Bocking Collection

(1) The index Card number locates the file in the History Centre. (2) Unknown dates are left blank. (3) Date suffixes: “C”= circa,  “<” = before,  “>”  = after,  “?” = possibly  “/“ = between dates, “-“ duration. (4) The search tool is available but more comprehensive searches can be undertaken in the History Centre. (5) Further Index Cards will be added as work progresses.
Heading Brief Description Year/s Index Card
1st WORLD WAR List of 70 men who were known to have died. 1917 Aug 04 BC/AM/054
1st WORLD WAR Photo of Sports on the Cricket Field BC/PH/267
1st WORLD WAR REUNION LUNCH Photo – many identified 1919 Aug 30 BC/PH/627
2ND WORLD WAR Warden’s report form 1944 BC/AM/033
2nd WORLD WAR Photo: crashed  Messerschmitt bomber on the lawn of Little Butts Farm. More details available 1940 Sep 04 BC/PH/218
2nd WORLD WAR Photos & Cutting: the aftermath of the bomb which fell on Buttons Farmhouse. 2 died 1940 Sep 19 BC/PH/219
2nd WORLD WAR 3 newspaper photos of the crashed Messerschmitt on the lawn of Little Butts. More info on reverse 1940 Sep 04 BC/PH/220
ADVERTISEMENTS Adverts (4), and two articles 1907 and 1909 BC/AM/229
ADVERTISING POSTER J Smith and Son sale 1900 BC/AM/02
ADVERTISING POSTER J Smith and Son 1900 BC/AM/026
ADVERTISING POSTER Tom Capeling publicising his “Hygienic Bakery” 1896 BC/AM/028
AIR TRAINING CORPS, WADHURST Photo taken on the forecourt of the Commemoration Hall at the Presentation of Colours. 1942/1943 BC/PH/337
AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT Information on crash 1912 BC/AM/233
AMEN ALLEY, THE TWITTEN Explanation of the history of Amen Alley BC/AM/234
ANTIQUE(S) FAIR and CLUB Press cuttings and comment 1973 BC/AM/238
ANTIQUE(S) FAIR and CLUB Press cuttings and comment 1975, 1976,1977 Oct BC/AM/240
ANTIQUES FAIR and CLUB Comment about fair and pres cuttings 1971 Oct BC/AM/236
ANTIQUES FAIR and CLUB Press cuttings and comment 1972 Oct BC/AM/237
ASHBY’S Photo: “Grocers and Drapers” shop later Lloyds Bank. People in photo all named 1912c BC/PH/167
ASHBY’S STORES Photo of shop owned by J E Ashby, draper 1909C BC/PH/450
ATHLETIC SPORTS Balance sheet 1987 Aug 20 BC/AM/055
AUSTEN, Frank Photo 1909< BC/FP/005
BALDWIN (and) WATTS Invoices (3) 1918, 1937 BC/AM/110
BALDWIN (and) WATTS Invoices (2) 1938, 1942 BC/AM/111
BALDWIN AND WATTS Photo of poster 1911/1912 BC/PH/185
BALDWIN’S GARAGE Photo – full details on reverse 1905/1906 BC/PH/183
BALDWIN’S GARAGE Photo: Transports various 1907 BC/PH/184
BALLARD FAMILY – Cousley Wood Forge Photo 1908/1909? BC/PH/186
BAND GROUP Photo – most identified 1930c BC/PH/751
BAND OF HOPE Press-cutting of the Wadhurst Band of Hope girls 1900s -early BC/PH/669
BAPTIST CHURCH Photo shows former Baptist Church closed up – Ashby (grocer’s) on the right 1905 BC/PH/019
BARBER’S Photocopy 1900/1902 BC/PH/174
BARROW, E G and BEECH HOUSE PRESS Invoices (2) 1939, 1946 BC/AM/112
BARROW, Mr A and KEMP, Mr Charles Two photos BC/PH/709
BARTLEY MILL History, notes and press cuttings 1987 Apr BC/AM/241
BARTLEY MILL Photo: William Arnold and Sons – millers. 1844/1902 BC/PH/194
BARTLEY MILL – near Bells Yew Green Brief history BC/AM/083
BARTLEY MILL – near Bells Yew Green Photo 1987 BC/PH/615b
BARTLEY MILL – near Bells Yew Green Photos 1987 and 1880c BC/PH/616
BARTLEY MILL – near Bells Yew Green Postcards (2) 1880-1890c BC/PH/617
BASSETT’S FORGE Photo of blacksmiths BC/PH/623
BASSETT’S FORGE,  Durgates Photocopy: All identified 1905/1906 BC/PH/180
BASSETT’S FORGE, Durgates Photo – two oxen, turning into Bassett’s Forge 1928/1929 BC/PH/182
BASSETT’S FORGE,Durgates Photocopy:  Elephant and the pony being shod 1935/1936 BC/PH/181
BAYHAM PROSPECT Postcard of Newington’s Stores BC/PH/554
BAYHAM PROSPECT Postcard of Newington’s Stores BC/PH/555
BAYHAM PROSPECT – Station Road Photo: Mr Will Newington in the doorway of W H Newington’s Stores 1905/1906 BC/PH/106
BAYHAM PROSPECT -Station Road Photo of W H Newington’s Stores which closed in 1979 1909/1910 BC/PH/107
BBC   “HAVE A GO” Photo taken when the team was recording. Wilfred Pickles, Mabel and Mrs Austen identified 1950 Oct 06 BC/PH/338
BBC   “HAVE A GO” Sketch drawing/flyer  advertising the  HAVE A GO 1950 Sep 28 BC/PH/339
BEALES OAK FARM Photo 1968 BC/PH/585
BEECHLANDS – Best Beech Hill Photo showing beautiful gardens with a bridge over a lake 1917 BC/PH/117
BEECHLANDS – Best Beech Hill Photo: Beechlands with  thatched roof and steps leading to a lake. 1913 BC/PH/118
BEN GREIG Billheadings (9) Var BC/AM/151
BEN GREIG Bill headings (2) 1951 BC/AM/152
BEN GREIG Bill headings (2) 1926, 1928 BC/AM/153
BENGE, E and  BASSETT, J Invoice and headings 1923, 1932, 1946 BC/AM/11
BENGE’S SHOP – Cousley Wood Photo Mr J Chapman serving customer 1979 BC/PH/615
BEST BEECH Postcards (2) Best Beech Hotel/Inn and Best Beech Road 1965 BC/PH/565
BEST BEECH Postcards (2) – Best Beech Hotel/Inn and View from Best Beech showing The Mount 1931 and 1928 BC/PH/566
BEST BEECH Postcard – 1913 BC/PH/567
BEST BEECH Postcard – View from Best Beech Hill 1929 BC/PH/568
BEST BEECH Postcards – Best Beech Hill BC/PH/569
BEST BEECH AREA Postcards (10) BC/PH/736
BEST BEECH HILL Photo looking towards Fairglen Road on the left 1913 BC/PH/116
BEST BEECH HILL LANDSLIDE Photo showing landslide on the Tidebrook Road. People identified 1910 BC/PH/216
BEST BEECH HOTEL Invoices (2) 1922, 1927 BC/AM/115
BEST BEECH HOTEL Photo  showing the Inn, formerly the Hare and Hounds BC/PH/114
BEST BEECH PROPERTIES Photo taken in  the Wesleyan Church on the 1st Anniversary of the Sisterhood. Many identified 1935C BC/EB/001
BEST BEECH PROPERTIES Catalogue of properties for sale in and around Best Beech 1898 BC/EB/001a
BEST KEPT VILLAGE Press Cuttings and comment 1983 Nov BC/AM/242
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR Press cuttings about start of work and use 1973 – 1975 BC/AM/243
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR Flooding started 1975 Sep – 1975 Nov BC/AM/244
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR Press cuttings about problems and water skiing 1975 Nov – 1976 Mar BC/AM/245
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR Press cuttings about use of the reservoir 1976 Apr – 1977 Mar BC/AM/246
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR Press cuttings about sailing on the reservoir 1977 BC/AM/247
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR Press cuttings – questions and fishing 1978 Mar – Apr BC/AM/248
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR Brochures 1977 – 1979 BC/AM/249
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR Sailing, rowing and outside development 1979 Jun – 1980 Dec BC/AM/250
BEWL BRIDGE RESERVOIR Activities, parking, wildlife and problems 1979 Sep – 1982 Jun BC/AM/252
BILLIARDS CLUB Press cuttings and Joe Davis 1958 May – 1971 Jul BC/AM/253
BLACKMAN, E –  road sweeper Photo BC/PH/795
BLACKSMITHS LANE Photos: Step Stile (now known as Donkey Steps)  & Pell Bridge Cottages occupied by George Down 1904 & 1905 BC/PH/022
BLACKSMITHS’ FORGES Location of forges and the families involved BC/AM/254
BLOOMFIELD, C Invoices (3) 1926, 1930, 1928 BC/AM/116
BLOOMFIELD, C and  BOORMAN W J Invoices (4) 1921, 1927, 1934 1938 BC/AM/117
BLUECAPS, Cousley Wood References and the Fuller Family 1847 – 1935 BC/AM/255
BOCKING, Charles 1857 – 1859 BC/AM/221
BOCKING, Charles Recording on cassette 1983 Oct BC/RE/003
BOCKING, Charles – INTERVIEW Video 1982 Aug 23 BC/RE/002
BOOKS ON SUSSEX Short descriptions 1980 BC/AM/256
BOORMAN and COUCHMAN Photos (2) outside front door and in hop garden BC/PH/547
BOORMAN BROS and MORLEY BROWNE Invoice headings (3) 1926, 1930, 1921 BC/AM/118
BOORMAN, T R (and SON) Invoices (2) 1938, 1935 BC/AM/119
BOWLING CLUB Photo of opening of the club 1934 02 Jun BC/PH/810
BOWLS CLUB Press cuttings 1963, 1973, 1975, 1981 BC/AM/257
BOY SCOUTS Photo – Kent and Sussex Courier 1911 BC/PH/157
BOY SCOUTS Annual Report 1913 BC/PH/158
BOYD Miss A, and WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Invitations 1932 BC/AM/087
BOYS’ SCHOOL – Wadhurst Photo 1877c BC/PH/644
BRAXTON WATSON and CO Invoice headings (2) BC/AM/120
BRAXTON WATSON and CO Invoice headings (2) BC/AM/121
BRITISH LEGION  in Wadhurst Press cuttings 1938 – 1963 BC/AM/258
BROWNIES Photo of group of Brownies standing outside Binn’s on the Pantiles, BC/PH/381
BROWNIES in Wadhurst Group pictures 1970, 1975 BC/AM/259
BROWNIES of Wadhurst Press-cuting of the cast of the Brownies’ Christmas entertainment 1981 BC/PH/689
BRYDON W and BUSS CHEALE Headed notepaper  and Invoice 1959, 1968 BC/AM/124
BRYDON, W Invoices (3) 1966, 1969 BC/AM/123
BUCKHURST PLACE Rudolph Steiner organisation plan 1979 BC/AM/260
BUCKLAND HILL FARM Photo with 7 unidentified people BC/PH/804 BC/PH/804
BUCKLAND HOUSE, Cousley Wood Notes on occupiers 1885 – 1984 BC/AM/261
BUSINESS TRANSFERS Transfer 1899 May 13 BC/AM/021b
BUSINESS TRANSFERS Transfer from Collard to H W Fillery 1899 Jun 24 BC/AM/022
BUSINESS TRANSFERS From Miss Macdonald to J Smith and Sons to Lindridge and Co 1900 and 1905 BC/AM/023
BUSINESS TRANSFERS Between Wadeson and A K Baldwin 1915 BC/AM/024
BUSINESS TRANSFERS O T Corke and Sons (grocers and drapers since 1868) to Mr E Gardner. 1925 BC/AM/025
BUSINESS TRANSFERS Henry George Walls to his sons William Henry and Samuel Thomas 1891 BC/AM/027
BUTCHER’S Photo of  the shop owned by H Sayler. Formerly it was P Smith, later G J Malpass and now Crouch’s 1927/1928 BC/PH/166
C H WHITEHOUSE (and Ltd) Letter heads (2) 1925, 1933 BC/AM/215
C W GRINHAM and SON,  A E HEASMAN and SON Bill headings (2) 1966, 1978 BC/AM/158
CARLEY AND CHAPMAN Advertisments (3) 1926, 1927, 1928 BC/AM/126
CARLEY AND CHAPMAN Letter headings (2) BC/AM/128
CARPENTER, George S Promotional seed packet/bag 1881 BC/AM/071
CASTLE   CORNER Photos (2) showing Castle Lodge and Hope Cottage 1903 and 1904 BC/PH/490
CASTLE CORNER Photos (2) 1910/1912 BC/PH/779
CATTLE MARKET Photo: Frank Austen selling. Further details on reverse 1890/1900c BC/PH/240
CELEBRATIONS Photo of either 1935 Silver Jubilee 1937 Coronation celebrations 1935 or1937? BC/PH/754
CENSUS Ticehurst Union census figures 1881 BC/AM/218
CENTRAL STORES – High Street Photo of shop, owned  by T Stanley Rowe which became Ashby’s and later Lloyds Bank 1905 BC/PH/168
CEREMONIAL PARADE Photo. Shows a long parade in the Lower High Street. Leading is H E Boorman with his milk float 1908/1910 BC/PH/205
