramsden Moseham Manor, churchwarden, with CEW’s husband Frederick Wilkin and the diocesan registrar Jun – Sep 1914
PAR 498/10/3/3 Papers concerning a diocesan survey of church platefile of H F S Ramsden, churchwarden, including extract from J E Couchman, ‘Sussex Church Plate’ (1913), letter from Couchman concerning the Wadhurst plate and photographs of two cups and a flagon 1913
  Papers, reports and plans for the installation of a new heating system in the church 1913-1929
PAR 498/10/3/4/1 Estimate for alterations to the system, with planby Werner, Pfleiderer and Perkins, Kingsway, London 31 May 1913
PAR 498/10/3/4/2 Letters from Werner, Pfleiderer and Perkins, Kingsway, Londonto Andrews and Bennett, solicitors, Wadhurst, forwarded to Colonel H F S Ramsden, Moseham House, [churchwarden] May – Sep 1913
PAR 498/10/3/4/3 Specificationby Messrs Streatfeild and Atwell, architects, 24 Old Buildings, Lincoln’s Inn, London Sep 1926
PAR 498/10/3/4/4 Plan of church showing [existing] heating systemby Z D Berry, engineers, Westminster, London [1927]
PAR 498/10/3/4/5 Plan of church showing proposed heating system[by Z D Berry, engineers, Westminster, London] 1927
  Installation of electric lighting in the churchFor the faculty, see PAR 498/4/1/5 Jul – Dec 1925
PAR 498/10/3/5/1 Drawings of light fittingsby H Featherstone [electrical engineer, Tunbridge Wells] 29 Jul 1925
PAR 498/10/3/5/2 Correspondence file of Ernest Leete, churchwardenwith H Featherstone, electrical engineer, Tunbridge Wells, and unsuccessful contractors; Royal Insurance, Brighton; diocesan registry Jul – Dec 1925
PAR 498/10/3/5/3 Copy application for facultywith copy documents, including a plan of the church showing points, specification and schedule 17 Oct 1925
  Proposed new altar, 1926 1926
PAR 498/10/3/6/1 ‘Design for altar Wadhurst Church’by W[illiam] H[enry] Bidlake of Birmingham and Tunbridge Wells, architect[Bidlake retired to Wadhurst in 1923] 1926
PAR 498/10/3/6/2 ‘Design for altar and reredos at Wadhurst Parish Church’by W[illiam] H[enry] Bidlake of Birmingham and Tunbridge Wells, architectannotated ‘a suggestion’ and of the cost of the reredos and side panels

mounted on a lithograph of Christ Church, Broad Green, Croydon [in Surrey]

