Wadhurst History Society Publications

Wadhurst’s Black Sunday

A detailed account of the Battle of Aubers Ridge

Price £10 + p&p £3.50            More information

Wadhurst – Town of the High Weald

The classic history of Wadhurst     

Price £12.50 + p&p £3.50       More information

Wadhurst Then and Know

Wadhurst old and new in pictures

Price £12.00 + p&p £4.00          More information 

Wadhurst Back in Time (1901 – 1936)

  Traces the changes during the early part of 20th century

Price £15.00 + p&p £4.00          More information

Wadhurst in the Second World War

Looks at life before during and after the war

Price £12.00 + p&p £4.00          More information

The Day Wadhurst Changed  (Friday 20th January 1956)

Price £9.00 + p&p £3.50              More information

Victorian Wadhurst

Price £9.00 + p&p £3.50              More information

The Story of George Street

Price £4.00 + p&p £3.00             More information

The Last Great Prize Fight

Price £4.00 + p&p £3.00            More information

Books may be purchased from:

The Wadhurst History Centre – (Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10.00 -12.30)

Barnett’s Books, High Street, Wadhurst, TN5 6AA  Tel: 01892 783566,

Or by sending a cheque for the correct amount made out to Wadhurst History Society to:

Wadhurst History Society, Commemoration Hall, High Street, Wadhurst, TN5 6AP