CERTIFICATE for SCHOOLMASTERS Certification document for Charles Bocking 1857 BC/AM/224
CHAPMAN, F and CHEESMAN AND NEWINGTON Letter heading and 4 invoices 1915, 1918, 1919, 1982 BC/AM/125
CHAPMAN, H Headed notepaper BC/AM/127
CHAPMAN, H Invoices (2) 1957 Sep 28 BC/AM/129
CHAPMAN, H Invoices (2) BC/AM/130
CHAPMAN, H Bill headings (2) 1966 Jun 11 BC/AM/131
CHAPMAN, John Bill headings (2) 1961, 1967 BC/AM/132
CHARLES BALDWIN and Co Invoice 1934 BC/AM/107
CHARLES BALDWIN and Co Invoices (2) 1930 and 1934 BC/AM/108
CHARLES BALDWIN and Co, and BALDWIN L W Invoices (3) 1938, 1963, 1974 BC/AM/109
CHARLES BASSETT and SON Invoice for repairs to Church Spire and clock BC/AM/113
CHEESMAN AND NEWINGTON Bills (2) 1919, 1934 BC/AM/134
CHEESMAN AND NEWINGTON FIRE 2 photos showing the fire at the store in Washwell Lane 1979 Jul 25 and 26 BC/PH/332
CHEESMAN AND NEWINGTON FIRE 2 photos taken after the fire at the store in Washwell Lane 1979 Jul 25 and 26 BC/PH/333
CHEESMAN AND NEWINGTON FIRE 2 photos showing debris after the fire at the store in Washwell Lane 1979 Jul 25 and 26 BC/PH/334
CHEESMAN AND NEWINGTON FIRE 2 photos showing debris after the fire at the store in Washwell Lane 1979 Jul 25 and 26 BC/PH/335
CHRISTMAS DAY GIFTS Certificate made out to Beatrice Bocking 1915 BC/AM/073
CHURCH and BARN,  Cousley Wood Photos just before last service and Langham Farm barn which was destroyed by fire in April 1969. 1970 BC/PH/086
CHURCH and CHURCHYARD 2 photos – Church and Church Gate House.  Looking towars  Church  from the old “Market Square. 1907C BC/PH/436
CHURCH APPROACH Photo with Church Gatehouse on left & gate on right to The Lodge (formerly site of Claverings). 1907? BC/PH/021
CHURCH FÊTE Photos (2) on the lawn at Sunnymead, home of Dr Bye – several named 1930 Jul 16 BC/PH/504
CHURCH GATE COTTAGE Two photos of Church Gate Cottage 1961C BC/PH/439
CHURCH LADS’ BRIGADE Photo – Most identities on reverse 1911/1912 BC/PH/151
CHURCH LADS’ BRIGADE Photo in front of Uplands – Most identities on reverse 1910C BC/PH/152
CHURCH LADS’ BRIGADE Photo in front of Uplands – Most identities on reverse 1908/1910 BC/PH/153
CHURCH LADS’ BRIGADE Photo – In the garden at the Lodge 1913 BC/PH/154
CHURCH LADS’ BRIGADE Photo – Vicar – the Revd L C Stevenson and Lieutenant Revd A M Haire 1912/1913 BC/PH/155
CHURCH LADS’ BRIGADE FOOTBALL TEAM Photo – Identities on reverse 1910 BC/PH/156
CHURCH STREET Photo: Middle House in fenced garden.  The White House at the end of Church Street. 1900/1902? BC/PH/026
CHURCH STREET Postcard: Middle House occupied by William Pierson 1908/1910 BC/PH/027
CHURCH STREET Postcard: Further details including story of elephants on reverse 1906/1910 BC/PH/028
CHURCH STREET Photo: Looking towards the Queen’s Head showing the aftermath of the Meteor crash 1956 Jan 22 BC/PH/036
CHURCH STREET Photo of Cheesman and Newingtons’ mill store, taken in 1956. Also obituary for Mr Frank Pilbeam 1887- BC/PH/452
CHURCH STREET Photo shows the Middle House in the centre and the cottages in Church Street on the left. 1887- BC/PH/453
CHURCH STREET – LOWER Photo of Church Gate Cottage and The Twitten 1982 BC/PH/437
CHURCH STREET COTTAGES Photo of six cottages which have been converted into three dwellings 1962/1963C BC/PH/460
CHURCHSETTLE FARM Lots to be sold – on the dispersal of the Wadhurst Park Estate. 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/588
CIVIL DEFENCE Enrolment Form 1942 BC/AM/079
COGGER, H F Bill head 1963 BC/AM/135
COLLEENS, The – Lower Cousley Wood Photo taken by H P Robinson. It shows Mr G B Lefroy outside. Fuller details on reverse 1890 BC/PH/089
CONCERT Programme for The Belles of the Village 1900C BC/AM/068
COOPER, Thomas H and  CULLINAN, Misses Notes (2) 1938, 1940 BC/AM/137
CORKE AND SON – CORONATION POSTER Advertising poster for the Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1897 BC/PH/377
CORKE, O T Photo BC/PH 771
CORONATION Poster 1902 Jun 26 BC/AM/010
CORONATION Poster 1902 Aug 09 BC/AM/011
CORONATION Photo: Couchman and Boorman families outside Couchman’s  – Chemist and Veterinary Surgery. 1902 BC/PH/043
CORONATION Photo: Will Mitten on horseback with Harry Austen in the Market Yard. Further history on reverse. 1911 BC/PH/241
CORONATION Photo: Bonfire at Best Beech Hill, some identified 1902 BC/PH/269
CORONATION Photo taken in the Commemoration Hall showing the hall set up for the Coronation meal. 1937 May 12 BC/PH/369
CORONATION – HIGH STREET Photo of cottages dressed over all – opposite Gordon House 1902? Or 1911? BC/PH/376
CORONATION 1902 Photo of bonfire 1902 BC/PH/268
CORONATION 1902 Photos of procession 1902 BC/PH/532
CORONATION 1902 Photos: procession opposite “New House” and Mrs Boyd’s decorated pony carriage 1902 BC/PH/533
CORONATION BONFIRE Photo of building the bonfire 1902 BC/PH/692
CORONATION CELEBRATIONS Photos (2) featuring Sgt W Mitten and Dr C H Fazan 1902 BC/PH/539
COTTAGERS’ FLOWER SHOW Programme of music 1894 Jul 25 BC/AM/041
COTTAGERS’ FLOWER SHOW Programme of music by the Wadhurst Brass Band 1895 Aug 03 BC/AM/050
COTTAGERS’ FLOWER SHOW In Market Hall with Wadhurst Brass Band 1907 Aug 07 BC/AM/051
COTTAGES – WADHURST AND COUSLEY WOOD Photos: Pear Tree Cottage in Wadhurst & Holly Cottages, Cousley Wood BC/PH/087
COUCHMAN, Thomas Photo: High Street Couchman’s – chemist and veterinary surgeon, to left White Hart 1868/1869 BC/PH/171
COUCHMAN, Thomas Photo: shows Mr Couchman’s shop with the original White Hart pub on the right 1868/1869C BC/PH/462
COURTHOPE MAP Photocopy 1840c BC/MS/001
COURTHOPE, Col. and  FAZAN, Dr Photos (3) including (b) eight soldiers BC/PH/272
COURTHOPE, Lord George Phot of the funeral procession 1910 Sep 10 BC/PH/497
COUSLEY WOOD Letter probably from Brigadier or Mrs Turner, District Visitors  and 4 pages of an account book 1939 and 1965 BC/AM/232
COUSLEY WOOD Photocopy of picture of Old Vine BC/PH/074
COUSLEY WOOD Photo: To left Gallup’s Forge,  further left F J Hoadley’s butcher’s shop 1924c BC/PH/075
COUSLEY WOOD Photo of four cottages opposite the Old Vine BC/PH/076
COUSLEY WOOD Photocopy of a photograph of the Old Vine 1980 BC/PH/078
COUSLEY WOOD Photo: of the Old Vine and showing F J Hoadley (butcher) with his bicycle and W Skevington. 1921 BC/PH/079
COUSLEY WOOD Photo: meal being delivered by pony and trap 1904/1906 BC/PH/188
COUSLEY WOOD Postcards – The Larches – August 1950 and The Old Vine – 1956 1950 and 1956 BC/PH/296
COUSLEY WOOD Postcard – Looking down towards the Green 1905 BC/PH/297
COUSLEY WOOD Postcard showing the Old Vine and the Forge 1904C BC/PH/298
COUSLEY WOOD Press cutting – Ketley Cottage 1982 BC/PH/299
COUSLEY WOOD Postcard – looking towards Mill House 1915 BC/PH/300
COUSLEY WOOD Postcard – Little Butts Lane and Quarry Cottages BC/PH/301
COUSLEY WOOD Postcards – Oakhurst, Springfield and Monks Park BC/PH/302
COUSLEY WOOD Postcards – Langham Cottage – re-named Fir Tree Cottage BC/PH/303 BC/PH/303
COUSLEY WOOD Aerial View showing Oakhurst, Springfield and Claremont BC/PH/304
COUSLEY WOOD Photocopy – Langham Farm 1936 – 1948 BC/PH/305
COUSLEY WOOD Photo – The Mill House BC/PH/306
COUSLEY WOOD Photo of front entrance of The Colleens 1895C BC/PH/307
COUSLEY WOOD The Colleens – photocopy of a photograph of the front entrance 1890C BC/PH/308
COUSLEY WOOD The Colleens – photocopy of a photograph of the front entrance 1960C BC/PH/309
COUSLEY WOOD Photo – Ladymeads Farmhouse 1970 BC/PH/311
COUSLEY WOOD Photocopy of a photograph of seven people at Buckland Hill Farm BC/PH/313
COUSLEY WOOD Picture – Former Cousley Wood Stores BC/PH/614
COUSLEY WOOD AUTOCAR Photo of “Warrens Saloon Bus” 1921/1925 BC/PH/765
COUSLEY WOOD FARM Photo showing Cousley Wood Farm 1908c BC/PH/088
COUSLEY WOOD FARRIERS Photo:  Gallup’s, blacksmiths and wheelwrights. BC/PH/189
COUSLEY WOOD FRIENDLY SOCIETY Rules of the Society 1899 BC/AM/048
COUSLEY WOOD VETERANS’ CLUB Photo taken in Wannock Gardens, Polegate. Most Identified 1966 Jul 06 BC/PH/356
COUSLEY WOOD VETERANS’ CLUB Photo taken in St George’s Hall. Many identified 1966 Jan 22 BC/PH/353
COUSLEY WOOD VETERANS’ CLUB Photo taken in St George’s Hall.  Many named 1966 Jan 22 BC/PH/354
COUSLEY WOOD VETERANS’ CLUB Photo taken in St George’s Hall.  Many identified 1966 Jan 22 BC/PH/355
CRICKET CLUB Programme of two entertainments with the Wadhurst Amateur Orchestral Society 1911 Apr 12 and 13 BC/AM/043
CRICKET CLUB , Cousley Wood Photo of members – most identified 1921 BC/PH/711
CRICKET CLUB XI Picture – most players identified 1906/1908 BC/PH/141
CRIME, Sparrows Green Photo: PC Gander carrying bundle, fuller details on reverse 1908 BC/PH/060
CUTTINGS from the COURIER 1893 – 1903 and 1907 – 1946 BC/AM/228
CYCLING CLUB Picure – most players identified 1885/1890 BC/PH/142
CYCLING CLUB Programme BC/PH/143
DAIRY FARMING – Stone Cross Farm Photo shows Mr H Burgess and Mr J Oyler BC/PH/625
DANCING CLASS Tickets to a Ball 1913 Dec 31 BC/AM/052
DEVELOPMENTS in WADHURST Press cuttings (2) of ne school in Sparrows Green and house in Green Square BC/PH/662
DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATION Dinner Ticket and Commercial Travellers’ Outing 1887 Jun 22 and 1899 Jul 01 BC/AM/057
DRAMATIC PRODUCTION – Kings Messengers Photo of Boys – Most identities on reverse 1909/1910 BC/PH/150
DUNMALL, Charles (stockman) Photo with Sussex heifer 1905 BC/PH/792
DUNMALL, Edwin Photo BC/PH/496
DURGATES Postcard showing advertising board for R H Tothill 1900? BC/PH/318
DURGATES Photos, 2 – Castle Corner towards Bassett’s Forge and Mayfield Lane towards Bassett’s Forge 1900C BC/PH/319
DURGATES Pictures showing former Telephone Exchange and W Baldwin’s Motors and Garage 1904-1906? BC/PH/320
DURGATES – Corner of Mayfield Lane Postcard showing Wadhurst Motor Works on the right and passenger horse carriage 1909 BC/PH/092
DURGATES – Corner of Mayfield Lane Photo showing W Baldwin’s garage on the corner of Mayfield Lane. 1925/1930 BC/PH/093
DURGATES – Corner of Mayfield Lane Snow scene 1908 Apr 24 BC/PH/095
DURGATES (BASSETTS’) FORGE Press articles (2) with pictures BC/PH/659
DURGATES CORNER Photo: Looking up Mayfield Lane BC/PH/192
E BROOKS AND BURTT MEMORIAL HOME Invoices (7) 1917,1918 BC/AM/122
E WATSON and Sons, SAWMILLS and TIMBER YARD, E J WATKINS Letter head 1983 BC/AM/214
EARLS PLACE Hand-written address 1921 BC/AM/143
ELLIS, A and DUNMALL, W Bill headings (2) 1933, 1916 BC/AM/138
ELLIS, George JP and GODDEN,  A J Lettter Heading 1922, 1942 BC/AM/148