  Purchase of cottages at the Church Gate for the site of a parish roomPapers of J C Lane Andrews of Kirkstone, Wadhurst, as treasurer of the appeal.the proposal to demolish the cottages did not meet with universal approval: one correspondent did ‘not see what is to be gained by pulling down one building which is antique to erect a modern one in its place’ 1900-1901
PAR 498/10/4/1 Minutes of meetings on 17 and 19 Nov 1900 Nov 1900
PAR 498/10/4/2 Minutes of meetings between Jan 1901 and Nov 1901 Nov 1901
PAR 498/10/4/3 Draft for PAR 498/10/4/4 19 Nov 1900
PAR 498/10/4/4 Guarantee to repay purchase-priceGeorge J Courthope and ten other (named) to William Robert White of Hazlehurst, Ticehurst, esqto repay the purchase-price and expenses with interest for the purchase of lot 2 in PAR 498/10/4/5 to the limit of the sums set against their names 19 Nov 1900
PAR 498/10/4/5 Printed particulars of sale of property in Wadhurst late J O Newington and Emma Newington deceasedUpper Church Gates House, two cottages and a shoemaker’s shop, The Old Market Square (messuage held of the manor of Scotney) and a walled gardendetails of title from 1837 (lots 1-2) and 1843 (lots 3-4); annotated with details of bidding and purchasers and questions concerning rights of water 20 Nov 1900
PAR 498/10/4/6 Annotated draft for PAR 498/10/4/7includes a draft form of subscription Dec 1900
PAR 498/10/4/7 Printed appeal for funds to defray the costs of purchase and towards the erection of a parish roomrecites the history of the purchase and proposals for the constitution of the parish room trust; includes a list of subscribers, annotated with nine further namesendorsed: extracts from minutes, [Dec 1900] Dec 1900
PAR 498/10/4/8 Distribution-list for appeal and lists of subscribers [Dec 1900]
PAR 498/10/4/9 Bundle of completed subscription forms [Dec 1900 – Feb 1901]
PAR 498/10/4/10 Booklet containing a list of subscriptions and postal expenses Dec 1900 – Feb 1901
PAR 498/10/4/11 Rough statement of accounts to Mar 1901 [Apr 1901]
PAR 498/10/4/12 Correspondence of J C Lane Andrews, treasurerCecil Sharpe, The Lodge; Frederick Wilkin, Warren Corner, Farnham in Surrey; Fanny Luck, The Olives; Herbert Fazan, Belmont; George Luck, builder; J W Williams, Pell View; Campbell Newington, Oakover, Ticehurst; concerns the purchase, constitution of the committee and demolition of the buildings Dec 1900 – Nov 1901
PAR 498/10/4/13 Extract from the conveyance to trustees of 29 Nov 1901[William Robert White to George J Courthope and W D Watson Smyth]a messuage in three tenements (N: churchyard; NW: entrance to the churchyard; S: Church Street; SE: messuage occupied by S T Wallis) occupied by late Mrs Allen, Mrs Humphrey and a shoemaker’s shop occupied by George Down

to permit any buildings to be used as a parish room (details) as the vicar, churchwardens and chairman of the parish council shall direct

[Dec 1901]
  Churchyard 1907
PAR 498/10/5/1 Plan of the churchyard extension by CWA 1907
PAR 498/10/5/2 Plan of the western end of the churchyard extension with a block of 12 graves indicted in red [1907]
  Documents 1987
PAR 498/10/6/1 Typescript list of the contents of the Churchwardens’ black box Sep 1987
  Purchase of the Old Vine as a Poor House, 1778 1778
PAR 498/10/7/1 Copy conveyance for £280John Newington of Burwash, gent (only brother and heir of Benjamin Newington of Wadhurst, gent, deceased), to the churchwardens and overseers (Robert Noakes, Edward Lambert, Thomas Avard, George Russell and William Latter)            capital messuage called The Old Vine with a barn, buildings, gardens and orchards in Wadhurst Town (S: street;  W, N: land late Richard Walter Burgis deceased, before Richard Burgis deceased; E: Hole Lane), lately occupied by Catherine Puxty and William Gurr, before Nicholas Puxty deceased, before Joseph Puxty deceased, purchased by Benjamin Newington from John Legas, gent

W: John Woollett, Thomas Hammond; acknowledged by JN in Chancery, 21 Jul 1778

TNA: PRO C54/6501

For the account of Jeremiah Curteis of Rye for legal work in connection with the conveyance, see PAR 498/31/1/18

24 Jun 1778



  Churchwardens’ other records 1714-1963
  Sequestration 1714-1963
PAR 498/11/1/1 Order of sequestration on the death of John SmithThomas Bettesworth, LLD, dean of South Malling, to John Watches and Thomas Tapsfield, churchwardens 5 Feb 1714
PAR 498/11/1/2 Order of sequestration on the cession of Ernest Manneringto Edmund Burns Pye of Buckhurst Manor, Wadhurst, esq, and Maurice Watts of Byeways, Wadhurst, esq 20 Mar 1946
PAR 498/11/1/3 Order of sequestration on the cession of David Edmund Riceto Robert Percy Foster Ashburner of Clearways, Hugh Douglas Cumberbatch of Monks Park, Emily Mary Dorothea Courthope of East Lodge and Hilda Margaret Leigh of Wenbans, all Wadhurst 27 Jul 1951
PAR 498/11/1/4 Sequestration account, 14 Jul – 22 Sep 1951 5 Oct 1951
PAR 498/11/1/5 Order of sequestration on the cession of Alan Nicholas Harrison RoscampHenry Carlton Cumberbatch of Buckhurst Manor, Wadhurst, and Francis Henry Hodder of Mayfield Lane, Wadhurst 8 Jun 1963
  Lists of parishioners 1891-1900
PAR 498/11/2/1 Register of parishioners of Wadhurstincludes list of candidates confirmed by Bishop Tufnell, 9 May 1892 Sep 1891 – 1892
PAR 498/11/2/2 Wadhurst Cricket club annual balance sheetprinted; includes list of subscriptionsFound loose within PAR 498/11/2 27 Feb 1900



