Upcoming Events

  • Commemoration of the D-Day landings

    Watch a video of how Wadhurst History Society commemorated the D-Day landings of June 1944. Here are a few more photos of the event.

  • 20th Anniversary exhibition

    This year Wadhurst History Society celebrated its 20th anniversary with a fundraising exhibition at the Commemoration Hall. It was hugely successful, attended by more than 600 people and with lots of good feedback.

  • The Last Hop Harvest

    Patrick McFarlan filmed the last hop harvest in Wadhurst at Little Pell Farm. His video shows how the hops are harvested and then processed.

  • Wadhurst History Centre re-opens following the flood

    On 17th August 2022 the Wadhurst History Centre was flooded by a freak storm. No documents were damaged but everything had to be removed to allow the floor dried out.