EMPIRE DAY CELEBRATIONS Crowds moving up into St James’ Square 1909 May 27 BC/PH/708
EMPIRE DAY SOUVENIRS Certificate presented to Beatrice Bocking 1916 BC/AM/074
EMPIRE DAY SOUVENIRS Certificate presented to Beatrice Bocking 1915 BC/AM/075
ENTERTAINMENT Programme 1897 Dec 28 and 30 BC/AM/060
ENTERTAINMENT Various Acts 1898 BC/AM/062
ENTERTAINMENT Programme 1898 Dec BC/AM/063
ENTERTAINMENT – FANCY DRESS Photo – 3 identified BC/PH/65
ENTERTAINMENTS Programme Amateur Orchestral Society 1903 Jan BC/AM/061
ERIDGE FOX HOUNDS Photos; at the Old Vine, Cousley Wood 1954C BC/PH/524
ERIDGE HUNT at the GREYHOUND Photo 1895 .. 1905 BC/FP/007
EVENTS Photos (2) seated spectators, group in fancy dress 1920sc BC/PH/757
EVENTS Photos (5) showing a procession and g a building with a sign ‘W J Piper and So 1953? BC/PH/758
EVENTS Photo of procession 1935 or 1937? BC/PH/759
EVENTS Photo of a procession coming down the Walk 1920s – early BC/PH/762
EXCURSION Leaflet showing prices and stations 1922 Apr 17 BC/AM/076
EXCURSION Leaflet showing prices and stations 1922 May 03 BC/AM/077
EXCURSION Leaflet showing prices and stations 1907 Jan 23 BC/AM/078
EXHIBITION OF LIVING PICTURES Coronation procession, Spithead review and unveiling of Queen Victoria Monument 1911 Jul 01 BC/AM/021
F SKINNER and WADHURST MUSEUM Bill heads and block of sequoia BC/AM/190
FAIRBROTHER, A and  FOOT, William G Bill headings (3) 1916, 1918, 1920 BC/AM/140
FAIRCROUCH  ESTATE 2 photos: “The Avenue” (from Tapsells Lane to Rock Robin Hill) and “Woods and Pool”. 1926 BC/PH/111
FAIRCROUCH COTTAGES Photo showing footpath from Tapsells Lane to Station Hill. 1907 BC/PH/096
FAIRCROUCH COTTAGES AND CASTLE  INN Postcards – Cottages now demolished and Castle Inn – later the Four Keys 1907? BC/PH/322
FARMERS’ CLUB OUTING Photo 1924-25 BC/PH/632
FARMERS’ OUTING Photo 1898 BC/PH/805
FAT STOCK SHOW Photo – Identities on reverse 1928 Dec 02 BC/PH/147
FAT STOCK SHOW Photo of 28 officials 1930 BC/PH/629
FAT STOCK SHOW Photo of Christmas dinner with names 1926 BC/PH/819
FAT STOCK SHOW – Annual Lunch Photo – Identities on reverse 1926 Dec 02 BC/PH/148
FATSTOCK AUCTION SHOW Catalogue 1900 Dec 06 BC/AM/049
FILMER, F de MORGAN Bill headings (5) 1919, 1920, 1922 BC/AM/139
FINGER POST Photo: Showing various directions.  Fuller details on reverse BC/PH/068
FIRE BRIGADE Photo: Wadhurst Volunteer Fire Brigade with Captain C W Ashby 1920c BC/PH/214
FIRE BRIGADE Photos (2) firemen at fire station and in the High Street 1911C BC/PH/518
FIRE BRIGADE GROUP 1925 – 1935c Photo BC/PH/747
FIRE BRIGADE VOLUNTEERS Photos (2) outside the old fire station in Sparrows Green 1911> BC/PH/786
FIRE STATION Photos (2) Old fire station and original members of the Fire Brigade BC/PH/519
FOOTBALL CLUB Picture – Most players identified 1908/1909 BC/PH/144
FOOTBALL CLUB Picture – Most players identified 1909/1910 BC/PH/145
FOOTBALL CLUB Photo of  Wednesday Team – most players identified 1909/1910 BC/PH/146
FOOTBALL CLUB Photo of team – all identified 1933/34 BC/PH/811
FOOTBALL CLUB Photo of team with names 1922/24c BC/PH/812
FOOTBALL CLUB Photo with names 1894-95 BC/PH/813
FOOTBALL CLUB Photo with names of winning team 1894-95 BC/PH/814
FOOTBALL CLUB Photo 1921-23c BC/PH/815
FOOTBALL CLUB Photo with names 1920-21 BC/PH/816
FOOTBALL CLUB Photo 1922-23 BC/PH/817
FOOTBALL CLUB Photo of winning team 1907-08 BC/PH/818
FORD AND CO (Wadhurst) Ltd Bill headings (2) 1924, 1925 BC/AM/141
FOUNTAIN INN- Tidebrook Photo of theInn which close in 1961 1961< BC/PH/122
FOXES FARM, Snape Wood Postcard BC/PH/731
FRASER, MacKenzie Mrs Printed notepaper address 1931 BC/AM/168
FRIENDLY SOCIETY Wadhurst Star Benefit Society rules 1892 BC/AM/069
G E SMITH/WADHURST INDUSTRY Bill Headings (2) 1951, 1944 BC/AM/207
Gadd, W Photo: High Street – Gadd’s Motors and Cycles BC/PH/176
GADD,W Photo: High Street – Gadd’s Cycles and Sewing Machines BC/PH/175
GARDNER, E Bill headings (2) 1924 , 1927, 1934 BC/AM/144
GAS COOKERY EXHIBITION Presentation 1907 Jun 24-26 BC/AM/072
GEORGE V, Silver Jubilee Photos, G A Lavender’s lorry, and Ben Greig on his trick cycle. 1935 May 06 BC/PH/523
GEORGE V, Silver Jubilee Photos of floats 1935 May 06 BC/PH/525
GIBB, F R Bill headings BC/AM/147
GIRL GUIDES  of Wadhurst Guides presenting farewell bouquet to their Guide Captain 1980 Jul BC/PH/687
GLOUCESTER PLACE, Sparrows Green Photo: Former site of Davis Cottages – now a block of shops 1926 BC/PH/063
GLOUCESTER PLACE, Sparrows Green Photo: Gardens to Davis Cottages – later demolished 1915 BC/PH/064
GLOUCESTER PLACE, Sparrows Green Photo: Building of two chops (now private houses). 1910/1911 BC/PH/065
GLOUCESTER PLACE, Sparrows Green Photo: Two shops, first tenants were Baldwin and Watts (later in the High Street) and Rumary’s 1910/1911 BC/PH/066
GLOUCESTER PLACE, Sparrows Green Photo: Joe and Arthur Pilbeam identified on reverse. 1912 Sep BC/PH/067
GODDEN, A J Bill heading 1944 BC/AM/149
GORDON HOUSE and CHARLES W GRINHAM Bill headings (2) 1920, 1974 BC/AM/155
GRAND CONCERT Programme for the Concert at the Queen’s Head Hotel 1899 BC/AM/058
GRAND FÊTE – Wadhurst Photo of the equstrian group in St James’ Square. Some identified 1930 Jul 16 BC/PH/358
GRAND FÊTE – Wadhurst Photo of Women of Wadhurst – most identified 1930 Jul 16 BC/PH/359
GRAND FÊTE – Wadhurst Photo taken on the lawn of SUNNYMEAD, the home of Dr and Mrs Bye. Many identified 1930 Jul 16 BC/PH/360
GREAGSBEY and WOODS Bill headings 1936, 1952 BC/AM/150
GREEN The,  Cousley Wood Photo: Old Vine on the left and cottages on the right.Children in foreground. 1904c BC/PH/077
GREEN The,  Cousley Wood Photo:  Old Vine “as it was”.  Lamp standard in foreground. 1910 BC/PH/080
GREEN The,  Cousley Wood Photo:The Green in foreground and Old Vine on the left and Gallup’s (blacksmiths’) Forge to right 1924/1922 BC/PH/081
GREETINGS FROM WADHURST Photo record of many changes which have taken place over the past 80 – 100 years BC/PH/548
GREYHOUND Photo looking towards Greyhound and the Post Office (now Jackie Martel). 1961 BC/PH/006
GREYHOUND HOTEL Bill headings (3) 1923, 1936 BC/AM/156
GREYHOUND HOTEL Bill heading and note 1951, 1955/56 BC/AM/157
GREYHOUND HOTEL – Lower High Street Photo with details of landlords 1903/1906 BC/PH/013
GREYHOUND HOTEL and T SHIELD Bill heads (2) BC/AM/189
GREYHOUND, The Photo: Shows the original entrance to the Market with a cart being unloaded 1885/1888 BC/PH/239
GRIFFIN FAMILY Photo: inspecting coal wharf at Wadhurst Station with “Brusher” Hayward holding horse BC/PH/170
H CHAPMAN and SON Advice of change of ownership 1966 BC/AM/133
H SAYLE and Co, and W A SKINNER and Sons Bill heads (2) 1929, 1916 BC/AM/188
HIGH STREET Picture 1980sc BC/FP/002
HIGH STREET Photo looking from the Post Office (formerly J Smith, saddler’s) – full details on reverse 1904 BC/PH/016
HIGH STREET Photo: View from the Post Office (formerly J Smith, saddler’s)  Fuller details on reverse 1922 BC/PH/017
HIGH STREET Photo looking towards Ashby’s and the Wesleyan Chapel. Baptist Church on left (now Crittles). 1908/1910 BC/PH/018
HIGH STREET Photo looking down towards the Wesleyan/Methodist Chapel – Gadd’s Garage on right 1930 BC/PH/020
HIGH STREET Photo: Institute on right( now Commemoration Hall), Ashby (grocer’s) on left (now Lloyds Bank). BC/PH/029
HIGH STREET Photo: Carpenter’s restaurant and bakery on left on corner of Sheepwash (Washwell) Lane 1927 BC/PH/030
HIGH STREET Photo: Washwell Lane and Church Street corner. Carpenter’s restaurant and Queen’s Head Hotel 1927 BC/PH/031
HIGH STREET 2 photos Looking towards the Queen’s Head, shows the immediate aftermath of the Meteor crash 1956 Jan 21 BC/PH/037
HIGH STREET Photo: Damaged building following Meteor Crash 1956 Jan 21 BC/PH/038
HIGH STREET Photo: Taken from the other side of the road showing aftermath of the Meteor crash 1956 Jan 22 BC/PH/039
HIGH STREET Postcard: Looking up towards the Walk. 1915/1916 BC/PH/040
HIGH STREET Photo:Looking up towards the Walk;  White Hart Inn and H C Bocking (barber’s) on the right. 1904 BC/PH/041
HIGH STREET Photo 1900? BC/PH/042
HIGH STREET Photo: Looking up towards the Walk with Couchman’s  – Chemist and Veterinary Surgery 1902 BC/PH/044
HIGH STREET Photo: Looking towards the Walk. Details of White Hart and its licensees and history  on reverse. 1880/1885 BC/PH/045
HIGH STREET Postcard: Looking down past Clock House 1907 BC/PH/046
HIGH STREET Coloured Photo 1970s BC/PH/173
HIGH STREET Two photos looking up the High Street from St James’ Square 1955 and 1963 BC/PH/418
HIGH STREET Photo of Mr Thomas Capeling’s store. Several people identified 1899-1904C BC/PH/419
HIGH STREET Photo of premises occupied by Mr T Stanley Rowe (furnisher). 1911C BC/PH/420
HIGH STREET Photo  showing J E Ashby’s store and par of the Baptist Church with pony and cart outside 1909-1910C BC/PH/430
HIGH STREET Photo showing J E Ashby’s store 1912C BC/PH/431
HIGH STREET Photo showing J E Ashby’s store 1913 BC/PH/432
HIGH STREET Photo showing mainly J E Ashby’s stores 1919 BC/PH/433
HIGH STREET Two Photos – one looking towards the  Lower High Street the other of the Haven 1904 BC/PH/435
HIGH STREET Photo Showing Lloyds Bank and distant view of the Queen’s Head Hotel. 1929 Oct BC/PH/448
HIGH STREET Photo of Alpha Press, Wadeson Print Shop – now Sonar Gaon 1915 BC/PH/449
HIGH STREET Two photos one showing Queens Head, other Carpenter’s Tea Rooms (now One Stop). 1922 and 1927 BC/PH/454
HIGH STREET Photo 1982 Aug BC/PH/455
HIGH STREET Photo of East side of street 1941 Aug BC/PH/457
HIGH STREET Photos; Stable block of the Queen’s Head Hotel and second one of same subject taken in 1955 1912C BC/PH/463
HIGH STREET Photos; similar views 60 years apart 1904C and 1965 BC/PH/465
HIGH STREET Photo looking towards the Walk BC/PH/549
HIGH STREET Press cutting including photo 1950s BC/PH/660
HIGH STREET Photo of High Street 1860c BC/PH/698
HIGH STREET Photo 1900c BC/PH/723
HIGH STREET  (central area) Photo: looking down High Street 1981 BC/PH/470
HIGH STREET and STATION Postcards(2) BC/PH/739
HIGH STREET SHOPS Press-cutting BC/PH/664
HIGH STREET, The Walk Postcards (2) BC/PH/732
HIGH STREET, Upper Photo: High Street looking towards the Walk showing the original White Hart pub 1880/1885C BC/PH/464
HIGH STREET, Upper Photo: Newington’s tobacconist/cartridge supplier and W Gadd, garage 1910C BC/PH/466
HIGH STREET, Upper Photo: shows White Hart, Newington’s, Gadds Garage and HW Fillery, 1910/1911? BC/PH/467