  Vestry: minutes 1855-1895
PAR 498/12/1 Minutes Jan 1855 – Feb 1895



  Parochial Church Council: minutes 1920-1974
  PCC minutes 1920-1974
PAR 498/14/1/1 PCC minutes Apr 1920 – Aug 1923
PAR 498/14/1/2 PCC minutes Oct 1923 – Jul 1926
PAR 498/14/1/3 PCC minutes Oct 1926 – Jun 1929
PAR 498/14/1/4 PCC minutes Oct 1929 – Feb 1943
PAR 498/14/1/5 PCC minutes Mar 1943 – Apr 1957
PAR 498/14/1/6 PCC minutes Jun 1957 – Mar 1974
  Standing Committee minutes 1920-1955
PAR 498/14/2/1 Standing Committee minutes Sep 1920 – Jan 1932
PAR 498/14/2/2 Standing Committee minutes Jun 1932 – Sep 1955
  Housing Committee minutesFor the papers of the committee see PAR 498/16/2 1926
PAR 498/14/3/1 Housing Committee minutes May 1926 – Sep 1926
$ PCC attendance registers 1930-1985
PAR 498/14/4/1 Attendance registermen on active service identified, 1940-1941 1930-1985



  Parochial Church Council: accountsFor files maintained by treasurers of the PCC, see PAR 498/16/8; for accounts 1922-1949 see PAR 498/9/3/1 1937-2000
PAR 498/15/1 Account of secretary’s out-of-pocket expenses May 1937 – Nov 1973
  Annual accounts and balance sheetsThe documents increase in detail, sophistication and size in the course of timeEarlier balance sheets are filed with the PCC minutes 1950-2000
PAR 498/15/2/1 Annual accounts and balance sheets 1948-1975
PAR 498/15/2/2 Annual accounts and balance sheets 1976-1993
PAR 498/15/2/3 Annual accounts and balance sheets 1994-2000
  Ledgers 1989-1997
PAR 498/15/3/1 Ledger 1989-1991
PAR 498/15/3/2 Ledger 1992-1997
  Accounts of receipts and payments 1978-1995
PAR 498/15/4/1 Account of receipts and payments 1978-1980
PAR 498/15/4/2 Account of receipts and payments 1981-1983
PAR 498/15/4/3 Account of receipts and payments 1987-1989
PAR 498/15/4/4 Account of receipts and payments 1990-1991
PAR 498/15/4/5 Account of receipts and payments 1993
PAR 498/15/4/6 Account of receipts and payments 1994
PAR 498/15/4/7 Account of receipts and payments 1995
  Accounts of receipts and expenditureMaintained by the churchwardens alone until 1921; the churchwardens acted as joint Treasurers of the PCC between 1922 and 1929, when a separate PCC treasurer was appointed 1905-1949
PAR 498/9/15/5/1 Accounts of receipts and expenditureincludes lists of subscribers, and accounts of the Mission Church and the Cousley Wood Mission 1905-1949



