The Wadhurst History Centre houses many thousands of photographs and documents which are divided into four major collections according to their source. These are:

  • The Bocking Collection
  • The Neil Rose Collection
  • The Stan Cosham Collection
  • The Wadhurst History Society Collection

The task of archiving the huge number of documents is an enormous undertaking and will continue for many months to come. The Wadhurst History Society Collection continues to grow as further donations are received. However archiving the Stan Cosham is nearing completion and a list of documents with a brief summary of their contents can be found by clicking on the Stan Cosham Collection tab. The index cards, which can be viewed in the History Centre, contain further details of each document and also contain information on their file location.

From time to time, as work progresses, it is intended to update and add to the lists. It is hoped that these will prove helpful but it should be noted that the lists can only contain the briefest of summaries and much more information is available in the History Centre where, in addition to the hard copy index cards, electronic searching of the Collections is available.