HIGH STREET, Upper Photo: looking down the High Street which is decorated for Edward VII’s coronation 1902 Aug BC/PH/468
HIGH STREET, Upper Photos: One similar to BC/PH/467 and BC/PH/466. Second similar but view with snow BC/PH/469
HILL HOUSE – sale of Photo and short description, asking price £90,000 1974 BC/PH/478
HILL HOUSE MOTHERS’ MEETING Press-cutting 1912 BC/PH/667
HILL HOUSE TAPESTRY Framed tapestry of Hill House BC/FP/001
HILL HOUSE VAD HOSPITAL Postcard: With six soldier patients sitting on bench 1914/1919 BC/PH/050
HILLYFIELDS FARM and THE MILL HOUSE, Cousley Wood Photos – several 1979 BC/PH/746
HOME GUARD Photo: Wadhurst and Ticehurst – all in photo named 1939/1945 BC/PH/198
HOME GUARD Photo of of No. 3 platoon, 18th Battalion Sussex Home Guard. 1939-1945 BC/PH/628
HOME GUARD – Photo taken outside the Old Vine, Cousley Wood – almost all named 1939/1945 BC/PH/199
HOME GUARD – ‘A’ COMPANY 18th BATTALION Photo taken at the Drill Hall, Lower High Street. No one identified 1943/1944 BC/PH/336
HOME GUARDS – WADHURST Photo of inspection 1944 BC/PH/788
HOP INDUSTRY Photo: Working at Little Pell Farm BC/PH/190
HOP INDUSTRY Photo: Foxhole Farm BC/PH/193
HOP INDUSTRY Photos (8) 1905 – 1913 BC/PH/807
HOP-PICKING Perrins Farm with Mr Henry Lee BC/PH/619
HOP-PICKING Photo – Great Pell Farm with Mr and Mrs Russell BC/PH/620
HOP-PICKING Photo – Great Pell Farm BC/PH/621
HOP-PICKING Photo Foxhole Farm 1909-1910 BC/PH/624
HORSE SHOW Photo of 24 officials 1926 BC/PH/630
HORSE SHOW AND SPORTS Photo taken on the playing field at Sparrows Green. Several identified 1930 Aug 20 BC/PH/520
HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Old Village Functions 1897? BC/AM/044
HOSPITAL  SUNDAY Photo of procession – many named 1908 Aug 09 BC/PH/536
HOSPITAL  SUNDAY Photo of procession – some named 1910 Aug 14 BC/PH/537
HOSPITAL  SUNDAY Photo of parade 1910C BC/PH/538
HOSPITAL SUNDAY Press-cutting of Hospital Sunday parade 1920 BC/PH/670
HOSPITAL SUNDAY Photo of an event on the Cricket Field 1908/1910 BC/PH/750
HOSPITAL SUNDAY Photo taken on the Institute Field 1928? BC/PH/755
HOSPITAL SUNDAY Photo – several identified 1928/30 BC/PH/756
HOSPITAL SUNDAY Photo 1908/1910 BC/PH/782
HOSPITAL SUNDAY – COLLECTORS Photo: Collectors all named 1928/1930c BC/PH/210
HOSPITAL SUNDAY  PARADE Photo showing a long parade outside the Middle House in the High Street 1908-1910c BC/PH/206
HOSPITAL SUNDAY  PARADE Photo showing Parade at Castle Corner 1910 Aug 14 BC/PH/207
HOSPITAL SUNDAY  PARADE Photo taken outside the Red Lion, Sparrows Green 1908 Aug 09 BC/PH/208
HOSPITAL SUNDAY  PARADE Photoshows Parade in High Street approaching Church Street 1910/1911 BC/PH/209
HOSPITAL SUNDAY PARADE Photo of procession passing the Clock House 1920 BC/PH/530
HOSPITAL SUNDAY PARADE Photo showing procession passing the Clock House 1920 BC/PH/531
HOSPITAL SUNDAY PARADE Photo of parade 1926/1927? BC/PH/654
HOSPITAL SUNDAY PARADE Crowds in the High Street. 1910c BC/PH/704
HUNT  MEET at the Greyhound Photo: 1905/1908 BC/PH/204
INFANT WELFARE CENTRE, Wadhurst and District Invitation 1951 BC/AM/089
INGLE’S FARM, Little Pell Postcards (2) of Hop-picking BC/PH/738
INTERNATIONAL STORES Two photos of rebuilt International Stores and the Parade shops almost completed 1961 Dec BC/PH/461
INTERNATIONAL STORES – High Street Photo: Corner of Washwell Lane and Church Street. Showing aftermath of the Meteor crash 1956 Jan 22 BC/PH/034
INVITATION BALL Ball 1899 Feb 08 BC/AM/056
JUBILEE 1935 Photo of Parade 1935 BC/PH/512
JUBILEE 1977 Photo of Courthope Avenue street party 1977 Jun 07 BC/PH/384
KEELEY, Bob Photo: On Donkey Steps with 8 children – 3 identified -Violet Wallis, Charity Fairbrother, Bob Keeley BC/PH/023
LA  COLLINA Photo of La Collina, formerly Baptist Church now Crittle’s 1962 BC/PH/434
LADS’ BRIGADE: Wadhurst Parish Church Photo 1910 BC/PH/636
LADS’ BRIGADE: Wadhurst Parish Church Photo of Camp at Worthing 1914 Jul/Aug BC/PH/637
LADS’ BRIGADE: Wadhurst Parish Church Photo 1912-1914 BC/PH/638
LADS’ BRIGADE: Wadhurst Parish Church Photo 1910 BC/PH/639
LANGHAM FARMHOUSE -Cousley Wood Photocopy of the farmhouse BC/PH/665
LARCOMBE, Mr and Mrs Photo with family in Lower High Street 1908-1909c BC/PH/716
LAVENDER G A and LAVENDAR P J Bill headings (3) 1935, 1945, 1949 BC/AM/165
LAVENDER George and LAVENDER  G A Bill headings (2) 1922, 1925, 1948 BC/AM/164
LAWRENCE, G W H Invoices (2) 1974 BC/AM/166
LEAS, The – BALACLAVA HILL Photo 1977 BC/PH/821
LITTLE PELL FARM Two photos 1935 and 1963 BC/PH/444
LITTLE PELL FARM – HOP INDUSTRY Photo of group, all identified 1905 BC/PH/777
LITTLE PELL, Blacksmiths Lane Photo of the side elevation of Little Pell Farmhouse BC/PH/442
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESS H J Austen auction sale and notepaper headings 1862 and 1870 BC/AM/101
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES Agrivet Letter Heading 1972 Apr 06 BC/AM/095
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES E J Allen of Westons and A Amery, importer of cattle 1921 and 1925 BC/AM/096
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES Letter headings of S Ansell and Son, andW G Anderson, Bailiff BC/AM/097
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES Bills from J E Ashby, The Stores and E Gardner later Ashby’s 1916 and 1922 BC/AM/098
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES Bills (2) for C W Ashby  one for H A Athawes 1918, 1923, 1925 BC/AM/099
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES Bill heading from G Ashb and C W Ashby 1952 and 1916 BC/AM/100
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES Austen Records – partners H J Austen R F Watson and Rowland Gorringe 1911 and 1919 BC/AM/102
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES Austen Records- bill headings for Cattle Market 1920-1933 BC/AM/103
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES Bill headings (2) 1921< BC/AM/104
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES W Baldwin and Baldwin Bros Ltd – business card and bills 1921<and 1925 BC/AM/105
LOCAL TRADES and BUSINESSES Charles Baldwin and Co,four bill headings 1936-1950 BC/AM/106
LOWER COUSLEY WOOD Photo – Old Tollgate Cottage BC/PH/312
LOWER HIGH STREET Photo showing former allotments – now Stone Cross Road estate 1961 BC/PH/005
LOWER PLATTS, Ticehurst Photos of cottage struck by lightning 1916/1917 BC/PH/802
LOWER PLATTS, Ticehurst Photos (2) of cottage struck by lightning 1916/1917 BC/PH/803
LUCK Bros Bill headings (4) 1927, 1931, 1938, 1940 BC/AM/167
LUCKSLAND HOUSE- Lower High Street Photo of house which was later demolished BC/PH/406
MALPASS, G and J Bill heading 1981 BC/AM/169
MANNINGTON, I and MITTEN, William Bill headings (2) 1925, 1923, 1945 BC/AM/170
MARK CROSS WINDMILL Postcard of the Windmill which was destroyed by fire c 1911 BC/PH/139
MARK CROSS WINDMILL Photo of the Windmill taken after the disastrous fire in 1911 1911 BC/PH/140
MARKET HALL WELCOME HOME BANQUET Photo: – laid out for the Welcome Home Banquet after the end of the 1st World War 1919 Aug 30 BC/PH/260
MARKET HALL WELCOME HOME BANQUET Photo of men who had returned from the fighting  – none identified. 1919 Aug 30 BC/PH/261
MARKET HALL WELCOME HOME BANQUET Photo of men who had returned from the fighting – none identified 1919 Aug 30 BC/PH/262
MARKET HALL WELCOME HOME BANQUET Photo of Banquet  held in the Market Hall for returning soldiers – most identified 1919 Aug 30 BC/PH/263
MARKET HALL WELCOME HOME BANQUET Photo of Banquet  held in the Market Hall for returning soldiers – most identified 1919 Aug 30 BC/PH/264
MARKET HALL WELCOME HOME BANQUET Photo of Banquet  held in the Market Hall for returning soldiers – most identified 1919 Aug 30 BC/PH/265
MARKET HALL WELCOME HOME BANQUET Photo of Banquet  held in the Market Hall for returning soldiers – most identified 1919 Aug 30 BC/PH/266
MARKET SALE RING Picture 1895 .. 1900 BC/FP/003
MARLPIT, Sparrows Green Postcard 1920 BC/PH/055
MAYFIELD LANE Postcard 1960 BC/PH/321
MAYPOLE DANCE Dancing on the Institute Field 1914- BC/PH/666
MAYPOLE DANCING Photo on the Institute Field – most named 1910/1911 BC/PH/796
METEOR CRASH Press-cuttings showing Michael Ratcliff in his kitchen 1956 Jan BC/PH/693
METEOR CRASH Press-cutting of devastation 1956 Jan BC/PH/694
METEOR CRASH Press-cuttings 1956 Jan BC/PH/695
METHODIST CHAPEL Poster 1867 Oct 27 BC/AM/222
METHODIST CHURCH (Wesleyan) Poster 1869 Oct 31 BC/AM/009
MILL HOUSE,  Cousley Wood Photo prior to alterations, The early corn mill had stood in the meadow behind 1860 – 1885c 1981 BC/PH/085
MINERAL SPRINGS – Whiligh Black and white photograph 1908/1910 BC/PH/001
MINERAL SPRINGS – Whiligh Black and white photograph 1928 BC/PH/002
MINERS ARMS Photo showing the Miners Arms BC/PH/131
MINERS ARMS, THE SHANT Photos (20 and short article BC/PH/768
MINERS’ ARMS – Snape 2 photos: Miners’ Arms and that area of Snape Wood.  Stream and the Miners’ Arms, centre right 1937  and 1938 BC/PH/119
MISSION CHURCH –  Faircrouch Lane Photo of Church finally closed in 1948 BC/PH/110
MISSION CHURCH – Faircrouch Lane Photo of the church previously the Iron Church , Woods Green. Full details on reverse. BC/PH/109
MITTEN, William Bill heading and note 1942 BC/AM/171
MONKS LANE, Cousley Wood Photo of the Bungalow destroyed 18th October 1940 by German bomb 1924/1926 BC/PH/073
MOSEHAM and STONE CROSS 7 Photos. The Church from Foxhole Lane, Brinkers Lane towards the village  and 5 views of Wadhurst 1911 and 1929 BC/PH/401
MOSEHAM HILL Postcards (2) BC/PH/735
MOSEHAM HOUSE, Lower High Street Photo of southern aspect BC/PH/402
MOTHERS’ MEETING Photo taken in the garden at Hill House – most identified 1912 BC/PH/540
MOTHERS’ UNION OUTING Photo – Identities on side 1956 BC/PH/162
MOUNT PLEASANT COTTAGES – Lower High Street Photo showing the row of cottages formerly belonging to the Whiligh Estate BC/PH/404
NATIONAL SCHOOL Photo – several identified 1876/1877 BC/PH 774
NATIONAL SCHOOL – Mixed Infants, Wadhurst Photo 1905-1906 BC/PH/646
NATIONAL SCHOOL – Mixed Infants, Wadhurst Photo 1905c BC/PH/647
NATIONAL SCHOOL – Wadhurst Photo BC/PH/643 BC/PH/643
NATIONAL SCHOOL – Wadhurst, Junior Girls Photo 1907-1908 BC/PH/642
NATIONAL SCHOOL- Boys, Wadhurst Photo of Mrs Larcombe with 26 boys 1908-1909 BC/PH/645
NATIONAL SCHOOL- Boys, Wadhurst Photo of Mr Larcombe with Mr Knight 1902 BC/PH/648