  Parochial Church Council: other recordsFor the file of the PCC treasurer relating to the termination of the Church Lands Charity, see PAR 498/24/5 1920-2005
  Electoral rolls 1920-1967
PAR 498/16/1/1 Electoral roll 1920-1935
PAR 498/16/1/2 Electoral roll 1920-1948
PAR 498/16/1/3 Electoral roll 1951-1956
PAR 498/16/1/4 Electoral roll 1957-1963
PAR 498/16/1/5 Electoral roll 1956-1967
  Papers of the Wadhurst Housing CommitteeFor the minutes of the committee, see PAR 498/14/3 1926-1927
PAR 498/16/2/1 ‘Housing, a new liturgy’paper [by the Rev L J Causton] suggesting that the provision of housing for all is a Christian duty, ‘not as state socialism, but, far better, as the result of the free impulse of heart and conscience’ [May 1926]
PAR 498/16/2/2 Details of costs of a pair of cottages built at Primmers Green, Wadhurst, in 1926, with a comparison between investing in cottages and War Loan [May 1926]
PAR 498/16/2/3 Analysis of Wadhurst housing needs[by Miss Boyd, Hill House, Wadhurst]; lists married men with one or no children, families with two or more children, bachelors wishing to marry, widows or single women with dependants, caravans and cottages of which complaints have been received; annotated with comments [by F H Fox, surveyor] [May 1926]
PAR 498/16/2/4 Sketch and specification of cottages at Horton Kirby, Kent [May 1926]
PAR 498/16/2/5 Plans and specifications of flats for childless couples and familieswith covering letter from the designer, Amy A Long, New Barn, Wallcrouch, suggesting that ‘overcrowded dwellings are known to be hotbeds of disease and revolution; and no doubt the housing shortage is to a considerable extent responsible for strikes’ [May 1926]
PAR 498/16/2/6 Draft letter to the chairman of Ticehurst Rural District Council pointing out the urgent need to erect 28 small residencesextensive discussion of housing need, the marring of ‘this naturally beautiful district’ by haphazard development, the inadequacy of the byelaws, conflicts of interest on the RDC, the occupation of grant-aided houses by ‘people who possess motor cars and wireless sets’, and determination that Wadhurst ‘shall not be allowed to degenerate as it is fast doing now owing to the selfish greed of a few grasping individuals’; drafted by H A Fox 8 May 1926
PAR 498/16/2/7 Correspondence of the Rev L J Caustonletters from H A Fox, surveyor, Westminster and Wadhurst; Leonard J Hodson, chairman of Ticehurst RDC; John B Snell, solicitor, Tunbridge Wells; Sir Kingsley Wood, ministry of Health Apr 1926 – Feb 1927
  Fabric of the church and churchyard 1920-1977
PAR 498/16/3/1 Printed circular letter appealing for funds for repairs to the parish and mission churchessigned by the churchwardens and members of the Finance Committee of the PCC 18 Nov 1920
PAR 498/16/3/2 Report on damage to the roof by beetleJ H Fox to the vicar and churchwardens 16 Nov 1928
PAR 498/16/3/3 Further report by as PAR 498/16/3/2J H Fox at the request of the PCC 4 Mar 1929
PAR 498/16/3/4 Copy report on the fabric of the churchF C Eeles at the request of the vicar [c1930]
PAR 498/16/3/5 Maintenance of war gravesletters from the Imperial War Graves Commission to the Rev David Rice and Miss H M Leigh, treasurer of the PCC; includes list of war graves Jun – Aug 1951
PAR 498/16/3/6 Photograph of the bellsawaiting removal to Loughborough prior to retuning and replacement in the newly constructed belfry chamber after damage by death watch beetle 16 Aug 1954
PAR 498/16/3/7 Receipted account for repairs to the roof and belfry, 1952-1955Bernard Thorpe and Partners to the PCC 8 Dec 1955
PAR 498/16/3/8 Quinquennial reportby Duncan Wylson, 11 High Street, Rye, architect Jan 1959
PAR 498/16/3/9 Architect’s report on the roofreports of William S Newman, 17 Aug and 19 Sep 1977, with drawings and photographs Aug – Sep 1977
  Other parish propertyFor papers relating to Carillon Cottage, see PAR 498/16/6 1927
PAR 498/16/4/1 Lease of Redgate (formerly Kemmendine) in Wadhurst as a curate’s houseChichester Diocesan Fund, at the request of the PCC of Wadhurst, to Frank James Cartman, for 30 years or for as long as he remains curate, at £100 1 Mar 1927
  Planned giving 1960-2001
PAR 498/16/5/1 Brochure on the Planned Giving Campaignwith photographs of parish groups and activities and messages from the bishop of Chichester and the vicar Jun 1960
PAR 498/16/5/2 Lists of parishioners participating in the planned giving scheme with details of covenants [1979]-1995
PAR 498/16/5/3 Correspondence and circulars concerning planned giving 1990-2001
  Papers relating to Carillon CottageCarillon Cottage, a timber-framed house on the north side of Wadhurst High Street (ESX 161669), was purchased by the PCC in 1999 as a facility for church activities and community use after plans for an extension to the vestry had been abandoned. 1996-2005
  Constitution and trusts 1996
PAR 498/16/6/1/1 Draft declaration of trustsThe Chichester Diocesan Fund and Board of Finance with Wadhurst PCC; recites purchase of the cottage by the PCC and its transfer to the Board 1996
  Minutes 2000-2005
PAR 498/16/6/2/1 Copies of PCC minutes and reports relating to Carillon Cottagetermed Management Committee from Sep 2004; includes committee papers Nov 1998 – Apr 2003
PAR 498/16/6/2/2 Carillon Cottage Committee Oct 2000 – Dec 2004
PAR 498/16/6/2/3 Carillon Cottage Standing Committeeincludes committee papers 