NATIONAL SCHOOL- Boys, Wadhurst Photo – line of boys 1865-1875? BC/PH/715
NATIONAL SCHOOL- Wadhurst Photo Of Mr Larcombe with Mr Rigg 1888-1889 BC/PH/649
NATIONAL SCHOOL- Wadhurst Photo of Mr Larcombe with 29 boys 1885-1890 BC/PH/650
NELSON COTTAGES, Sparrows Green Photo: Mr Alfred Hemsley and his family 1941< BC/PH/056
NEW HOUSE FARM – Tidebrook Poatcard of old Sussex Oast Houses BC/PH/124
NEWINGTON,  Fred and Son and NEWINGTON, W Bill heading (2) 1966, 1926 BC/AM/173
NEWINGTON,  W Bill headings (4) 1922, 1928, 1934, 1923 BC/AM/174
NEWINGTON,  W H Bill heading (2) 1915, 1923 BC/AM/176
NEWINGTON, Fred and Horace Bill Headings (6) 1936, 1948, 1952 BC/AM/172
NEWINGTON, T Mrs, and NEWINGTON,  Kate and K Bill headings (3) 1916, 1941, 1946 BC/AM/175
NEWINGTON’S STORE Photo 1628 Mar 01 BC/PH/655
NEWINGTON’S STORES – Sparrows Green Poster advertising Grocer, Baker, Outfitter and General Furnishing Warehouseman BC/PH/374
NORMAN, A and NOAKES, W N Bill headings (2) 1947/8, 1922 BC/AM/177
NUGENT, E M and ORPIN, Harry Bill headings (2) 1934, 1936 BC/AM/178
O T CORKE and SON,  COX H Bill heads (3) 1917, 1918, 1926 BC/AM/136
OLD BARN, the – Cousley Wood Photo:  H. Morley – coachbuilders and wheelwrights 1905/1908 BC/PH/187
OLD BREWERY HOUSE – Durgates Card looking up towards Mayfield Lane, published by F J Baker 1908/1909 BC/PH/090
OLD VINE, The Photo of a meet of foxhounds BC/PH/508
OLD VINE, The Photos (2) of the Eridge Hunt and children making friends with the hounds 1978 Nov 04 BC/PH/509
OUTING TO WEMBLEY Photos showing a group leaving to visit the Wembley Exhibition 1924 BC/PH/506
PARISH CHURCH View and brief description of the Parish Church 1930? BC/AM/030
PARISH CHURCH Photo in Daily Telegraph showing the door of the Parish Church 1682 BC/AM/031
PARISH CHURCH Details of donations to re-hang the church bells. 1891-1893 BC/AM/038
PARISH CHURCH Accounts relating to the enlargement of the churchyard 1908 Nov BC/AM/040
PARISH CHURCH Print 1611 BC/FP/008
PARISH CHURCH Printer’s block 1611 BC/NP/001
PARISH CHURCH Photos (2) 1904 and 1905 BC/PH/270
PARISH CHURCH Copy of pencil sketch of Church House, Church Gate. 1900C BC/PH/271
PARISH CHURCH Photo of the interior of the Parish Church, thought to be pre-1890. 1890- BC/PH/273
PARISH CHURCH Postcard of the interior of the Parish Church 1898-1900 BC/PH/274
PARISH CHURCH Picture of interior of the Parish Church 1898-1900 BC/PH/275
PARISH CHURCH Postcards (2) Church decorated for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 1953 BC/PH/276
PARISH CHURCH Postcards (2) of Porch and “Scratch” mark 1939 and 1961 BC/PH/277
PARISH CHURCH Article describing the new memorial to the memory of the late Mr S G Hollins 1967 Dec 17 BC/PH/278
PARISH CHURCH Press cutting about the early entrance door BC/PH/279
PARISH CHURCH Photo of six bells awaiting retuning. 1953-1954 BC/PH/281
PARISH CHURCH Photo of Church Choir 1969 BC/PH/285
PARISH CHURCH Post card – View of Church from Brinkers Lane 1906 BC/PH/428
PARISH CHURCH Photos (2) 1980 Apr BC/PH/713
PARISH CHURCH Postcards (2), looking towards the altar 1905 BC/PH/720
PARISH CHURCH Postcards (2), views looking towards the altar 1905 BC/PH/721
PARISH CHURCH Photo of an etching/ drawing 1611 BC/PH/767


Postcards (2) of Churchyard 1914-1918 BC/PH/280
PARISH CHURCH CHOIR Photo – Most Choir members identified 1908/1909 BC/PH/149
PARISH CHURCH, St Peter and St Paul Invitation cards 1948 and 1952 BC/AM/088
PARISH CHURCH, Steeple Photos (2) with explanation 1968 Apr BC/PH/282
PARISH CHURCH, Steeple Photos (2) about the reconstruction of the steeple 1968 Apr BC/PH/283
PARISH CHURCH, Steeple Photo of reshingling 1968 Apr BC/PH/284
PARK, A Bill Headings 1928, 1930, 1934 BC/AM/179
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo: looking up the High Street with many floats, people and flags. One person identified 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/223
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo of William Gadd and his party and decorated car 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/224
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo showing group of school-children in St James’ Square. Some identified 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/225
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo taken at Lodge Corner, Durgates. Several people identified 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/226
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo showing the “Equestrian Group”. 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/227
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photos (2) of decorated vehicles 1919 BC/PH/541
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo of fire engine 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/542
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo of procession 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/543
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo of procession – some identified 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/544
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo of float and crowds 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/545
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Picture – Combined Service in St James’ Square 1919 Jul BC/PH/705
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Parade in High Street 1919 Jul BC/PH/706
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Floats in High Street 1919 Jul BC/PH/707
PEACE CELEBRATIONS Photo of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Durgates 1919 Jul 19 BC/PH/764
PELL GREEN Photo 1913 BC/PH/072
PELL GREEN Photo looking along the B 2011 1945 BC/PH/294
PELL GREEN Photos – Pell Green in the snow 1962-1963 BC/PH/295
PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM 16 views in and around Wadhurst. 1900s BC/PH/383
PHOTOGRAPHS, animated Coloured poster advertising a series of animated photographs by Mr Percy Lankester 1903 Feb 16 BC/AM/029
PHOTOGRAPHS, Animated Programmes 1903 Feb 16 BC/AM/064
PICKLES, Wilfred Pgoto – all identified 1950 BC/PH/712
PILBEAM, W and PILBEAM, Thomas W and Son Bill Headings 1918, 1920,1926, 1927, 1934, 1935, 1938 BC/AM/180
PILLOW FIGHT AT SUMMER SPORTS Photo: People identified 1910c BC/PH/211
PIPER, W J Bill headings (2) 1925 BC/AM/181
PIPER, W J and Son Bill headings 1956, 1969, 1974 BC/AM/183
POST OFFICE 2 Photos: 185, 1907 BC/PH/196
POST OFFICE Photo showing staff outside the Post Office (now Jackie Martel’s) – most identified 1908 BC/PH/230
POST OFFICE Photo of staff – most named 1908 BC/PH/613
Price, The Revd. D E Photos (2) – group outside the Parish Church including the vicar Revd. David E Rice 1949 Dec BC/PH/505
PRITCHARDS GARAGE and AUSTEN, WATSON AND SON Billheadings (5) 1942, 1943, 1939 BC/AM/184
PRIZE FIGHT SITE Newspaper article and photos of entrance to the field where the last Prize Fight took place in 1863 BC/PH/491
PROPERTIES in Maidstone and Wadhurst Postcards BC/PH/726
QUEEN’S HEAD HOTEL Postcard drawing of hotel BC/PH 769
QUEEN’S HEAD HOTEL Photo with a horse and wagon outside BC/PH/458
QUEEN’S HEAD HOTEL Photo horse and wagon outside 1912/1913C BC/PH/459
QUEEN’S HEAD HOTEL Men (3) drinking in the yard behind the hotel – all named 1900c BC/PH/790
QUEEN’S HEAD HOTEL – High Street Photo: George Tulley Landlord of the Queen’s Head Hotel. Explanation on reverse. 1904 BC/PH/032
QUEEN’S HEAD, The Print which  shows the hotel which was destroyed as a result of the Meteor crash in  January 1956 1963 Dec BC/PH/378
RAILWAY HOTEL Trade advertisement BC/AM/085
RAILWAY HOTEL Bill headings 1915, 1919, 1920 BC/AM/146
RAILWAY TAVERN Photo: Later demolished and rebuilt as Rock Robin Hotel. Now luxury apartments 1898/1902 BC/PH/097
RAILWAY TAVERN Photo of the original tavern -later rebuilt and known as Railway Hotel. Now luxury apartments BC/PH/098
RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB – Tunbridge Wells Photo and press cutting 1924-1925 BC/PH/633
RATIONING Ration books (2) for Charles Bocking 1939 and 1947 BC/AM/032
RED CROSS Agricultural Fund certificate 1945 Jul BC/AM/036
REHOBOTH CHAPEL Two photographs. 1824 BC/PH/071
RELIANCE GARAGE, ROSS BROTHERS Bill heads (3) 1926, 1931 BC/AM/186
RESIDENTS of WADHURST Photo of either the Pump Room in Tunbridge Wells or the Spa Hotel BC/PH/663
RICE, The Revd.  David and Mrs Photo with Miss D Courthope and Christmas Card 1951 BC/PH/601
RING’S and ROBERT HEMSLEY Bill heads (3) 1971, BC/AM/187
RISEDEN Views (2) – 1 and 2 Riseden Cottageand Ceylon Villa 1966 BC/PH/572
RISEDEN ESTATE Views – Riseden House and part of Estate 1966 BC/PH/571
RISEDEN ESTATE Photo – Riseden Cottages 1966 BC/PH/573
RISEDEN ESTATE Photo of barns 1966 BC/PH/574
RISEDEN ESTATE Photo of two areas of the Estate 1966 BC/PH/575
RISEDEN WINDMILL -Tidebrook Photo of house showing “H Wallis, Baker and Confectioner”. BC/PH/125
RISEDEN, Tidebrook Photo of the house. BC/PH/123
RIVERHALL Postcards of The Old Mill House BC/PH/556
RIVERHALL Postcards BC/PH/557
ROAD SURFACING Photo of road works at Gloucester P BC/PH/626
ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT C Company 5th Battalion – Camp at Hassocks -identities on reverse 1911 BC/PH/159
SACRED HEART CHURCH Postcards, (2) 1929 and 1965 BC/PH/564
SACRED ORATORIO  CHRIST and his SOLDIERS Programme 1897 May 18 BC/AM/053
SADDLER’S – High Street Photo: Second view of J Smith, saddler’s, looking up the High Street towards Washwell Lane 1888< BC/PH/015
SADDLER’S -High Street Photo: J Smith, saddler’s building was demolished in 1888 1888< BC/PH/014
SALUTE THE SOLDIERS WEEK Photo of children in fancy dress 1944 May BC/PH/342
SALVATION ARMY Photo – Junior Members Group 1931/1932 BC/PH/160
SALVATION ARMY Photo taken in St James’ Square 1922 BC/PH/527
SALVATION ARMY BAND Photo – Identities on reverse 1923/1924 BC/PH/161
SALVATION ARMY FUNERAL Photo of procession – probably funeral of Mrs Samuel Fairbrother 1909C BC/PH/535
SALVATION ARMY BAND Photo taken outside the Salvation Army hut 1920s BC/PH/528
SALVATION ARMY, Turners Green Photo:  Salvation Army in procession. BC/PH/069
SCHOOL and CHURCH,  Cousley Wood Photo taken by Miss CE Higham shows the interior:  the school closed in 1949 and Church in 1970 1956 BC/PH/084
SCHOOL and CHURCH, Cousley Wood Card sent by Joseph Richardson (born 1888, killed by ‘friendly’ fire in 1917). 1907/1908 BC/PH/082
SCHOOL CHILDREN Photo: children identified 1928 Jul 25 BC/PH/215
SCHOOL PLAY Photo of the cast 1928 Aug 03 BC/PH/510
SCHOOL PLAY Photo of the cast of January of Windmill Land Several identified 1928 Aug 03 BC/PH/511
SCOUT PROCESSION Photo of Scouts leading a procession down the Walk BC/PH/761
SCOUTS  of Wadhurst Press-cutting 1920 BC/PH/688
SCOUTS of Wadhurst Press-cutting showing Mr H C de J du Vallon driving the Scouts to camp 1920s BC/PH/686
SCOUTS’ FARM – BUCKHURST PLACE Photo (reproduced) of the Scouts’ Farm at Buckhurst Place, 1913/1914c BC/PH/340
SCOUTS’ FARM – BUCKHURST PLACE Photo (reproduced) taken outside the house showing scouts and staff. 1913/1914c BC/PH/341
SCRAG OAK Picture + postcard of Church Settle Farm Guest House 1890s, 1920 BC/PH/584
SHEEPWASH LANE now WASHWELL LANE Photo looking up towards the Church 1919 BC/PH/024
SHEEPWASH/WASHWELL Photo looking up the lane to the Church and the High Street 1960 – BC/PH/443
SHEEPWASH/WASHWELL LANE Two photos showing the three houses damaged by Meteor crash and later demolished BC/PH/446
SHINGLES Group with a cartload of shingles 1920s BC/PH/697
SHOPS Photo High Street BC/PH/622
SHOVERS GREEN – Baptist Church Black and white photograph 1936 BC/PH/003
SILVER JUBILEE Poster 1935 May 06 BC/AM/070
SKINNER, Mr and Mrs Photo at Birchett’s Green BC/PH/727
SKINNER, Mr and Mrs Photo at Birchett’s Green BC/PH/728
SKINNER’S Photo – Carpenter, Joiner, Undertaker – in Durgates BC/PH/178
SMITH and CO LAMBERHURST Ltd. Bill head 1923 Jan 01 BC/AM/191
SMITH, George and REED, Charles Photos (2) BC/PH/794
SMITH, Mr. Jabez Postcard: Born 1818, died 1907, full details on reverse BC/PH/062
SNAPE Picture and history of the house 1910 BC/PH/579
SNAPE Picture of wrought-iron ornamental gates exhibited at the 1851 Great Exhibition 1910 BC/PH/580
SNAPE – THE LOUNGE Picture 1910 BC/PH/582
SNAPE GARDENS Small Poster 1912 Apr 07 BC/AM/066
SNAPE WOOD Photos (2) 1910 and 1926 BC/PH/576
SNAPE WOOD Photos (2) 1910 and 1926 BC/PH/577
SNAPE WOOD VIEWS Two photos, one shows a horse working in a field 1922 and 1926 BC/PH/447
SOUTH PARK Photo  showing the east end of the the property which became Wadhurst College in 1930. 1890 BC/PH/112
SOUTH PARK Photo shows the “Carriage Turn”. The Mitchell family home, it  became Wadhurst College in 1930. 1590c BC/PH/113
SOUTH PARK Photo: a group in fancy dress taken at South Park – most identified 1914 Jul BC/PH/213
SPARROWS GREEN Postcard: Newington’s Stores on left (now Co-op). Salvation Army Hall on right (now houses). 1910/1911 BC/PH/054
SPARROWS GREEN Photo: Newington’s stores and Showing Wellington Place shops being erected beyond Forge House 1904/1905 BC/PH/057
SPARROWS GREEN Postcard: Showing shops near Wellington Place completed 1906/1908 BC/PH/058
SPARROWS GREEN Photo: Red Lion on right (closed in 2014) 1909 BC/PH/059
SPARROWS GREEN Photo:  Road-surfacing 1910/1912 BC/PH/195
SPARROWS GREEN Postcard of Wellington Place 12935 BC/PH/287
SPARROWS GREEN Postcard of Wellington Place 1905 BC/PH/288
SPARROWS GREEN Photo showing Grocer – T J Barnes 1905C BC/PH/290
SPARROWS GREEN Photos showing original almshouses  and Gouncester Place 1937 and 1917 BC/PH/291
SPARROWS GREEN Photos of Oak House and Gloucester Place BC/PH/292
SPARROWS GREEN Photos of Old Station Road 1910C BC/PH/293
SPORTS – AMATEUR ATHLETICS Old Village Functions 1904 Aug 17 BC/AM/042
SPORTS and HORSE SHOW Photo of Sparrows Green Playing Field. 1922 Aug 23 BC/PH/521
SPORTS and HORSE SHOW Photo: Sparrows Green Playing Field. 1922 Aug 23 BC/PH/522
SPORTS DAY Photo taken on the cricket field, most identified 1910/1911 BC/PH/778
ST JAMES’ SQUARE Photo:  shows the Old Coffee House, now the Nat West Bank 1880c BC/PH/008
ST JAMES’ SQUARE Photo of High Street – explanation of ownerships, licenseeships of Corke’s, Greyhound, etc 1895/1900 BC/PH/009
ST JAMES’ SQUARE Photo looking up the High Street. Fully annotated list of shops with additional information 1909 Jun 11 BC/PH/010
St JAMES’ SQUARE 2 photos – 1904 features a wagon and horses, the second bicycles and a  bus waiting in the Square 1904, 1955 BC/PH/411
St JAMES’ SQUARE Photo shows a group of boys outside O T Corke – some idenditied 1898 – 1903C BC/PH/412
St JAMES’ SQUARE Photo showing the old Coffee House and Forge Cottage on right 1898-1903C BC/PH/413
St JAMES’ SQUARE Photo taken from St James’ Square looking up the High Street BC/PH/415
St JAMES’ SQUARE Photos London County Westminster and Parr Bank Ltd 1924 BC/PH/416
St JAMES’ SQUARE Two photos showing changes to the Ironmongers 1937 and 1955 BC/PH/417
St JAMES’ SQUARE – Lower High Street 2 photos one looking up at the Anglican Church, the other at St James’ Square 1904, 1900? BC/PH/407
St JAMES’ SQUARE and CHURCH STREET APPROACH Photo taken from St James’ Square looking up Church Street BC/PH/414
STATION Photo – goods siding 1926 BC/PH/32
STATION Photo – goods yard and coal sidings 1898-1902? BC/PH/324
STATION Photo showing the goods siding and horse-drawn transport. 1910? BC/PH/325
STATION Postcard – Coal wharf and goods sidings 1900s? BC/PH/326
STATION Photocopy of Newspapre article on Band of Hope outing 1906C BC/PH/327
STATION Photos of horse drawn transport and cars waiting to pick up passengers BC/PH/328
STATION Postcards of the down-line 1926 BC/PH/550
STATION Photos (2) of railwayman, and of High Street BC/PH/730
STATION AREA Photos, 2 – Railway Hotel and goods yard and coal sidings BC/PH/323
STATION ROAD Postcards (2) of Dewhurst 1930 BC/PH/551
STEP STILE, Blacksmiths Lane Two photos BC/PH/441
STEVENSON, LESLIE and LETTICE Photo of vicar and wife 1908/1909 BC/PH/783
STILWELL, A H Bill head 1926 BC/AM/192
STONE CROSS DAIRY -Brinkers Lane Photo of  Mr Boorman’s old-style milk float with Mr J Oyler driving. 1910/1915 BC/PH/164
STONE CROSS FARM Picture of Mr Oyler 1930s BC/PH/668b
STONEBRIDGE Postcard 1921 BC/PH/317
STREET LIGHTING Annual Reports 1892, 1893, 1894 BC/AM/059
STUART B GREIG Bill heading 1971 BC/AM/154
SUMMER ENTERTAINMENT Photo showing street entertainment outside the original White Hart Inn. People identified 1909/1910 BC/PH/212
SUSSEX AGRICULTURE Photos (3) of Oxen BC/PH/809
SUSSEX HOME GUARD Photo Shows No. 3 Platoon, A Company, 18th Battalion. 1943C BC/PH/498
SWIFT, John Bill Head and cheque drawn on London City and Midland Bank Ltd 1916, 1909 BC/AM/194
TAPPINGTON GRANGE Photos: used as a 1st World War convalescent home BC/PH/105
TAPSELLS FARM Salutation and letter heading 1926 BC/AM/198
TEACHERS 2 Photos featuring Miss Hannah Watson and Mr Albert (Wiggy) Knight 1904 Oct BC/PH/387
TERRITORIAL SUMMER CAMP Photo taken at Moseham 1912 BC/PH/787
THE FORGE – St James’ Square Photo: Messrs T W Pilbeam and Son BC/PH/166a
THE FORGE -St James’ Square Photo of Messrs T W Pilbeam and Son – Blacksmiths and Farriers. BC/PH/165
THE FORGE, Sparrows Green Photo of the Hemsley family BC/PH/651
THE LODGE, Church Street Two photos forming part of the sale details of The Lodge 1966 May 12 BC/PH/440
THE MILL HOUSE – Riverhall Photo of 3 people. More information on reverse 1909/1910 BC/PH/221
THE MOUNT, FAIRCROUCH Postcards (2) 1927 and 1965 BC/PH/559
THE MOUNT, FAIRCROUCH Postcards, (2) BC/PH/563
THE SHANT (or STREAM) Photo showing the Miners Arms which is now a private house BC/PH/130
TICEHURST, Lower Platts Photo of cottages strucl by lightning and boy with trade bicycle 1916, 1917 BC/PH/699
TICEHURST, Lower Platts Photos of cottage struck by lightning 1916, 1917 BC/PH/700
TIDEBROOK AND BEST BEECH CHORAL SOCIETY Photo at the Lewes Festival. Identities on reverse 1950 BC/PH/163
TIDEBROOK and BEST BEECH FOOTBALL CLUB Photo of team – most named 1932/1933 BC/PH/789
TIDEBROOK CHURCH Photos (2) of Harvest Festival flowers. 1971 BC/PH/501
TIDEBROOK CHURCH Photo showing the Harvest Festival flowers 1971 BC/PH/502
TIDEBROOK FANCY DRESS PARTY Photo of the Fancy Dress Pageant at Tidebrook Sports in 1922. 1922 BC/PH/368
TIDEBROOK HILL 2 photos: Tidebrook Place on the hill t right and a view from the corner further down the hill BC/PH/120
TIDEBROOK PLACE Notepaper heading “Estate Office”, 1931 BC/AM/195
TIDEBROOK PLACE Black and white drawing/etching BC/PH/126
TIDEBROOK PLACE drawing/etching of an outside view of the house BC/PH/127
TIDEBROOK PLACE Drawing/etching of the interior BC/PH/128
TIDEBROOK PLACE View of playing field 1955C? BC/PH/578
TIDEBROOK SCHOOL Photo of school destroyed by flying bomb 1944 Aug 03 BC/PH/121
TIDEBROOK SCHOOL Photo of boys with their teacher,  Miss Jeanne Adams Bocking – further details on reverse. 1880/1881 BC/PH/231
TIDEBROOK SCHOOL Photo – Teacher: Miss J A Bocking. No pupils identified 1880-1881 BC/PH/400
TIDEBROOK SCHOOL Photo 1895/1896 BC/PH/799
TOC H Photo on stairs, most identified 1963 Jun BC/PH/546
TOLLGATE –  Lower Cousley Wood Photo of the Old Tollgate House thought to have been demolished around 1900/02 1900/1902 BC/PH/091
TOMPSETT, Charles Photo: Loading Coal and corn merchants’ lorry at Wadhurst Station. Boy on the lorry is Fred King 1916 BC/PH/169
TOMPSETT, Harold Photo BC/PH/653
TOMPSETT, Harry Photo of the Wadhurst Town Band 1902-1904c BC/PH/652
TONKIN, Revd. H S Photo 1910-1912? BC/PH/500
TOTHILL, R H Bill heads (2) 1923, 1924 BC/AM/196
TOTHILL, R H and TIDEBROOK PLACE Bill and letter heads (5) 1930, 1923 BC/AM/19
TOWN BAND – Wadhurst Photo 1935-1936 BC/PH/640
TOWN BAND – Wadhurst Photo of Band on Armistice Sunday 1936-1937 BC/PH/641
TRADEMEN’S ALMANACS etc Pages (5) explaining the history of various shops/business sites 1887 – 1961 BC/AM/227
TRADES –  LOCAL Estimate for decorating ceilings in Bockings’ house. 1936 Oct 31 BC/AM/034
TRADES, Local Bill from Charles Bassett for work fences etc 1931 Feb 21 BC/AM/037
TRANSPORT Photos (2)  of a French Darraque and 1896 Arnold Benz BC/PH 772
TRANSPORT Photo of Panhard (?) 1900C BC/PH/177
TRANSPORT – AEROPLANE Photo of aeroplane at Mark Cross 1912 Jul 02 BC/PH/784
TUNNEL HOTEL -Durgates Lane Photo: of Tunnel Hotel, later Baldwin Brothers Engineers BC/PH/094
TURRET HOUSE 2 photos showing Turret House opposite Tappington Grange. BC/PH/104
UPLANDS (HOUSE) Photo of the house before it was demolished to build Uplands Community College 1959/1960< BC/PH/007
UPLANDS HOUSE – Lower High Street Photo of the house with Mrs and Mrs A G Watson, thMisses Watsonand Mr and Mrs T B Miller 1910 -1915C BC/PH/408
USHERWOOD, BEM – Walter Home Guard documents BC/AM/084
VILLAGE BAND – Wadhurst Photo of Grand Fête taken in the field behind the Commemoration Hall. Some Identified 1930 Jul 16 BC/PH/357