Oct 2002 – Jan 2005
  Treasurer’s files 1996-2000
PAR 498/16/6/3/1 File of Andrew MacAdie, PCC treasurerlargely relates to the promotion of the scheme, reports on the fabric of the building and to fundraising Jul 1996 – Nov 1999
PAR 498/16/6/3/2 File of Andrew MacAdie, PCC treasurerlargely relates to the promotion of the scheme and to fundraising Feb – Dec 2000
  Chairman’s files 2000-2005
PAR 498/16/6/4/1 Sale of part of the garden of Carillon Cottage to the owner of the neighbouring Post Office Jan 2000 – Mar 2002
PAR 498/16/6/4/2 Grant from South East England Development Agencyincludes regular financial reports and projections Feb 2001 – Mar 2004
PAR 498/16/6/4/3 General correspondence Jun 2002 – Feb 2005
PAR 498/16/6/4/4 Donations in memory of the former PCC treasurer Andrew MacAdie (died 8 Oct 2003) Oct – Nov 2003
  Other records 1999-2005
PAR 498/16/6/5/1 Publicity material and press releases 1999-2003
PAR 498/16/6/5/2 Volunteers’ newsletterand other papers concerning volunteers; mostly undated Oct 2002 – Feb 2005
  Appointment of incumbents [1997]
PAR 498/16/7/1 Parish Statement for Wadhurst, Tidebrook and Stonegateincludes Person Profile, vision statement and values and Parish Profile, with photographs of the churches [1997]
  Correspondence of PCC treasurersFor a treasurer’s file relating to the Church Lands Charity, see PAR 498/24/5 1971-1990
PAR 498/16/8/1 Correspondence file of J C J Tye Aug 1971 – Nov 1981
PAR 498/16/8/2 Correspondence file of J C Stallman Oct 1982 – Dec 1985
PAR 498/16/8/3 Copy returns of parish finance with correspondenceincludes forms showing income and expenditure Jan 1981 – Nov 1986
PAR 498/16/8/4 Correspondence file of Neil S Rose Jul 1991 – Mar 1997
  Statutory deposits: tithe recordsFor incumbents’ tithe accounts 1745-1919 see PAR 498/6/1/1 1840-1930
  Tithe map and apportionment 1840-[c1845]
PAR 498/21/1/1 Tithe mapby John Budgen, 26.6 inches : 1 mile, 154 inches x 136 inches 1840
PAR 498/21/1/2 Survey of the parish from the general survey taken in 1840giving details of the owner, occupier, name of estate and acreage; probably compiled from the tithe apportionment in connection with rating; watermark 1845 [c1845]
  Altered apportionments 1851-1930
PAR 498/21/2/1 Altered apportionmentParcel numbers 23; 53-59 7 Jan 1851
PAR 498/21/2/2 Altered apportionmentParcel numbers 973-981; 1334-1337; 1339-1340; 1342-1350 14 Apr 1893
PAR 498/21/2/3 Altered apportionmentParcel numbers 1511-1512A; 1514A-1515A-B; 1516-1523; 1526-1527; 1575-1583; 1586-1589; 1588B; 1645 19 Jan 1901
PAR 498/21/2/4 Altered apportionmentParcel numbers 30A-C 19 Jan 1901
PAR 498/21/2/5 Altered apportionmentParcel numbers 2253-2254; 2257; 2272-2273; 2277-2280 20 Aug 1909
PAR 498/21/2/6 Altered apportionmentParcel numbers 1301-1308 1 Jun 1911
PAR 498/21/2/7 Altered apportionmentParcel numbers 720A-729A-C; 737C,E-F; 738-740; 742; 744; 747-754; 756; 758-759; 760A; 779-800; 805-818; 821-834; 1041-1048 28 Aug 1916
PAR 498/21/2/8 Altered apportionment 12 Aug 1904
PAR 498/21/2/9 Altered apportionment 7 Dec 1906
PAR 498/21/2/10 Altered apportionment 23 Jun 1930
  Redemption certificates 1900-1921
PAR 498/21/3/1 Redemption certificateParcel numbers 2437-2439 20 Jul 1900
PAR 498/21/3/2 Redemption certificateParcel numbers 31-31A 17 Jun 1901
PAR 498/21/3/3 Redemption certificateParcel number 61 13 Feb 1903
PAR 498/21/3/4 Redemption certificateParcel numbers 1790; 1792-1799; 1898-1899 7 May 1903
PAR 498/21/3/5 Redemption certificateParcel number 2257 3 Feb 1910
PAR 498/21/3/6 Redemption certificateParcel numbers 1306-1333; 1056 19 Sep 1921
  Lists of tithe documents [c1920]
PAR 498/21/4/1 List of Wadhurst tithe documents, 1852-1916 [c1920]