W H NEWINGTON (STORES) Advertisment 1880s BC/PH/808
WADESON, R H of ALPHA PRESS Bill heads (2) 1916, 1917 BC/AM/199
WADESON, R H of ALPHA PRESS Bill heads (3) 1916, 1917 BC/AM/200
WADHURST Photos of  original Red Lion Inn and snow drifts in Whitegates Lane 1958 and 1963 BC/PH/289
WADHURST Post cards – six views of Wadhurst 1923 BC/PH/421
WADHURST Post-cards – five view 1947 BC/PH/422
WADHURST Post-cards feature five views of Wadhurst 1955 and 1968 BC/PH/423
WADHURST Post-card – two views of High Street 1971 BC/PH/424
WADHURST Post-card –  views of Parish Church and Church Approach 1971 BC/PH/425
WADHURST Post-card – two views of High Street and Church Approach 1971 BC/PH/426
WADHURST Post-card featuring the High Street and Church Approach 1971 BC/PH/427
WADHURST  GIRLS’ FRIENDLY SOCIETY Photo taken in the Commemoration Hall 1935 Feb 16 BC/PH/365
WADHURST BOYS’ SCHOOL Photo – most identified 1910-1911 BC/PH/394
WADHURST GIRLS’ SCHOOL Photo – most identified 1905-1906 BC/PH/395
WADHURST GIRLS’ SCHOOL Photo most identified 1905-1906 BC/PH/396
WADHURST GIRLS’ SCHOOL Photo – some identified 1905-1906 BC/PH/397
WADHURST NATIONAL  SCHOO– MIXED INFANTS   L Photo – most identified 1905-1906 BC/PH/399
WADHURST NATIONAL  SCHOOLS – INFANTS Photo – most identifies 1905-1906 BC/PH/398
WADHURST STATION Photo: goods shed and siding. Original Railway Tavern/Hotel is on right 1906 BC/PH/102
WADHURST STATION Photo: South Eastern and Chatham Railway goods traffic. Cattle pens visible centre right BC/PH/103
WADHURST and TIDEBROOK Descriptions 1931+ BC/AM/231
WADHURST and TIDEBROOK Photo of school outing taken at the station 1910C BC/PH/526
WADHURST BAND and HOPE COTTAGE Photos (2) 1908c BC/PH/729
WADHURST BELLRINGERS Photo of ringers – all named BC/PH/379
WADHURST BOYS’ SCHOOL Photo – most named 1903-1904 BC/PH/390
WADHURST BOYS’ SCHOOL Photo – most named 1905-1906 BC/PH/392
WADHURST BOYS’ SCHOOL Photo – most identified 1905 – 1906 BC/PH/391
WADHURST CASTLE Photo: The Castle then owned by G R Watson Smyth 1925 BC/PH/052
WADHURST CASTLE Postcard showing the extensive damage caused by the fire 1933 BC/PH/053
WADHURST CASTLE Photos (2) of Castle BC/PH/483
WADHURST CASTLE Photos (2) of Castle BC/PH/484
WADHURST CASTLE Photos (2) of Castle BC/PH/485
WADHURST CASTLE Photos (2) of Castle 1918 – 1935? BC/PH/486
WADHURST CASTLE Photos (2) of Castle and grounds 1906C BC/PH/487
WADHURST CASTLE Photos (2) of Castle 1930C BC/PH/488
WADHURST CASTLE Photos (2) of Castle 1930s BC/PH/489
WADHURST CASTLE Press cutting BC/PH/661
WADHURST CASTLE Pastcards (2) of the Castle BC/PH/719
WADHURST CHARTER Photocopy of the original Charter of 1253 and an explanation of it. 1948 BC/AM/019
WADHURST CHARTER Poorly photocopy of the Latin wording of the 1253 Charter with its English translation 1979 BC/AM/020
WADHURST CHORAL SOCIETY Photo taken at the rear of the Great Hall Tunbridge Wells. Almost all identified 1911-12 BC/PH/373
WADHURST DRAMATIC CLUB Programme – Babes in the Cousley Wood 1959 BC/AM/065
WADHURST FARMS Bill heads (2) 1924 BC/AM/202
WADHURST FATSTOCK SHOW Ticket and menu 1898  and 1899 BC/AM/093
WADHURST FÊTE Photo 1930 Jul 16 BC/PH/780
WADHURST FIRE BRIGADE Bill heads (4) 1928, 1929, 1933 BC/AM/203
WADHURST FIRE BRIGADE Photo attending a burnt-out car BC/PH/748
WADHURST FIRE BRIGADE Photo attending a car on fire at Argos Hill. BC/PH/749
WADHURST FOOTBALL – WEDNESDAY TEAM Photo of team, some identified 1910/1911 BC/PH/776
WADHURST FOOTBALL CLUB Early rules and list of fixtures BC/AM/046
WADHURST FOOTBALL CLUB General information and list of fixtures 1901 –1902 BC/AM/047
WADHURST FOOTBALL CLUB Leaflet listing Club Officials and accounts 1897-1898 BC/AM/092
WADHURST FOOTBALL CLUB Photo of a match between Wadhurst and Jarvis Brook 1906 Mar 03 BC/PH 775
WADHURST FOOTBALL CLUB Photo of the champions of the Tunbridge Wells League Division 2. 1907-1908 BC/PH/634
WADHURST FOOTBALL CLUB Photo and press-cutting 1908-1909 BC/PH/635
WADHURST FOOTBALL TEAM Photo – most identified 1910/1911 BC/PH/752
WADHURST HALL Photo with explanation – the picture shows wooden scaffolding and ropes 1900/1901 BC/PH/132
WADHURST HALL Photo of the house formerly known as Hightown 1925/1930 BC/PH/133
WADHURST HALL Photo of the house formerly known as Hightown 1925/1930 BC/PH/134
WADHURST HALL photo of the “Mansion” – south east wing formerly known as Hightown 1925/1930 BC/PH/135
WADHURST HALL Photo showing one of the bedrooms BC/PH/136
WADHURST HALL Photo of the Oak Room BC/PH/137
WADHURST HALL Photo showing the Grand Staircase. BC/PH/138
WADHURST HALL Photo of the team  – most identified 1920c BC/PH/370
WADHURST HALL Postcard of Hall with details 1925c BC/PH/586
WADHURST HALL Postcards (2) of Hall 1927c BC/PH/587
WADHURST HALL VOLUNTEERS Photo of the “Nanny Goat Lancers”. 1914-1915 BC/PH/718
WADHURST in the SNOW 2 photos: Castle Corner looking towards the High Street 1962/1963 BC/PH/228
WADHURST in the SNOW 2 photos: showing snow drifts in Cockmount Lane, Sparrows Green. 1962/1963 BC/PH/229
WADHURST in the SNOW 2 photos: looking down Cockmount Lane, to the Red Lion and outside the old fire station 1962/1963? BC/PH/330
WADHURST in the SNOW 2 photos showing the Durgates area 1962/1963 BC/PH/331
WADHURST LAWN TENNIS CLUB Rules for various private tennis courts 1898 BC/AM/045
WADHURST MARKET Market Letter Heading 1940C BC/AM/035
WADHURST MARKET Accounts of stock-entries in the market 1966-1967 BC/AM/223
WADHURST MARKET Photo of the Market entrance. History given at the side 1961 Jan 02 BC/PH/242
WADHURST MARKET Photo: sheep and pig pens. Market porters identified 1961 Jan 02 BC/PH/243
WADHURST MARKET Photo: taken before the new shelter was erected – Charlie Bocking in the white coat. 1960 Dec 31 BC/PH/244
WADHURST MARKET Photo 1961 Jan BC/PH/245
WADHURST MARKET 2 photos of last auction at the Market with Mr. T F Watson as the auctioneer 1982 Aug 23 BC/PH/246
WADHURST MARKET 2 photos of the final Wadhurst Market which was televised by the BBC 1982 Aug 23 BC/PH/247
WADHURST MARKET Photo – full details on the reverse 1982 Aug 23 BC/PH/248
WADHURST MARKET Photo: the completely gutted Hall 1982 Oct BC/PH/249
WADHURST MARKET Photo showing the deterioration of the building since the market closed. Full history on reverse 1982 Oct BC/PH/250
WADHURST MARKET Photo showing further deterioration of the building since the market closed 1982 Oct BC/PH/251
WADHURST MARKET Photo showing further deterioration of the building since the market closed 1982 Oct BC/PH/252
WADHURST MARKET 2 Photos of the Market with the Church in the background 1982 Oct BC/PH/253
WADHURST MARKET Photo of the Market Hall with its history explained. 1982 Oct BC/PH/254
WADHURST MARKET Photo of the dilapidation of the Market Hall. 1982 Oct BC/PH/255
WADHURST MARKET Two photos of the dilapidation 1982 Oct BC/PH/256
WADHURST MARKET Further pictures of the completely demolished market area 1982 Oct BC/PH/257
WADHURST MARKET Photo and on reverse Charlie Bocking’s comments on potential car park on the site 1983 Sep 10 BC/PH/258
WADHURST MARKET 2 photos showing cleared area and the notice board 1983 Sep BC/PH/259
WADHURST MARKET Photograph 1961 Jan 02 BC/PH/445
WADHURST MARKET A sale at the market 1885c BC/PH/701
WADHURST MODERN SCHOOL Photo showing the new school – now the Church of England Primary School 1962 BC/PH/385
WADHURST NATIONAL SCHOOL Circular asking parents to improve their children’s attendance. 1892 May 17 BC/AM/016
WADHURST NATIONAL SCHOOL Photo – 30 boys identified 1988/1989 BC/PH/797
WADHURST NATIONAL SCHOOLS’ BOYS Photo – Head and Assistant Master identified but no children identified 1900 – 1902 BC/PH/389
WADHURST OLD HISTORY Cuttings, various and an explanation ov how his collection was started 1974, 1975, 1977 BC/AM/225
WADHURST OLD HISTORY References to “contemporary biographies” and unknown publication BC/AM/226
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Postcards of interior BC/PH/604
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Postcards of interior and exterior showing “war tablets”. 1906 BC/PH/605
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Exterior views. 1910 – 1914 (?) BC/PH/607
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Exterior and interior views 1911 BC/PH/608
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Postcards of exterior views 1965-1969 BC/PH/610
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Photos of the re-shingling of the Church spire. 1967 – 1968 BC/PH/611
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Photos of the re-shingling of the Church spire 1968 BC/PH/612
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH Photo of interior 1895/1898 BC/PH/798
WADHURST PARISH CHURCH, WHILIGH ESTATE OFFICE Letter and bill heads (3) 1923, 1920, 1924 BC/AM/209
WADHURST PARK ESTATE History when known as High Town 1800 – 1948/9 BC/AM/082
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Auction particulars 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/589
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Photos of tennis lawn and great lake 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/590
WADHURST PARK ESTATE The residence and view from the South Terrace. 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/591
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Photos of main entrance lodge and Cedar Drive. 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/592
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Photos of drawing room and dining room. 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/593
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Photos of riding school and private chapel 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/594
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Photos of study and bathroom 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/595
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Photos showing two Lots: ‘Sunset’ and Stream Cottages 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/596
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Photos of Dens Farm 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/597
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Pictures – Combe Manor 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/598
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Pictures – Combe Farmhouse and Crouches Cottages. 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/599
WADHURST PARK ESTATE Pictures – Flattenden Farm and Lodge Hill Farm. 1944 Oct 20 BC/PH/600
WADHURST PARK ESTATE & WADHURST IRONMONGERS Letter and bill heads (3) 1935, 1969 BC/AM/208
WADHURST PHOTOGRAPHS Various negatives BC/PH/822
WADHURST PHOTOGRAPHS Photo album largely featuring properties 1970s/1980s BC/PH/823
WADHURST PHOTOGRAPHS Photo Album featuring properties in Wadhurst and hop-pickers. 1970s/1980 – 1988 BC/PH/824
WADHURST POST OFFICE STAFF Photo of staff all named 1908 BC/PH/371
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Certificate for boys in 1st Standard 1889 BC/AM/017
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Copy of Certificate for Alice Mary Down 1889 BC/AM/018
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Nine pages about the School, compiled by M E Walker, the Headmaster: 1982-1984 BC/AM/038a
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Photo – no one identified 1928 BC/PH/235
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL Sketch of the school in the Lower High Street – more of the history of the schools on reverse 1853/1854 BC/PH/236
WADHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL – Pell Green Photo of what was Wadhurst School at Pell Hill where Charles Bocking (Sr.) taught from 1851 BC/PH/237
WADHURST RECORDING First hour of an outside broadcast 1986 Dec 10 BC/RE/004
WADHURST SCHOOL Sketch of the new Wadhurst School built in the Lower High Street 1853-1854 BC/PH/405
WADHURST SCHOOL BOYS Photo – no one idenfified 1902 BC/PH/388
WADHURST SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL Photo showing the new school – Uplands Community College 1962 BC/PH/386
WADHURST SILICA Ltd., INDUSTRIAL SILICA Ltd. Letter head (2) 1927, 1923 BC/AM/210
WADHURST SPORTS & HORSE SHOW, HORSE & POULTRY SHOW and HORSE SHOW Bill headings (5) 1920, 1926, 1929, 1931, 1933 BC/AM/206
WADHURST STATION Photo showing a steam train coming past the signal box. 1905 BC/PH/099
WADHURST STATION 2 photos: looking up the line of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway. Porter Fred Styles 1906/1908 BC/PH/100
WADHURST STATION Photo: people waiting on the “up” platform. Some named 1906/1908 BC/PH/217
WADHURST STATION Photo: people arriving for an outing. Further information on the reverse 1906/1909 BC/PH/222
WADHURST STATION Traction engine 1914 – 1918 BC/PH/668
WADHURST STATION Phgotos (2) 1905/1908 BC/PH/763
WADHURST STATION and COAL WHARF Photo: Railway Tavern/ Hotel is shown on the left and the coal wharf on the right. 1905/1906 BC/PH/101
WADHURST TOC H FOOTBALL TEAM Photo most identified BC/PH/753
WADHURST TOWN BAND Photo: almost all identified 1928 BC/PH/200
WADHURST TOWN BAND Photo: almost all identified 1922/1924 BC/PH/201
WADHURST TOWN BAND 2 Photos: (a) Contest in Calverley Gardens. (b) Marching past central Station – all identified 1921/1922 BC/PH/202
WADHURST TOWN BAND Photo: most identified 1901/1905? BC/PH/203
WADHURST TOWN BAND Photo of the Town Band in Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells – some identified 1925C BC/PH/499
WADHURST VIEW Photo: Brinkers Lane showing Walters Cottages 1931 BC/PH/004
WADHURST VIEWS Photo – taken near Hill House looking across Foxes Farm BC/PH/477
WADHURST VIEWS Photos of Village Sign and repairs to the Church spire BC/PH/722
WADHURST VIEWS View Of Station Road BC/PH/734
WADHURST VIEWS Postcards (3) 1969 BC/PH/743
WADHURST VIEWS Postcards (4) 1969 BC/PH/744
WADHURST VIEWS Postcards (4) 1969 BC/PH/745
WADHURST VIEWS Photos, Commercial 1890sc BC/PH/801
WADHURST BOYS’ SCHOO- STANDARD 7 Photo – most identified 1905-1906 BC/PH/393
WALK, The Photo: details of the cottages and occupants on the reverse 1915 BC/PH/047
WALK, The Postcard: Looking down the street and showing the original trees 1909 BC/PH/048
WALK, The Postcard: Mr Pattenden seated on bench, original trees and low wall by the road BC/PH/049
WALK, The Postcard: Looking down past Hill House BC/PH/051
WALK, The Photo: flock of sheep being driven up past Hill House. 1920s BC/PH/238
WALK, The Photos (2): looking up the Walk BC/PH/471
WALK, The Photos, 2 looking up the Walk 1904 and 1920C BC/PH/472
WALK, The Photos, 2 looking up the Walk 1926 BC/PH/473
WALK, The Photos, ,  looking down towards the High Street BC/PH/474
WALK, The Photos, one of the replanting of the trees, one looking down towards Baldwin and Watts 1971 and ? BC/PH/475
WALK, The Photos, 2 of trees 1904C and 1955 BC/PH/476
WALK, The Photos, 2 looking down the Walk 1962 and ? BC/PH/479
WALK, The Photo taken outside Hill House showing the upper grove of trees 1904C BC/PH/480
WALK, The Photos (2) taken near the site of the current fire station 1908C BC/PH/481
WAR MEMORIAL Photo of War Memorial 1921 May 08 BC/PH/482
WAR MEMORIAL Photos (2) of the unveiling and dedication of the War Memorial. 1921 May 08 BC/PH/513
WAR MEMORIAL Photos (2) of the unveiling and dedication of the War Memorial. 1921 May 08 BC/PH/514
WAR MEMORIAL Photos (2) taken on the day of the unveiling and dedication of the War Memorial 1921 May 08 BC/PH/515
WAR MEMORIAL CROSS Photo showing the draped cross before its unveiling 1921 May 08 BC/PH/351
WAR MEMORIAL, Wadhurst Unveiling of the War Memorial 1921 May 08 BC/PH/702
WAR MEMORIAL, Wadhurst Postcards (2) of the unveiling Service 1921 May 08 BC/PH/703
WARDEN’S OPERATIONAL BOOK Pocket Reference book 1944 May BC/AM/081
WARDEN’S REPORT FORM Blank form 1939 – 1945 BC/AM/080
WASHWELL LANE Photo: Looking up towards Baldwin and Watts showing aftermath of the Meteor crash 1956 Jan 21 BC/PH/035
WASHWELL LANE COTTAGES photo looking up towards the Church 1956+ BC/PH/025
WASHWELL LANE COTTAGES Photo and short article 1952 BC/PH/451
WEATHER – Floods Photo of flooding in Lamberhurst 1950 BC/PH/618
WEATHER – SNOW Press cuttings – The White Shroud of Winter descends on the South 1930 BC/PH/375
WELCOME HOME BANQUET Photo in the Market Hall 1919 Aug BC/PH/800
WELLLINGTON PLACE,Sparrows Green Postcard 1904 BC/PH/061
WEMBLEY OUTING Photo – some named 1924 BC/PH/380
WESLEYAN CHAPEL Two Photos one of Mr Ansell ( senior) and the other showing schoolroom extension of 1890/1902 1874 BC/PH/011
WESLEYAN CHAPEL Photo showing Lower High Street with Wesleyan Chapel 1905/1906 BC/PH/012
WESLEYAN CHAPEL SCHOOL TREAT Photo taken at Cousley Wood Farm 1908 – 1909 BC/PH/372
WESLEYAN CHAPEL, Lower High Street Photo BC/PH/409
WESLEYAN CHAPEL, Lower High Street 2 photos of the Chapel 1932 & 1961 BC/PH/410
WESLEYAN CHAPEL, Lower High Street and STEP STILE Postcards (2) BC/PH/733
WESLEYAN CHURCH GARDEN PARTY Two photos photographs taken at Wayside, Lower High Street 1935/1936? BC/PH/361
WESLEYAN CHURCH GARDEN PARTY Two photos: Father Christmas is Mr Sidney Ansell 1935/ 1936? BC/PH/362
WESLEYAN CHURCH GARDEN PARTY Photos taken at Wayside, Lower High Street home of Miss Rose. Many identified 1935/ 1936? BC/PH/363
WESLEYAN CHURCH SISTERHOOD Photo taken on the 1st Anniversary of the Sisterhood. Many identified 1935/36 BC/PH/367
WHEELWRIGHT (Gibb) Best Beech Hill Photo showing F R Gibb’s business. The premises became W H Hodder and Son (builders) BC/PH/115
WHILIGH – TIMBER Photo showing oak tree on a flat-bed wagon 1924 BC/PH/766
WHILIGH BREEDING CENTRE – Wallcrouch Presentation to Victor Blackford 1980 BC/PH/691
WHILIGH ESTATE SAWMILLS Photo of steam traction engine pulling felled wood. Mentioned are Frank and Harry Kemp BC/PH/492
WHILIGH ESTATE SAWMILLS and TIMBER YARD and E J WATKINS Letter heading and 3 bill heads 1939, 1936, 1927, 1928 BC/AM/213
WHILIGH ESTATE TIMBER YARD and C H WHITEHOUSE Letter heading (2) 1934, 1925 BC/AM/212
WHILIGH TIMBER YARD Photo of felled timber BC/PH/493
WHILIGH TIMBER YARD Photo of “sawn-out” timber. BC/PH/494
WHITE HART, the original Photo: Maryan Family’s Laundry Cart Collection in front. People in photo name 1893/1901 BC/PH/172
WI – TIDEBROOK AND SPARROWS GREEN Photo takenat the time of the WI’s Golden Jubilee. 1969 Aug 21 BC/PH/343
WI – WADHURST Photo taken to commemorate the WI Jubilee Year 1919 – 1969. 1968 Aug 29 BC/PH/364
WI – WADHURST Sussex Express photo taken its 53rd birthday party. Several identified 1972 Apr 21 BC/PH/366
WI – WADHURST Photo – all identified BC/PH/382
WI – WADHURST Photo taken St George’s Hall at the time of the WI’s Golden Jubilee – many named 1969 Feb 13 BC/PH/344
WI – WADHURST Photo taken St George’s Hall at the time of the WI’s Golden Jubilee 1969 Feb 13 BC/PH/345
WI – WADHURST Photo of their concert with the theme: Sussex Legends – many named 1933 BC/PH/346
WI – WADHURST Photo of an outing on to Bodiam Castle – some named 1932 Aug 11 BC/PH/350
WI – WADHURST – TocH CONCERT Photo of a play presented by the WI The Five Pound Piece at the Commemoration Hall – named BC/PH/349
WI – WADHURST PAGEANT Photo at their pageant with the theme: Famous Characters in British History . Most named 1961 Jul 20 BC/PH/347
WI – WADHURST PAGEANT Photo at their pageant with the theme: Famous Characters in British History . Most named 1961 Jul 20 BC/PH/348
WILFRED PICKLES ‘Have a Go’ from the Commemoration Hall 1950 Sep 28 BC/PH/696
WILLETT, John and WINDER, John Letter heads (3) 1967, 1968, 1921 BC/AM/216
WILLIAM GADD and SONS Bill headings 1915, 1920, 1924 BC/AM/142
WINDER, John and WHITLOCK, H L Bill heads (4) 1915, 1918, 1919 BC/AM/217
WINE CIRCLE of Wadhurst Press-cutting Arthur Wright presenting awards 1981 BC/PH/690
WOMEN’S INSTITUTE Photo of the occasion of their 50th Anniversary party. 1969 Feb 13 BC/PH/503
WOMEN’S INSTITUTE Photo – taken at Bodiam Castle – several named 1935 Aug 11 BC/PH/507
WOODS GREEN Photo: General  View 1908 BC/PH/070
WOODS GREEN Postcard and picture – Gatehouse Farm 1905 BC/PH/314
WOODS GREEN Postcard – Pook Hill Cottage 1880? BC/PH/315
WOODS GREEN Postcard 1934 BC/PH/316
WOODS GREEN SCHOOL Photo: teachers identified. On reverse some of the children identified 1897/1898 BC/PH/232
WOODS GREEN SCHOOL Photo; on the reverse obituary notice of Cecil James (Jimmy)Maryan born in Woods Green 1910,1912c BC/PH/233
WOODS GREEN SCHOOL Photo taken by P J Lavender of Wadhurst – No one identified 1907/1908 BC/PH/234
WRIGHT’S BREWERY – Durgates Photo 1912< BC/PH/179
YEOMAN’S Photo of approach to Yeomans BC/PH/658
YEOMANS FARM Photo showing a hay wain 1914- BC/PH/516
YEOMANS FARM Photos (2) picnic, several identified 1910-1912? BC/PH/517