  CharitiesFor the records of the Wadhurst United Charities (mainly Whitfield’s Charity), 1580-1905 see AMS 5813; for a list of muniments in the parish chest, mainly relating to the charity lands, c1850 see XA 38 1670-1994
  William Kitchenham’s CharityBy his will of 30 November 1670, William Kitchenham charged an annuity of 20 shillings on his lands called Sledenfields, later part of a farm called Foxes. Ten shillings was to be paid to the ‘ancientest poor’ of the parish and ten shillings to the vicar to preach a sermon on Ascension day. [c1720]
PAR 498/24/1/1 Fragment of a copy of the original will of William KitchenhamWilliam Courthope states that Kitchenham died in 1676, but that no trace of the will could be found either in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury or in the Deanery of South Malling: PAR 498/7/2/4.leaving a rent charge of 20s on lands called Sledenfeilds in Wadhurst, half to be used for the ancient poor of Wadhurst and half for the preaching of a sermon on Ascension Day; 30 Nov 1670. [c1720]
  Thomas Whitfield’s charity 1670
PAR 498/24/2/1 Agreement between the Churchwardens and Overseers of Wadhurst concerning the disposal of the arrears of Whitfield’s charityof the £22 received by the feoffees of Rowfant (Roughfant) Lands and other lands given by the ancestors of Mr Whitfield, £18 3s 0d has been allowed against the costs of recovery of the trust and £3 17s 0d bestowed on the poor; the deficit of £7 17s 0d has been taken from last year’s poor rate 13 Apr 1670
  St Georges Hall Sparrows Green 1927-1994
PAR 498/24/3/1 Abstract of title to The Manor House, Sparrows GreenWace – Luck, [1895]-1927; includes plan of The Manor House and land (5a), occupied by Vaughan and Ford 1927
PAR 498/24/3/2 Conveyance of the site of the church hallMrs Mary Salt (wife of Meredith Salt of Windyhaugh, Hook Hill, Sanderstead in Surrey, shipping manager) and Alice Elizabeth Luckey (wife of George Edward Luckey of Okolochs, Hook Hill, Sanderstead, surveyor) to the Rev Lilford Jervoise Causton of Wadhurst and other trusteesplot of land (plan) on the corner of Gloucester Road and George Street 15 Feb 1927
PAR 498/24/3/3 Tracing of plan on PAR 498/24/3/2 [1927]
PAR 498/24/3/4 Charity Commission Scheme for the management of the charity 20 Jul 1994
  Documents relating to more than one charity [c1875]-1903
PAR 498/24/4/1 List of charities in Wadhurst, listing donor, description of property, purpose, date, names of trustees and remarkswatermark 1874 post 1874
PAR 498/24/4/2 Letter from the Charity Commissioners to J C Lane Andrew, Kirkstone, Wadhurststating the endowment of the Church Lands Charity and requesting a statement of account; adequate statements have been received for Playsted’s and Kitchenham’s charities 8 Dec 1902
PAR 498/24/4/3 Statement of the endowment and accounts of the Church Lands, Playsted’s and Kitchenham’s charities 6 Jan 1903
  Church Lands CharityThe sole item in this subseries is a file maintained by the PCC treasurer Neil Rose, and deals with the termination of the charity, and the merger of its assets with those of the PCC, in 1995. In the course of that process information was gathered on the history of the charity, and this introduction is based upon it. 

The Church Lands were apparently given by John a Berry, but the first document that could be found by the Commissioners of Enquiry into Charitable Lands in the 1830s was a feoffment to new trustees of 1699 and a map of the previous year (ACC 6077/15/70). That land, the history of which to 1832 is given by the printed report, consisted of an almshouse and 28 acres. When William Courthope examined the contents of the parish chest in about 1843, it contained deeds of the Parish Lands from 1605 to 1814, consisting of leases, appointments of new trustees and the map previously mentioned. It is clear from the map that the endowment of the charity lay near Scrag Oak. That land was exchanged, by an order of the Enclosure Commissioners, for Hunters Hall, a cottage and 37½ acres of land near Cousley Wood. Hunters Hall, which might have been identical to the estate of the same name purchased by George Courthope in 1824 (AMS 6387/1/1), was sold in 1888 and stock purchased from the proceeds.


The funds of the Charity had always been used to reduce the poor rate rather than for any specific object. In 1992, in the absence of trustees or records, the PCC began to investigate the possibility of transferring the assets of the Charity to itself, and succeeded in terminating the Charity in 1995.

For William Courthope’s list of documents in the Wadhurst parish chest, c1843, including the deeds of the Church Lands, 1605-1814, and of other charity lands, 1637-1819, see XA 38/1; for a map of Church Lands, surveyed by order of the churchwardens by John Walker of Rotherfield, 1698, see ACC 6077/15/70; for other files of the PCC treasurers, see PAR 498/16/8

PAR 498/24/5/1 File of Neil Rose, PCC treasurer, on the dissolution of the CharityIncludes copies of a report on Hunters Hall, the endowment of the Charity, by Daniel Smith Son and Oakley, with plan and schedule, Jan 1888; letter from the trustees requesting sale, 27 Apr 1888; a Charity Commission Scheme permitting its sale, 20 Jul 1888;  notification of sale to Frederick Wilkin (one of the trustees), 27 Sep 1888 Nov 1967 – Apr 1995
  SchoolsFor the records of Wadhurst CE School, 1840-1979 see ESC 155 and EMA 167 1827-1892
PAR 498/25/1 Report of the Chichester Diocesan Association Inspector on Wadhurst boys’, girls’ and infants’ schools Apr 1872 – 1892
PAR 498/25/2 National Day and Sunday Schools account bookFor accounts Apr 1789 – Dec 1825, see PAR 498/2/1 Jan 1827 – Dec 1861



  Other recordsDocuments having no apparent connection with the administration of the parish 1692-1867
  Deeds of a house in Wadhurst Town 1692-1724
PAR 498/26/1/1 Counterpart mortgage for £30Robert Newnham of Wadhurst, salesman, to Robert Wood of Ticehurst, husbandmanmessuage in Wadhurst Town in two dwellings, with the close and backside, occupied by RN and Thomas French

W: Samuel Newington, Thomas Shorte

Endorsed: receipts for interest, 1699-1723

29 Apr 1692
PAR 498/26/1/2 Reconveyance of mortgaged estate for £31 10s 0dGoodgift Sims of Ticehurst, widow of John Sims of Ticehurst, victualler, and daughter and administratrix de bonis non of Robert Newnham of Ticehurst, to Robert Newnham of Maidstone, salesman (one of the sons and heir at law of RN of Wadhurst, salesman) and his trustee John Weekes the younger of Maidstone, gent 16 May 1724
  Kelsall’s Emigration Charity 1867
PAR 498/26/2/1 Copy letter from Donald Barclay, Sunny Bank, Mayfield to the Trustees of Kelsall’s Emigration Charityarranging a meeting of the trustees in London, giving an account of the history and aims of the charity, details of the 1408 women assisted (with names of ship, status and whether literate), and a list of questions for determination[Barclay was a solicitor in practice in Mayfield and his firm may have acted for the parish; a parishioner may have served as one of the charity’s trustees]. Jul 1867



  Constables: accounts 1616-1617
PAR 498/28/1 Vouchers of Nicholas Eversfield, Richard Scrase and his deputy William Kent, treasurers for the tax for maimed soldiers, and of Herbert Springett for charitable usesFor similar vouchers made out to the churchwardens, see PAR 498/9/1/1-3 Apr 1616 – Jan 1617



  Constables: other records 1674-1797
PAR 498/29/1 Assize order to raise a rate for the costs of discharging an indictmentthe churchwardens and constables of Wadhurst to reimburse Henry Hasling and Thomas Sanders, both of Wadhurst, gents, 20s 4d expended in discharging an indictment against the parish; Thomas Lee, clerk of assize 23 Jul 1674
PAR 498/29/2 Quarter sessions order to raise £200 spent on repairs to the House of Correction at Lewesincludes the sums to be raised by Mayfield, Wadhurst and Lamberhurst towards the £11 5s 6d charged on the hundred of Loxfield Baker 5 Oct 1721
  Warrants to arrest persons to answer the churchwardens and overseers 1768-1792
PAR 498/29/3/1 Warrant of George Courthope to arrest Philadelphia Thorpe widowfor returning from her place of last legal settlement to which she was sent by order 2 May 1768
PAR 498/29/3/2 Warrant of Samuel Boys to arrest John Underhill the younger of Wadhurst, laboureras putative father of the bastard child of Martha Clapson 15 Apr 1769
PAR 498/29/3/3 Warrant of Samuel Boys to arrest Elizabeth Foster of Wadhurst, singlewomanfor being delivered of a child likely to become chargeable 19 Mar 1770
PAR 498/29/3/4 Warrant of George Medley to arrest William Grigsby of Wadhurst, labourerfor running away and leaving his wife and family chargeableEndorsed: allowed by Samuel Boys to be executed in Kent by William Skinner 22 Nov 1784
PAR 498/29/3/5 Warrant of Samuel Boys to arrest Thomas Manktelow of Wadhurst, labourerfor leaving his family chargeable 13 Oct 1790
PAR 498/29/3/6 Warrant of Luke Spence to arrest Elizabeth Rogersfor being delivered of a bastard child in Wadhurst and refusing to be examined as to the father 7 Jan 1792
PAR 498/29/4 Printed quarter sessions order to constablesto help in the stricter enforcement of the laws against neglect of worship, blasphemy, swearing, excessive drinking and lewdness, to be distributed to each alehouse in the parishEndorsed: distribution-list of [sacrament money as PAR 498/2/1/1 and 9/2]; 2 Jul 1797 12 Jul 1787



  Overseers of the poor: ratesFor poor rates, 1759-1761, 1771-1773 see AMS 6784/1 1686-1822
PAR 498/30/1 Poor rate [Sep] 1686 – Mar 1728
PAR 498/30/2 Poor rateat back: copy of a form of a settlement certificate according to Act of Parliament in force 24 Jun 1730 Sep 1728 – Jul 1755
PAR 498/30/3 Poor rate Jun 1809 – Mar 1822
PAR 498/30/4 Copy of poor rate book 13 Sep 1814